There are some seriously interesting Bratwurst varieties out there.  Some you've already heard of, maybe even tried.  Maybe the most famous here in Central Minnesota is the Gummy Bear Brats at Grundhofers Old Fashioned Meats.

Photo by YouTube via Vid8Addict
Photo by YouTube via Vid8Addict

But now there's a new very Minnesotan flavor of Brats. Before that though, do you know how the Gummy Bear Brat came about?  Story has it that the owner of Grundhofers asked his friend in the business next door what kind of brat he should make.  Gummy Bear was his request and the rest is history.


Another crazy variety of brat that's been at Grudhofer's since 2013, and now at Anoka Meats and Sausage as well, is Candy Corn Brats.  I wrote about that a few weeks ago.  If you want to get them for Halloween, you can read that HERE.

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But now back to this new, oh so VERY Minnesotan variety of Brat.  The folks at Grundhofer's Old Fashioned Meats have done it again.


Ummm, YUM!? It’s that time of year! Try Grundhofer’s Tater Tot Hotdish Bratwurst - a true Minnesota Brat!  Description: Our beef brat filled with tater tots, mixed veggies, cheddar cheese, cream of mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup & onions.

Comfort food just got a whole lot more delicious!


Seriously, it doesn't get much more Minnesotan than that! It just got a LOT easier to enjoy a Tator Tot Hotdish.  No more taking the time to put it all together in your kitchen.  Just grab these brats and grill!


There are so many fun flavors of brats these days!  Want to find other kinds to try.  Both Grundhofers and Anoka Meats and Sausage have lots to choose from.

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