SARTELL (WJON News) -- The Country Lights Festival in Sartell is looking for volunteers to help restring the lights after vandals destroyed almost the entire display.

Spokesman Chris Schwartzentraub says they noticed the strings of lights had been cut on 85 of the 90 trees Thursday.

He says they were far ahead of schedule for the 6th annual event and now they are back to square one. He says volunteers can help this weekend.

If anybody wants to come out today or tomorrow we'll be there until 4:00 p.m..  Help us delight and then relight the trees. Maybe bring some wire cutters to help cut some zip ties.

Schwartzentraub says they have nearly gone through their entire budget for new lights, so anyone who wants to donate LED Christmas lights would be helpful as well.

The Sartell Police Department is investigating the incident and is looking at cameras in the area to try to find the Grinch. He says they have never had an issue with vandalism with this event in the past.

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They are still hopeful they can get the lights on by Black Friday with the official start of the Country Lights Festival in Sartell still scheduled for December 1st and it runs through the whole month of December.


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