A tentative deadline has been set for the Vikings to come up with a workable plan to fund a Stadium during a special session.  The sticking point is how and who will pay for the $131 Million in costs for road improvements around the stadium site.  The stadium cost is $1.2 Billion so why would $131 Million keep a deal from getting done?  It shouldn't.  The Vikings should do one of 2 things, change the plan and go with a roofed stadium and not a retractable roof.  That would save the project approximately $150 Million.  The Vikings could also contribute more money and reduce the amount of money the state would receive in profit when the stadium is built.  The deal with Ramsey County gives the Vikings a chance but the state's inability to be willing to raise user fees/taxes is killing them.  I'd love to see the state's portion of a Vikings stadium to come from an expansion of gambling but they appear to be too late in the game to push that through this time.  I'm still hoping something gets done.