Let me start out by saying I'm no authority on the Vikings or football in general. I'm the person at the watch party hovering over the snack table and asking a few questions about what is going on. But what I can do is check the vibes of the rooms I am in.

After the Vikings win on Christmas Eve, I was expecting my football-loving family to go wild with excitement. When the kick happened it was a lot of cheers but it all died out rather quickly and wasn't brought up again that night.

Christmas day with the other side of my family I didn't hear a single conversation about the Viking's win, or hopes for the season. It's like the exciting last-second win the night before didn't happen.

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What I do know is that the Vikings had an uncharacteristically good year. There have been lots of wins and nail-biting moments instead of the usual mid-season give up of hope that usually happens. Shouldn't we be more excited for our team? Shouldn't we say "this is our year" and actually mean it?

Instead, it has been quiet chats in the office, sometimes someone will wear a jersey, but no one seems to be nearly as hyped up as they should be.

I think years of disappointment have made Minnesota fans gunshy to being excited or hopeful. We are all just waiting for the other shoe to drop and shamefully sink into the bar stool we are watching from.

Here's hoping this opinion is just that. Not a fact or knowledge that we will be disappointed, but instead hope that maybe we will be doing a Skol chant when Super Bow Sunday rolls around.

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