OAK PARK -- A family farm in Benton County has opened up their place to help you heal. The "Healing Hooves Family Farm" near Oak Park has been up and running since last year.

Owner Tracy Zhykhovich says you are welcome to come out and spend an hour or two on the farm interacting with their horses.

Just spending time with them out there whether it is just grooming the horse.  I have adults that come out that just want to get rid of some stress, by petting them, grooming them, leading them around.  We kind of let you go around and see which horse connects with you. With the kids, we have a pony that we do pony rides. They enjoy that.

Zhykhovich says they have two full-size horses, a pony, and four miniature horses.

She just asks that you call ahead before you drive out to the farm.

Photo courtesy of Healing Hooves Family Farm

Healing Hooves Family Farm also brings their horses to various events from kids birthday parties, senior living facilities, and the Quiet Oaks Hospice House.

She says one of her favorite places to take them is to the area senior living facilities.

A lot of the people that are there are former farmers, and you'll have them say 'oh we used to have horses, but they plowed the field'.  So even though it's not a big horse like they used to have, it still brings back memories.  I'm really about memories.