Oprah just released her 2016 list of Favorite Things. A lot of the items on the list are super expensive and honestly not too practical. Your dog doesn't need a $400 blanket with their face on it. So I figured I would put together a list of what Minnesotans' favorite things would be if we made a list! (It's funnier if you read it in a Minnesota accent!)

A crockpot with even heat distribution we could bring to pot lucks and not have to worry about cold dips.


(Hamilton Beach Crockpot)

Gloves that would keep our fingers warm yet still allow a full range of motion.


(Hot Shot Men's Sentry Gloves)

One of them fancy snowblowers that protects your face from the cold!


(Arnold Deluxe Universal Snow Thrower Cab)

A good set of tires for winter- those roads will be icy soon!


(Security Chain Company)

A new Eskimo fish house, but not too nice or new, don't want to seem like we are bragging!


(Eskimo Ice House)

What do you think would be on Minnesota's Favorite Things list? Let me know in the comments below!