This is the time of year when the next couple of holidays revolve around big meals and some of us are looking to enjoy both the meals and the company without adding to our waistlines. The problem I run into at times is that the 'good' stuff like fresh produce doesn't seem to stay fresh long enough to enjoy. I found an online hack that is supposed to keep your strawberries fresher longer, sometimes by as much as two weeks!

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The hack is when you buy strawberries at the store, or I guess if you are growing them inside or in a greenhouse, you should put them in a canning jar to keep them fresh. 

Before you toss them in a jar and seal it up, there are some other things you should do before you seal the jar.

Image Credit: jen theodore via unsplash
Image Credit: jen theodore via unsplash

The first thing you should do with your strawberries is wash them. Once you've washed your strawberries clean, dry them off, and simply drop them in a canning jar, spin on the top, and put them in the fridge!

The Rooted Farmhouse online says that the strawberries, whole or cut, once they've been sealed should last almost two weeks in your fridge with this method. Now sometimes the best plans can run into issues, the Rooted Farmhouse has some reasons why your strawberries maybe didn't make it as long sealed up in that jar in the fridge.

  1. Strawberries were old when purchased from the grocery store.
  2. Mold spores were present on a stored strawberry.
  3. Winter-season strawberries sometimes don’t last as long since they are coming from further around the world.
  4. Your strawberries were too wet when stored.
  5. The strawberries were kept at room temperature for too long.
  6. The fridge is too warm.

I plan on giving this a try over the weekend and hopefully in two weeks I will still be enjoying fresh strawberries from a jar.


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