We will include from the Central Lakes Conference: Sartell Sabres, Sauk Rapids Storm, St. Cloud Tech Crush and Rocori Spartans. From the Granite Ridge Conference: Albany Huskies, Foley Falcons and Little Falls Flyers, Becker Bulldogs from the Mississippi 8 Conference and Annandale/Maple Lake Lightning from the Wright County Conference. From the Central Minnesota Conference the Belgrade-Brooten Elrosa Jaguars, Eden Valley Watkins Eagles, Kimball Area Cubs, Holdingford Huskers, Paynesville Bulldogs and Royalton/Upsala Royals.

We will bring you the individual results of the duals and Individual tournaments of all sixteen teams. Also the list of upcoming of events, current state ratings and conference standings. You can get more of your wrestling news and results at my BLOG SITE: MEDIA CENTRAL MINNESOTA MAT RATS By Roger Mischke listed under resources in the Guillotine for more on Section and Conference previews and Bi-weekly columns thru out the season.

The Huskers had a very good team performance with three big wins at their home quadrangular. They defeated Central Minnesota Conference rivals Paynesville Area 32-25 to earn the conference championship. They defeated Section 7A foe Crosby-Ironton 81-0 and AAA Coon Rapids 59-24. Wyatt Pilarski (113), Wyatt Novitzki (120), Evan Petron (132) William Pilarski (145), Drew Lange 160/152) all went 3-0. Casey Knettel (106), Kolton Harren (152), Jaxon Bartkowicz (182) and Wyatt Miller (285) all went 2-1. Simon Boeckman (138) Luke Bieniek (170), Teddy Auer (132) and Blake Scegura (220) all went 2–0.

106 Roman Roberg (PAY) Maj. Dec. Casey Knettel (HOLD) 11-2
113 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Devon Schmidt (PAY) 14-4
120 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Mason McNab (PAY) 13-2
126 Nicholas Utsch (PAY) Dec. Noah Perowitz (HOLD) 7-2
132 Evan Petron (HOLD) Dec. Mason Hansen (PAY) 12-9
138 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) Fall Daniel Flint (PAY) No Time Given
145 William Pilarski (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Mitchell Blonigen (PAY) 13-3
152 Kolton Harren (HOLD) Dec. Jose Anaya (PAY) 7-4
160 Drew Lange (HOLD) Tech. Fall Grant Wendlandt (PAY) No time Given
170 Luke Bieniek (HOLD) Dec. Aaron Mages (PAY) 6-3
182 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Dec. Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) 3-1 OT
195 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Fall Evan Lichy (HOLD) No Time Given
220 Kevin Raya-Botello (PAY) Fall Toby Phillipp (HOLD) No Time Given
285 Spencer Eisenbraun (PAY) Dec. Wyatt Miller (HOLD) 7-1

106 Jack Bridenstine (CR) Fall Toby Welle (HOLD) 1:07
113 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Aiyden Hoversten (CR) 3:35
120 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
126 Evan Petron (HOLD) Tech. Fall Jaden Caffey (CR) No Time Given
132 Teddy Auer (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
138 Gilbert Kostuck (CR) Won by Forfeit
145 William Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Fidel Dequeemani (CR) :48
152 Drew Lange (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
160 Carter Skradski (CR) Fall Kolton Harren (HOLD) 3:05
170 Luke Bieniek (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
182 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
195 Govani Penaloza Zamora (CR) Fall Toby Phillipp (HOLD) 3:40
220 Blake Scegura (HOLD) Fall Jacob Sheer (CR) 2:52
285 Wyatt Miller (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

106 Casey Knettel (HOLD) Fall Ezra Jacobson (CI) 3:16
113 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Aedan Fisher (CI) 1:08
120 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
126 Evan Petron (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
132 Teddy Auer (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
138 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) Won by Forfeit Gabe Ridlon (CI)
145 William Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Weston McKay (CI)
152 Drew Lange (HOLD) Dec. John Paul Fitzpatrick (CI) 6-3
160 Kolton Harren (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
170 Taylor Runge (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
182 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
195 Toby Phillipp (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
220 Blake Scegura (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
285 Wyatt Miller (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

The Jaguars defeated the No. 9A ranked LPGE/BR 41-23 (9-5 match split). The Jaguars on parents night made them extremely proud of the teams performance. They defeated four ranked wrestlers from LPGE/BR in the dual. The LPGE/BR will likely be the No. 1 seed in Section 7A, which includes No. 6A and No. 7A ranked teams. The Jaguars are now 17-5 on the season in dual meets. Special Note: Maximus Hanson BBE 11th 170 Pounds Won His 150th Career Match.

106 Aiden Mueller (BBE) Dec. Brodie Pachan (LPGE/BR) 8-6 OT
113 Hunter Katterhagen (LPGE/BR) Dec. Noah Welte (BBE) 5-0
120 Logan Thom (LPGE/BR) Fall Elliot Spanier (BBE) 1:07
126 Colby Twardowski (LPGE/BR) Fall Louie Tensen (BBE) 5:18
132 Ryan Jensen (BBE) Fall Justin Houdek (LPGE/BR) 3:35
138 Wyatt Engen (BBE) Fall Gavin Albers (LPGE/BR) 4:56
145 Brett DeRoo (BBE) Maj. Dec. Conner Flan (LPGE/BR) 9-1
152 Tanner Viessman (BBE) Maj. Dec. Paul Stacey (LPGE/BR) 14-1
160 Tucker Zigan (LPGE/BR) Maj. Dec. Hunter Laage (BBE) 8-0
170 Maximus Hanson (BBE) Fall Nathan Bitz (LPGE/BR) 1:22
182 Carson Gilbert (BBE) Dec. Tate Twardowski (LPGE/BR) 3-2 OT
195 Andrew Recknor (LPGE/BR) Maj. Dec. Talen Kampsen (BBE) 12-3
220 Ethan Spanier (BBE) Fall Ethan Meyer (LPGE/BR) :26
285 Harley Weber (BBE) Dec. Grady Tomford (LPGE/BR) 6-0

The Royals were defeated by their neighbors Section 7AA rivals Pierz in a very good dual meet. The dual ended 36-28 with 8-6 match split. The Royals lost three very close matches.

106 Kyle Stangl (PIE) Fall Marcus Hayes (R/U) 3:13
113 Carter Young (PIE) Fall Adonijah Ripple (R/U) 1:33
120 Tucker Simmons (R/U) Maj. Dec. Connor Hennessy (PIE) 10-0
126 Liam Hennessy (PIE) Dec. Lane Olson (R/U) 5-3
132 Derek Stangl (PIE) Dec. Johnathon Bzdok (R/U) 7-2
138 Chase Becker (PIE) Fall Brock Costanzo (R/U) 4:38
145 Will Gorecki (R/U) Dec. Derrick Przybilla (PIE) 8-3
152 Sawyer Simmons (R/U) Dec. Jacob LeBlanc (PIE) 7-3
160 Jayden Zajac (PIE) Dec. Nicholas Leibold (R/U) 5-4
170 Caleb Koch (PIE) Dec. Jake Leners (R/U) 8-7
182 Nathan Nash (PIE) Fall Brayden Leners (R/U) 5:54
195 Kaden Holm (R/U) Fall Wyatt Dingmann (PIE) :45
220 Bryce Holm (R/U) Fall Henry Hoffman (PIE) :58
285 Brandon Mugg (R/U) Fall Jack Byker (PIE) :34

The Bulldogs went 2-1 at the Holdingford “Huskers” Quadrangular. They defeated AAA Coon Rapids 69-19 and Section 7A foe Crosby-Ironton 78-6. They were defeated by the No. 6A ranked Central Minnesota Conference rivals Holdingford 32-25 in a very good dual. Payton Hemmesch (182), Seth Vearrier (195) and Spencer Eisenbraun (285) all went 3-0. Mason McNab (126), Mason Hansen (138), Mitch Blonigen (145, Jose Anaya (152) and Aaron Mages (170) all went 2-1. Carson Suchy (113) and Kevin Raya-Botello (220) went 2-0.

106 Jack Bridenstine (CR) Fall Roman Roberg (PAY) No Time Given
113 Carson Suchy (PAY) Dec. Aiyden Hoversten (CR) 11-5
120 Devon Schmidt (PAY) Won by Forfeit
126 Mason McNab (PAY) Fall Jaden Caffey (CR) No Time Given
132 Daniel Flint (PAY) Won by Forfeit
138 Mason Hansen (PAY) Fall Gilbert Kostuck (CR) No Time Given
145 Mitchell Blonigen (PAY) Fall Fidel Dequeemani (CR) No Time
152 Jose Anaya (PAY) Won by Forfeit
160 Carter Skradski (CR) Maj. Dec. Grant Wendlandt (PAY) 11-0
170 Aaron Mages (PAY) Won by Forfeit
182 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Won by Forfeit
195 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Fall Jacob Sheer (CR) No Time Given
220 Kevin Raya-Botello (PAY) Fall Govani Penaloza Zamora (CR) No Time
285 Spencer Eisenbraun (PAY) Fall Aidan Tellefson (CR) No Time Given

106 Jamison Meagher (PAY) Fall Ezra Jacobson (CI) No Time Given
113 Carson Suchy (PAY) Fall Aedan Fisher (CI) No Time Given
120 Mason McNab (PAY) Won by Forfeit
126 Nicholas Utsch (PAY) Won by Forfeit
132 Mason Hansen (PAY) Won by Forfeit
138 Brayden Kierstead-Hahn (PAY) Won by Forfeit
145 Mitchell Blonigen (PAY) Fall Weston McKay (CI) No Time Given
152 Jose Anaya (PAY) Won by Forfeit
160 John Paul Fitzpatrick (CI) Won by Forfeit
170 Aaron Mages (PAY) Won by Forfeit
182 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Won by Forfeit
195 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Won by Forfeit
220 Sam Brick (PAY) Won by Forfeit
285 Spencer Eisenbraun (PAY) Won by Forfeit

The Cubs went 2-1 at the Eden Valley-Watkins “Eagles” quadrangular. They defeated Central Minnesota Conference and Section 4A rivals and neighbors Eden Valley-Watkins 42-30 and AA New Ulm 36-33. They were defeated by the No. 9A LPGE/BR 66-12. Blake Brutger (145), Mark Schiefelbein (126) and Logan Kuseske (160) all went 3-0. William Serbus (120), Hank Meyer (182) and Haden Rosenow (195) all went 2-1.

106 Karon Schmidt (KIM) Won by Forfeit
113 Brody Sieben (EVW) Fall Nikolai Salo (KIM) 5:03
120 William Serbus (KIM) Fall Jordan Erpelding (EVW) 3:00
126 Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) Won by Forfeit
132 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Fall Mason Danelke (KIM) 2:59
138 Ryder Schmidt (EVW) Dec. Frank Schiefelbein (KIM) 7-2
145 Blake Brutger (KIM) Won by Forfeit
152 James Schiefelbein (KIM) Fall Thomas Thompson (EVW) 1:59
160 Logan Kuseske (KIM) Dec. Isaac Ortiz (EVW) 4-2
170 Treyce Ludwig (EVW) Dec. Caden Guggisberg (KIM) 2-0
182 Hank Meyer (KIM) Fall Carter Scheeler (EVW) 1:15
195 Haden Rosenow (KIM) Dec. Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) 14-7
220 Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) Fall Garrett Rosenow (KIM) 3:57
285 Nick Becker (EVW) Won by Forfeit

106 Kane Johnson (NU) Fall Karon Schmidt (KIM) 1:56
113 Alex Portner (NU) Fall Nikolai Salo (KIM) 1:20
120 Elijah Rieser (NU) Dec. William Serbus (KIM) 6-4
126 Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) Fall Tegan Kral (NU) 4:27
132 Mason Danelke (KIM) Fall Dirk Haynes (NU) 1:24
138 Spencer Drill (NU) Dec. Frank Schiefelbein (KIM) 5-2
145 Winsted Nienhaus (NU) Dec. Blake Brutger (KIM) 6-2
152 Jamison Frederickson (NU) Fall James Schiefelbein (KIM) 1:26
160 Logan Kuseske (KIM) Dec. Wyatt Pollard (NU) 7-3
170 Caden Guggisberg (KIM) Fall Noah Engel (NU) 2:29
182 Hank Meyer (KIM) Dec. Ty Frederick (NU) 3-2
195 Garrett Rosenow (KIM) Fall Henry Waloch (NU) 3:01
220 Haden Rosenow (KIM) Fall Ethan Lieb (NU) 1:59
285 Evan Thompson (NU) Won by Forfeit

106 Brodie Pachan (LPGE/BR) Fall Karon Schmidt (KIM) 1:13
113 Logan Thom (LPGE/BR) Fall Nikolai Salo (KIM) 1:37
120 William Serbus (KIM) Dec. Colby Twardowski (LPGE/BR) 3-0
126 Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) Fall Ryan Browen (LPGE/BR) 1:50
132 Connor Flan (LPGE/BR) Fall Mason Danelke (KIM) 1:50
138 Justin Houdek (LPGE/BR) Fall Frank Schiefelbein (KIM) 3:15
145 Blake Brutger (KIM) Fall Nathan Browen (LPGE/BR) 1:38
152 Nathan Bitz (LPGE/BR) Dec. James Schiefelbein (KIM) 5-3 OT
160 Logan Kuseske (KIM) Tech. Fall Jacob Hidalgo (LPGE/BR) 4:37
170 Tucker Zigan (LPGE/BR) Dec. Caden Guggisberg (LPGE/BR) 5-1
182 Tate Twardowski (LPGE/BR) Dec. Hank Meyer (KIM) 9-4
195 Andrew Recknor (LPGE/BR) Default Haden Rosenow (KIM)
220 Alex Line (LPGE/BR) Fall Garret Rosenow (KIM) :53
285 Grady Tomford (LPGE/BR) Won by Forfeit

The Eagles had a very good night at the Sibley East “Wolverine” triangular. They defeated two foes: including Section 4A rival. Sibley East 42-29 and Madelia-Truman 52-6. Ryder Schmidt (138), Isaac Ortiz (160), Treyce Ludwig (170), Carter Scheeler (182), Sonnie DeHeer (195), Mitch Lipinski (220) and Nick Becker (285) all went 3-0. The Eagles went 0-3 on their parents night quadrangular. They were defeated by their highway 55 neighbors, Conference rivals and Section 4A Kimball 42-30. The Eagles fell to No. 9A LPGE/BR 66-12 and AA New Ulm 57-18. Isaac Ortiz (160), Mitch Lipinski (220) and Nick Becker (285) all went 2-1.

106 Brodie Pachan (LP/GE/BR) Brody Sieben (EVW) 1:02
113 Logan Thom (LPGE/BR) Won by Forfeit
120 Colby Twardowski (LPGE/BR) Fall Jordan Erpelding (EVW)
126 Connor Flan (LPGE/BR) Fall Ryder Schmidt (EVW) 2:36
132 Gavin Albers (LPGE/BR) Fall Brayden Kramer (EVW) 1:35
138 Justin Houdek (LPGE/BR) Won by Forfeit
145 Nathan Browen (LPGE/BR) Won by Forfeit
152 Nathan Britz (LPGE/BR) Fall Garrett Albers (EVW) 1:24
160 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Fall Jacob Hidalgo (LPGE/BR) 3:37
170 Tucker Zigan (LPGE/BR) Dec. Treyce Ludwig (EVW) 6-0
182 Andrew Recknor (LPGE/BR) Fall Carter Scheeler (EVW) 1:55
195 Tate Twardowski (LPGE/BR) Dec. Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) 3-2
220 Alex Line (LPGE/BR) Fall Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) 3:36
285 Nick Becker (EVW) Fall Grady Tomford (LPGE/BR) 5:52

106 Kane Johnson (NU) Fall Brody Sieben (EVW) :32
113 Braxton Kiecker (NU) Won by Forfeit
120 Alex Portner (NU) Won by Forfeit
126 Elijah Rieser (NU) Dec. Brayden Kramer (EVW) 6-2
132 Dirk Haynes (NU) Dec. Ryder Schmidt (EVW) 6-4
138 Spencer Drill (NU) Won by forfeit
145 Winsten Nienhaus (NU) Won by Forfeit
152 Jamison Frederickson (NU) Fall Albers (EVW) :43
160 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Fall Noah Engel (NU) 5:01
170 Wyatt Pollard (NU) Dec. Treyce Ludwig (EVW) 5-3 OT
182 Ty Fredrick (NU) Fall Carter Scheeler (EVW) 3:22
195 Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) Fall Ethan Lieb (NU) 1:21
220 Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) Fall Henry Waloch (NU) :51
285 Evan Thompson (NU) Fall Nick Becker (EVW) 3:12

106 Tanner Johnson (SE) Tech. Fall Brody Sieben (EVW) No Time Given
113 Gage Horstman (SE) Won by Forfeit
120 Benito Diaz (SE) Won by Forfeit
126 Josh Sotelo (SE) Won by Forfeit
132 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Dec. Christian Sotelo (SE) 5-2
138 Ryder Schmidt (EVW) Fall Natalie Diaz (SE) :52
145 Atley Strack (SE) Won by Forfeit
152 Double Forfeit
160 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Dec. Jathan Mendoza (SE) 7-2
170 Treyce Ludwig (EVW) Won by Forfeit
182 Carter Scheeler (EVW) Won by Forfeit
195 Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) Won by Forfeit
220 Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) Fall Gianny Lopez (SE) 1:40
285 Nick Becker (EVW) Fall Gabriel Godinez (SE) 3:12

106 Brody Sieben (EVW) Fall Ethan Stensrud (MTML) 1:24
113 Double Forfeit
120 Double Forfeit
126 Noel Davila (MTML) Fall Brayden Kramer (EVW) 2:19
132 Double Forfeit
138 Ryder Schmidt (EVW) Maj. Dec. Cristian Arroyo (MTML) 12-2
145 Gavin Caron (EVW) Won by Forfeit
152 Double Forfeit
160 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Fall Blayne Wilde (MTML) 1:40
170 Treyce Ludwig (EVW) Fall Logan Slater (MTML) 1:34
182 Carter Scheeler (EVW) Fall Conner Rathman (MTML) 2:51
195 Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) Won by Forfeit
220 Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) Won by Forfeit
285 Nick Becker (EVW) Won by Forfeit

The Bulldogs had a big night with a pair of wins over their Section 6AA rivals. They defeated Rocori 37-31 and Foley 52-16. Bennet Kujawa (106/113), Kaden Nicolas (126), Landen Kujawa (132/138), Drew May (138/145), Ethan Duncombe (152/160), Adam Jurek (170) and Dylan Weber (182) all went 2-0. The Bulldogs had a very good tournament performance with 231.5 points and sixteen that earned medals. Kaden Nicolas (126/36-4), Landen Kujawa (132/30-6), Ethan Duncombe (152/27-9), Adam Jurek (160/31-7), Tyson Ricker (182/35-1) and Dylan Kolby (220/16-2) all earned championship medals. Bennett Kujawa (106/22-14), Drew May (138/29-11), Owen Angell (160/27-10) and Dylan Weber (170/22-15) all earned second place. Boston Kuschel (106/13-6), Nolan Jurek (120/6-13), Jake Rosenow (145/9-9) all earned third place, Blayne Kuschel (113/11-8) and Nolan Muellner (145/4-7) all earned fourth place and Lance Lysdal (195/7-9) took sixth place.

106 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Tech. Fall Mason Molitor (ROC) No Time Given
113 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Dec. Blayne Kuschel (BEC) 5-2
120 Nolan Jurek (BEC) Fall Mason Moscho (ROC) 3:00
126 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Dec. Jack Major (ROC) 9-5
132 Ryan Boecker (BEC) Won by Forfeit
138 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Won by Forfeit
145 Drew May (BEC) Won by Forfeit
152 Ethan Duncombe (BEC) Dec. Evan Moscho (ROC) 12-8
160 Owen Angell (BEC) Fall Anthony Brown (ROC) :56
170 Adam Jurek (BEC) Tech. Fall Nathan Soldner (ROC) No Time Given
182 Dylan Weber (BEC) Fall Christian Rodriguez (ROC) 4:45
195 Tyson Ricker (BEC) Dec. Mason Orth (ROC) 3-1
220 Double Forfeit
285 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Won by Forfeit\

106 Boston Kuschel (BEC) Tech. Fall Wyatt Britz (FOL) No Time Given
113 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Fall Jacob DeMarais (FOL) :26
120 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Fall Nolan Jurek (BEC) 3:29
126 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Maj. Dec. Tyler Wilhelmi (FOL) 13-4
132 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Maj. Dec. Wyatt Wall (FOL) 14-6
138 Drew May (BEC) Maj. Dec. Noah Brunn (FOL) 13-1
145 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Maj. Dec. Nolan Muellner (BEC) 12-1
152 Jake Rosenow (BEC) Tech. Fall Everett Schuler (FOL) No Time Given
160 Ethan Duncombe (BEC) Dec. Keagon Frisbie (FOL) 9-3
170 Adam Jurek (BEC) Won by Forfeit
182 Dylan Weber (BEC) Dec. Aiden Micholski (FOL) 6-1
195 Tyson Ricker (BEC) Fall Tyson Sullivan (FOL) 2:39
220 Gavin Owen (FOL) Won by Forfeit
285 Dylan Kolby (BEC) Fall Declan John (FOL) :24

The Lightning had two big wins at the Mound-Westonka “Knight Hawks” triangular. They defeated Mound-Westonka 56-17 and Section 6AA foe DC/LITCH 61-13. Cassen Brumm (106), Porter Pribyl (113), Jack Nilson (138), Cole LaFave (152) Carson Cooper (160), Shay McClory (182), Alex Sunburg (195) and Nathan Klatt (220) all went 2-0. The Lighting defeated two Section 6AA foes Rocori 49-20 and St. Francis 63-10. Jack Nilson 9138), Mitch Koss (145), Carson Cooper (160), Riley Hall (170) and Adam Klatt (285), Porter Pribyl (106/113), Cassen Brumm (106/113), Xavier Jones (120) and Noah Gindele (132) all went 2-0.

106 Porter Pribyl (AN/ML) Fall Mason Molitor (ROC) 2:45
113 Cassen Brumm (AN/ML) Dec. Mason Moscho (ROC) 5-3
120 Xavier Jones (AN/ML) Dec. Kameron Moscho (ROC) 7-2
126 Ayden Fitzgerald (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
132 Noah Gindele (AN/ML) Dec. Jack Major (ROC) 6-1
138 Jack Nilson (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
145 Mitchell Koss (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
152 Evan Moscho (ROC) Maj. Dec. Cole LaFave (AN/ML) 10-2
160 Carson Cooper (AN/ML) Maj. Dec. Anthony Brown (ROC) 14-4
170 Riley Hall (AN/ML) Fall Nathan Soldner (ROC) 1:24
182 Mason Orth (ROC) Fall Shay McClory (AN/ML) 3:58
195 Christian Rodriquez (ROC) Fall Carter Courtright (AN/ML) :45
220 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Maj. Dec. Nathan Klatt (AN/ML) 9-0
285 Adam Klatt (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit

106 Cassen Brumm (AN/ML) Fall Shaun Pearson (STF) 3:54
113 Porter Pribyl (AN/ML) Dec. Ashton Charmoli (STT) 5-0
120 Xavier Jones (AN/ML) Dec. Caden Borgen (STF) 4-2
126 Tegan Sherk (STF) Maj. Dec. Ayden Fitzgerald (AN/ML) 13-3
132 Noah Gindele (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
138 Jack Nilson (AN/ML) Maj. Dec. Jude Yahnke (STF) 18-4
145 Mitchell Koss (AN/ML) Fall Adam Jordan (STF) 3:02
152 Cole LaFave (AN/ML) Tech. Fall Jacob Tilly (STF) No Time Given
160 Carson Cooper (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
170 Riley Hall (AN/ML) Fall Brady Peltier (STF) 4:37
182 Shay McClory (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
195 Bo Flagstad (STF) Fall Carter Courtright (AN/ML) :30
220 Nathan Klatt (AN/ML) Fall Walter Guse (AN/ML) 3:16
285 Adam Klatt (AN/ML) Fall Easton Johnson (STF) 3:4

106 Cassen Brumm (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
113 Porter Pribyl (AN/ML) Fall Evan Block (DC/L) 1:42
120 Victor Franco (DC/L) Dec. Xavier Jones (AN/ML) 9-7
126 Gabe Nelson (DC/L) Maj. Dec. Ayden Fitzgerald (AN/ML) 9-1
132 Noah Gindele (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
138 Jack Nilson (AN/ML) Maj. Dec. Anthony Briseno (DC/L) 13-0
145 Mitchell Koss (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
152 Cole LaFave (AM/ML) Fall Branden Aho (DC/L) 1:20
160 Carson Cooper (AN/ML) Fall Chase Housman (DC/L) 1:47
170 Shay McClory (AN/ML) Fall Jake Decker (DC/L) :50
182 Alex Sundberg (AN/ML) Dec. Deagan Weatherholt (DC/L) 8-2
195 Logan Sander (DC/L) Fall Carter Courtright (AN/ML) 1:37
220 Nathan Klatt (AN/ML) Fall Spencer Henke (DC/L) 3:04
285 Adam Klatt (AN/ML) Fall Nicholas Lehar (DC/L) 1:02

106 Cassen Brumm (AN/ML) Fall Deacon Ramthun (MW) 2:23
113 Porter Pribyl (AN/ML) Tech. Fall Brady Kirkpatrick (MW) No Time Given
120 Xavier Jones (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
126 Cole Munsterteiger (MW) Dec. Ayden Fitzgerald (AN/ML) 5-0
132 Jack Nelson (MW) Dec. Noah Gindele (AN/ML) 6-1
138 Jack Nilson (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
145 Cooper Rowe (MW) Tech. Fall Mitchell Koss (AN/ML) NoTime Given
152 Cole LaFave (AN/ML) Fall Eric von Holtz (MW) 3:44
160 Carson Cooper (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
170 Alex Sundberg (AN/ML) Fall Dawson Leinfelder (MW) 1:14
182 Shay McClory (AN/ML) Dec. John Seemann (MW) 6-1
195 Carter Courtright (AN/ML) Fall Luke Rodelius (MW) 1:35
220 Nathan Klatt (AN/ML) Fall Drake Woodruff (MW) :07
285 Sam Dioszeghy (MW) Fall Adam Klatt (AN/ML) :57

The Falcons split a pair of duals with Section 6AA rivals, they defeated Rocori 37-31 and they were defeated by No. 3AA ranked Becker 52-16. Cyler Ruhoff (120), Cole Rudnitski (145) and Gavin Owen (220) all went 2-0. The Falcons split duals at their home triangular. They defeated Section 6AA foe Sauk Rapids-Rice 66-9. They were defeated by Granite Ridge Conference rivals Pierz 32-21. Cyler Ruhoff (126), Aiden Micholski (195) and Gavin Owen (220) all went 2-0.

106 Kyle Stangl (PIE) Dec. Jacob DeMarais (FOL) 5-3 OT
113 Carter Young (PIE) Tech. Fall Wyatt Britz (FOL) 4:41
120 Hunter Wilhelmi (FOL) Dec. Cash Fussy (PIE) 11-5
126 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Dec. Liam Hennessy (PIE) 5-3
132 Derek Stangl (PIE) Maj. Dec. Wyatt Lueck (FOL) 17-4
138 Chase Becker (PIE) Maj. Dec. Wyatt Wall (FOL) 16-6
145 Brayden Melby (PIE) Dec. Noah Brunn (FOL) 6-5
152 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Dec. Jacob LeBlanc (PIE) 4-1
160 Jayden Zajac (PIE) Maj. Dec. Cayden Hansmeier (FOL) 11-0
170 Weston Harris (FOL) Dec. Bradly Tanner (PIE) 11-4
182 Caleb Koch (PIE) Dec. Keagon Frisbie (FOL) 7-1
195 Aiden Micholski (FOL) Won by Forfeit
220 Gavin Owen (FOL) Dec. Nathan Nash (PIE) 3-2
285 Wyatt Dingmann (PIE) Fall Declan John (FOL) :13

106 Wyatt Britz (FOL) Fall McKenzie Wagman-Kelley (SRR) :36
113 Double Forfeit
120 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Fall John (Carter) Pesta (SRR) 3:06
126 Tyler Wilhelmi (FOL) Won by Forfeit
132 Wyatt Wall(FOL) Won by Forfeit
138 Jack Barz (SRR) Dec. Wyatt Lueck (FOL) 9-5 OT
145 Noah Brunn (FOL) Won by Forfeit
152 Kieran Hixson (SRR) Fall Spencer Gorecki (FOL) 3:20
160 Everett Schuler (FOL) Fall Mason Anderson (SRR) 5:03
170 Keagon Frisbie (FOL) Won by Forfeit
182 Aiden Micholski (FOL) Won by Forfeit
195 Tyson Sullivan (FOL) Won by Forfeit
220 Gavin Owen (FOL) Won by Forfeit
285 Declan John (FOL) Won by Forfeit

106 Wyatt Britz (FOL) Dec. Zac Humbert (ROC) 3-2
113 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Fall Jacob DeMarais (FOL) 4:23
120 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Fall Mason Moscho (ROC) 1:15
126 Jack Major (ROC) Dec. Tyler Wilhelmi (FOL) 2-0
132 Wyatt Wall (FOL) Tech. Fall Ryder Kremers (ROC) No Time Given
138 Noah Brunn (FOL) Fall Jayden Garcia (ROC) 1:13
145 Cayden Hansmeier (FOL) Fall Sawyer Minnerath (ROC) 3:25
152 Evan Moscho (ROC) Dec. Cole Rudnitski (FOL) 3-2
160 Keagon Frisbie (FOL) Fall Anthony Brown (ROC) 3:53
170 Nathan Soldner (ROC) Maj. Dec. Weston Harris (FOL) 8-0
182 Aiden Micholski (FOL) Tech. Fall Christian Rodriguez (ROC) No Time Given
195 Mason Orth (ROC) Dec. Gavin Owen (FOL) 7-0
220 Sky Hansen (ROC) Won by Forfeit
285 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Fall Declan John (FOL) :27

The Spartans were defeated by a pair of Section 6AA rivals; No. 3AA ranked Becker 55-9 and Foley 37-31. Kameron Moscho (113) and Grady Minnerath (285) both went 2-0. They were defeated by a pair of Section 6AA teams at the AN/ML triangular. They lost to No. 11AA ranked Annandale/Maple Lake 40-22 and to St. Francis 37-36 (on criteria/matches 8-6).

106 Ashton Charmoli (STF) Maj. Dec. Mason Molitor (ROC) 17-4
113 Mason Moscho (ROC) Maj. Dec. Shaun Pearson (STF) 9-0
120 Caden Borgen (STF) Dec. Kameron Moscho (ROC) 7-3
126 Kenny Ferraris (STF) Fall Ryder Kremers (ROC) 5:50
132 Tegan Sherk (STF) Won by Forfeit
138 Jack Major (ROC) Fall Jude Yankees (STF) 3:29
145 Adam Jordan (STF) Dec. Sawyer Minnerath (ROC) 15-8
152 Evan Moscho (ROC) Fall Jacob Tilly (STF) 3:53
160 Anthony Brown (ROC) Won by Forfeit
170 Brady Peltier (STF) Dec. Nathan Soldner (ROC) 6-5
182 Christian Rodrigues (ROC) Won by Forfeit
195 Bo Flagstad (STF) Dec. Mason Orth (ROC) 3-1 OT
220 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Fall Walker Guse (STF) 1:18
285 Easton Johnson (STF) Won by Forfeit

The Huskies split their duals at the Alexandria Area “Cardinals” Triangular. They defeated Section 8AA rivals Sauk Centre/Melrose 42-36. They were defeated by Section 8AA rivals Alexandria Area 60-24. The Huskies earned nine medals at their Albany “Purple Pride” Tournament. Owen Carlson (145) earned a championship medal, Carson Holthaus (132), Joesph Schmidt (160) and Maverick Kalsherar (145) earned fourth place. Mason Plumski (152) and Nathan Kollman (113) both earned fifth place, Blake Iverson (106), Jimmy Carlson (126) and Zach Gruber (160) took sixth place.

106 Nolan Fettig (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
113 Nathan Kollmann (ALB) Fall Ty Larson (ALEX) 3:04
120 Logan Timm (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
126 Mason Mcgrane (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
132 Carson Holthaus (ALB) Fall Isaac Saffert (ALB) 2:58
138 Zachary Brezina (ALEX) Fall Reed Moulzolf (ALB) 1:50
145 Blaze Nelson (ALEX) Fall Owen Carlson (ALB) 1:12
152 Mason Plumski (ALB) Fall Landon Arvidson (ALEX) 3:15
160 Joseph Schmitt (ALB) Fall Gavin Engelbrecht (ALEX) 1:51
170 Kelly Johnson (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
182 Landon Seward (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
195 Cody Vatnsdal (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
220 Luke Maanum (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
285 Caleb Laurent (ALEX) Won by Forfeit

The Storm were defeated by a pair of Central Lakes Conference foes at the Willmar triangular. they were defeated by Alexandria Area 60-18 and AAA Lean and Mean Willmar 78-3, Kieran Hixson (152) went 2-0. The Storm were defeated by Section 6AA foe Foley 66-9 and Pierz 76-3, Vance Barz (132) went 2-0.

106 Kyle Stangl (PIE) Won by Forfeit
113 Carter Young (PIE) Won by Forfeit
120 Cash Fussy (PIE) Fall John (Carter) Pesta (SRR) 4:19
126 Alan Brixius (PIE) Won by Forfeit
132 Derek Stangl (PIE) Won by Forfeit
138 Jack Barz (SRR) Dec. Brayden Melby (PIE) 13-8
145 Chase Becker (PIE) Won by Forfeit
152 Jacob LeBlanc (PIE) Dec. Kieran Hixson (SRR) 9-1
160 Jayden Zajac (PIE) Won by Forfeit
170 Bradly Tanner (PIE) Won by Forfeit
182 Caleb Koch (PIE) Won by Forfeit
195 Nathan Nash (PIE) Won by Forfeit
220 Chase Becker (PIE) Won by Forfeit
285 Wyatt Dingmann (PIE) Won by Forfeit

106 Wyatt Cruze (WIL) Fall McKenzie Wagman-Kelley (SRR) :56
113 Lawson Anez (WIL) Won by Forfeit
120 Cavin Carlson (WIL) Fall John Pesta (SRR) 1:16
126 Ivan Mares (WIL) Won by Forfeit
132 Sully Anez (WIL) Won by Forfiet
138 Conlan Carson (WIL) Fall Jack Barz (SRR) 1:42
145 Cameren Champagne (WIL) Won by Forfeit
152 Kieran Hixson (SRR) Dec. Isaac Zelaya-Velasquez (WIL) 3-2
160 Mattix Swanson (WIL) Won by Forfeit
170 Braeden Erickson (WIL) Won by Forfeit
182 Steven Cruze (WIL) Won by Forfeit
195 Ramero Trevino (WIL) Won by Forfeit
220 Zander Miska (WIL) Won by Forfeit
285 Daunte Castellano (WIL) Won by Forfeit

106 Nolan Fettig (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
113 Ty Larson (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
120 Logan Timm (ALEX) Fall John (Carter) Pesta (SRR) 2:16
126 Vance Barz (SRR) Maj. Dec. Mason Mcgrane (ALEX) 12-2
132 Isaac Saffert (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
138 Jack Barz (SRR) Fall Zachary Brezina (ALEX) :19
145 Landon Arvidson (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
152 Kieran Hixson (SRR) Maj. Dec. Gavin Engelbrecht (ALEX) 10-0
160 Mason Anderson (SRR) Maj. Dec. Jesse Fitzgerald (ALEX) 23-11
170 Kelly Johnson (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
182 Landon Seward (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
195 Gavryn Fernholz (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
220 Jordan Nicholson (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
285 Luke Maanum (ALEX ) Won by Forfeit

The Flyers were defeated by Granite Ridge Conference rivals No. 8AA Mora 52-19.

106 Stratton Nelson (MOR) Dec. Leighton Odegard (LF) 4-2
113 Ethan Zellers (LF) Fall Nora Houglum (MOR) 2:54
120 Mason Nelson (MOR) Fall Cassidy Okerman (LF) :35
126 Mason Rausch (LF) Maj. Dec. Cooper Sjodin (MOR) 11-1
132 Nathan Nelson (MOR) Fall Joey Wilczek (LF) 4:23
138 Carter Gmahl (MOR) Fall Alex Rudenick (LF) :55
145 Brock Folkema (MOR) Fall Michael Do (LF) :04
152 Avery Nelson (MOR) Dec. Beau Robinson (LF) 8-3
160 Connor Gmahl (MOR) Fall Hunter Ramsdell (LF) :48
170 Ryan Kloeckl (LF) Dec. Tucker Hass (MOR) 12-8
182 Jared Yates (MOR) Fall Chaston Gwost (LF) 1:47
195 Hank LeClair (LF) Fall Brock Peterson (MOR) 2:35
220 Dyllon Adams (MOR) Maj. Dec. Alexander Schmitz (LF) 11-2
285 Ben Everson (MOR) Fall Sam Primus (LF) 1:42

The Crush were defeated by two Central Lakes Conference rivals at the Fergus Falls “Otters” triangular. They were defeated by Brainerd 60-16 and Fergus Falls 53-24. Kendall Booker (106) and Tucker Hugg (285) both went 2-0. The Crush earned three medals at the Albany “Purple Pride” tournament. Tucker Hugg (285) earned a championship medal, Tim Lawal (195) earned fourth place and Aidan Marin (106) took sixth place.

106 Kendall Booker (STC) Maj. Dec. Jackson Berhow (BRA) 11-0
113 Dossidy Fleischhacker (BRA) Won by Forfeit
120 Nolan Jukish (BRA) Dec. Connor Frederiksen (STC) 8-3
126 Cade Ostrowski (BRA) Fall Ethan Lunning (STC) 2:50
132 Easton Dircks (BRA) Fall Noah Neuman (STC) :58
138 Isaiah Germann (BRA) Fall Gil Andreas Rafols (STC) :35
145 Isaiah Jillson (BRA) Won by Forfeit
152 Gabe Jukish (BRA) Won by Forfeit
160 Aiden Marin (STC) Won by Forfeit
170 Damien Bentho (BRA) Dec. Sam Long (STC) 6-2
182 Shane Carlson (BRA) Fall Batuo Teboh (STC) 1:40
195 Ethan Kosloski (BRA) Won by Forfeit
220 Eli Wiskow (BRA) Fall Derrick Cox-Payton (STC) 1:19
285 Tucker Hugg (STC) Fall Carson Faehnrich (BRA) :43

106 Kendall Booker (STC) Won by Forfeit
113 Jack Brunn(FF) Won by Forfeit
120 Kassen Hartwell (FF) Fall Connor Frederiksen(STC) :42
126 Blake Roberts (FF) Ethan Lunning (STC) 1:23
132 Caleb Fronning (FF) Tech. Fall Ethan Brott (STC) No Time Given
138 Jaden Dombrovski (STC) Fall Carson Grenier (FF) 1:05
145 Lance Graff (FF) Won by Forfeit
152 Isaac Longoria (FF) Won by Forfeit
160 Double Forfeit
170 Jacob Widness (FF) Fall Sam Long (STC) 3:04
182 Delvin Roberts (FF) Fall Batuo Teboh (STC) :47
195 Sebastian Holding Eagle (FF) Won by Forfeit
220 Tucker Hugg (STC) Won by Forfeit
285 Kanye Swap (STC) Fall Paulo Carrillo (FF) :41

The Sabres were defeated by Section 6AA foe Milaca-Faith Christian 65-9.

106 Jack Hendrickson (SSS) Dec. Robert Gerisch (MFC) 6-3
113 Lincoln Starr (MFC) Fall Tyler Plumski (SSS) 4:00
120 Jack Pesta (SSS) Won by Forfeit
126 Austin Linder (MFC) Fall Julian Morris (SSS) 1:41
132 Nicholas Reese (MFC) Won by Forfeit
138 Rollie Steinbrecher (MFC) Fall Camden Lund (SSS) 1:41
145 Jack Schoenborn (MFC) Maj. Dec. Kaden Brooks (SSS) 11-1
152 Seth Noack (MFC) Fall Parker Peichel (SSS) 1:24
160 Caleb Sahlstrom (MFC) Fall Aidan Halvorson (SSS) 1:47
170 Clay Anderson (MFC) Fall Theo Brown (SSS) 4:10
182 Jack Nord (MFC) Fall Cyrus Post (SSS) 1:06
195 Jack Hanson (MFC) Maj. Dec. Peyton Allen (SSS) 15-7
220 Colbee Zens (MFC) Dec. Donovan Lund (SSS) 5-0
285 Logan Ash (MFC) Fall Tucker Mugg (SSS) 3:36

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