The city of St. Cloud hasn't given up on the possibility of draw strings for the clear/white compost city bags.  Maintenance Supervisor for St. Cloud Public Works Dan Legatt joined me on WJON.  He says they are always looking for vendors who offer draw strings for their compost bags because he knows they are popular.  Legatt says the draw strings and bags as a whole need to meet Biodegradable Product Institute standards.  He says they have testing requirements for that product to meet to be compostable.  Legatt says they are working with vendors to create this drawstring.  He says it has to be so thick, strong and sturdy.  Legatt says that draw string isn't breaking down in testing within 90 days to meet compostability standard therefore it's not BPI certified.  He says it has to be durable enough that also breaks down to meet standards.

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The city of St. Cloud is currently offering compost bag pickup Mondays until Thanksgiving with a few Mondays where pickup isn't happening due to holidays.  Legatt says that includes next Monday, April 18, due to the Easter holiday.  He says many people may have some compost ready for pickup but it is a little early to be out working the lawn with rakes.  Legatt says tree branches and sticks can be picked up by putting them in bags or attaching the bags to bundled branches/sticks.  He says they are asking residents to separate the "woody vegetation" from grass/leaves because that is the way it is processed at the compost site.  Legatt says bundles should be 3 foot lengths by 1 foot in diameter and then attach a compost bag.

Compost permits are available through the city of St. Cloud.  The St. Cloud compost site (522 33 Street South) is located in the St. Cloud River Bluffs Regional Park area. St. Cloud River Bluffs Regional Park is located east of County Road 75, off of 33rd Street South. Customers are encouraged to utilize the compost site for grass clippings and leaves, as well as brush and tree waste.  More information is available here.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Dan Legatt it is available below.



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