BLOOMINGTON (WJON News) -- Hundreds of flights have been canceled already due to the weather at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Kyle Potter is the Executive Editor at Thrifty Traveler based in Minneapolis. He says more than 400 flights in and out of the airport have been canceled already for Wednesday which is about half of all the flights.

More than 200 flights in and out have already been canceled for Thursday. Potter says he's expecting that number to grow.

I expect that number to continue rising for Thursday.  And then the question becomes just how long does this go on, because we've seen these kinds of challenging weather events that have happed over the last two plus years really pushing many airlines past their breaking point.

Potter says Delta and Sun Country are the most impacted because they account for about 80 percent of all flights at MSP.

The snowstorm is also impacting flights in Denver as well as several smaller regional airports in the Midwest, which causes a chain reaction effect at all the airports.

Potter cautions he's not expecting the airlines to be back running smoothly yet by Friday and that it may take several days.

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If you are scheduled to be on a flight in the next few days Potter says at the very minimum you should have your airline's mobile app downloaded on your phone.

He also likes the app called Flighty, which he says oftentimes is quicker to update cancellations and delays than the actual airlines are.

The website also tracks flight status information.



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