I don't eat at McDonald's much anymore but I may have to give them another try after they make these changes to their burgers. I don't think they've ever changed much with their burgers in decades.

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Probably the biggest change is that there will be more Big Mac sauce on the Big Macs. A writer from People Magazine tried one of the new Big Macs and said it's more like a "messy pub burger" as opposed to a "run-of-the-mill drive-thru" type burger.

Besides the extra Big Mac sauce, the buns will be softer and lighter, onions will be added when the burger is still hot on the grill.

It's not just the Big Mac that will see changes, the McDonald's double cheeseburger is going through a major transformation. According to Director of Digital Specials and Features, Kate Hogan "The difference between the OG double cheeseburger and the new and improved version are actually huge.  The shiny bun is so inviting and the burger itself has a great grilled taste like it came off of your own barbecue."

The new version of these burgers has been a big hit in places like Belgium, Australia and our northern neighbors, Canada. in the U.S. they've already become available recently on the west coast in places like Los Angeles and also Phoenix, Denver and Seattle.

These new versions of McDonald's burgers will be available all across the U.S. by the end of the year. Also, McDonald's has pulled the Hamburglar out of the unemployment line, after 8 years, and will feature him in a new commercial.

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