Emails, texts and phone calls are all ways scammers try to take money from victims with scams.  A targeted location are banks and local banks are no exception.  Justin Burnard and Jamie Kleve from St. Cloud Financial Credit Union joined me on WJON.  Burnard says scams come in many different ways with a big uptick recently with text messages where scammers impersonate legitimate businesses.

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Burnard says normal ways St. Cloud Financial Credit Union reach their members include emails and phone calls and they never ask people to act fast.  He says they won't ask for confidential information which includes card, account information and pin codes.  Scammers will ask those questions so they can make financial purchases posing as the victim. Burnard explains people should contact their banks the way they normally do and not respond to emails and texts they aren't sure of.  Kleve says they never have a problem with members calling them with questions or concerns about potential fraud and scams.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Justin Burnard and Jamie Kleve it is available below.



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