I'm no expert on behavioral science but I would think that if one has anger issues, working with 8 year olds might not be the ideal job.

You may recall last year when a teacher, Kimberly Neubauer, 63 resigned from her teaching position in Princeton, MN after she threw a hockey stick at an 8 year old boy and knocked a tooth out.

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The Minnesota Department of Education, according to fox9.com, after watching the video of the incident and interviewing the 8 year old student, concluded that the student was the victim of maltreatment by Neubauer.

July of last year Neubauer was charged with 3rd degree assault to which she pleaded guilty.

In the video you'll see the students putting their hockey sticks in a pile and the student in question threw his stick toward the pile instead of placing it on the pile. Neubauer can be seen picking up the hockey stick and throwing it at 8 year old Easton Johnson, hitting him in the mouth and knocking out a front tooth.

"We’re in shock," said Easton’s father Lance Johnson at the time. "She’s within 5 feet, and she didn’t even hesitate. Like she was trying to hurt him."

Charges state that dental records show that Easton lost a right front tooth in the incident and the tooth had been "completely knocked out with no root left behind." There was also some bruising according to records.

Neubauer was sentenced to 2 days in jail, 5 years probation and is required to take anger management courses.

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