I admit, I have a real soft spot for dogs. As a result, stories like this one infuriate me to no end.

According to WCCO, last summer, St Paul police found a German Shepard dead in an alley with a 9mm shell casing on the ground next to him.

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Rondie King, 48 of St Paul was charged with animal torture in Ramsey County court this past Friday for allegedly shooting the German Shepard.

After the dead dog was discovered, surveillance video of the area showed a white van leaving the scene soon after the gunshot. The woman identified as the van's owner was living with King at the time.

Police found messages on Facebook between King and the dog's owner after obtaining a search warrant. There were messages indicating that Rocco, the German Shepard, had taken some food from King's son that day.

King angry, acted aggressively toward Rocco and was eventually bitten. After the bite, Rocco's owner agreed to take the dog to the humane society but King said that he would "take care of the dog".

During the early hours of the next morning, the owner of Rocco said she was taking Rocco for a walk when King pulled up in her van and told her to get in with the dog.

King then dropped the owner off at home and left with Rocco. He later returned without the German Shepard.

Why King was reluctant to take Rocco to the humane society, I don't know. At least there he could be adopted out to someone that knew how to treat a dog. If Rocco was deemed dangerous, which I don't think was the case, he could have been put down humanely.

Rondie King is looking at a possible sentence of up to 2 years in the slammer if convicted. King has a previous record of 1st degree assault.

Personally, I think 10 years sounds better.

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