What's the saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"?  That appears to be the situation here. It appears all would have been okay it the guy's current girlfriend hadn't decided to do something childish and petty.

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The photos in question were originally taken by this guy's current girlfriend according to foxnews.com. The photos were of the current girlfriend and the victim in bed with his genitalia exposed.

First of all, it's never a good idea to take these kind of photos and this story is a good example why.

For some reason, the current girlfriend decided it would be a good idea to send copies of the photos to the victim's ex, just to make her jealous. It seems it did a lot more than that.

The guy's ex, Emily McGreevy, 34 of St Louis park, took it upon herself to then send those photos to the guy's boss and also post them on an anonymous Facebook page "Skanker Cheatin".

Police executed a search warrant at McGreevy's apartment and as a result obtained cell phone data from her phone. The data retrieved showed McGreevy had used an encrypted email to send the photos.

The data also revealed that McGreevy obtained the victim's girlfriend's contact information from a paid website and also had access to the Facebook page, Skanker Cheatin.

According to police McGreevy is now out of state and was charged last via summons.

The victim has not pressed charges against his current girlfriend, which I find odd.  She's the one that started the whole mess.

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