ST. CLOUD -- A newly formed St. Cloud hockey team exclusively for veterans will be holding an exhibition game this Friday. The St. Cloud Warriors are part of the Minnesota Warriors Ice Hockey Program, a non-profit organization for disabled military veterans.

Spokesman Tim Loney says the sport helps the players transition back into civilian life.

We use the hockey as therapy to help players reintegrate back into society.  It's a different uniform than when they served, but it's still a uniform.  And it's around like-minded people.  You have a camaraderie and you're working toward something together with people that have your back.

Loney says they have about 150 players so far with three teams in the Twin Cities and two in Duluth.

They've been in existence for about 10 years. Loney says they hope to continue to expand to other Minnesota cities as well like Rochester and Fergus Falls.

We look for places where there's local rec hockey that they can play, there's a veteran presence that's there, and there's a rink we can use.  That's the criteria we look for.

The exhibition game this Friday will be held at the Municipal Athletic Complex at 8:30 p.m. and is free and open to everyone.