With football season upon us, it's time to get your football watching diet in order.

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Nothing goes better with football and beer than a nice plate of wings. Some like them hot and some like them not.

I've had wings so hot my mouth was burning for hours. Rumor has it, it's the vinegar in the sauce that opens up your taste buds, making for a hotter experience.

With the huge selection of sports bars in St Cloud, the options for wings is pretty plentiful.

Are you a wing person or do you go for the drummies? Personally, I opt for the drummies.  Just easier to eat.

And, who delivers wings on a Sunday afternoon? This is a big one. You don't want to have to venture out in your boxers and Vikings jersey. Someone bringing them to your door is a much better deal.

Some prefer to go out to a sports bar to watch the game where to have an entire menu at your disposal.

So, who has the best wings in town?  Both in house and available for delivery.

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