The Minnesota Vikings had their stadium bill introduced to the legislators on Monday, with only a few weeks left in the legislative session. It's been said that the bill won't be dealt with by lawmakers until after Easter break. It sounds like an uphill climb for the Vikes, as it seems a number of legislators are against the stadium.

When the breakdown of the numbers are looked at by taxpayers in Minnesota, there should be no reason this stadium doesn't happen.

-- Tax dollars from the state are not going to be used to build the stadium.

-- It isn't going to add to the budget deficit that the opposition is up in arms about.

-- Tax money will be used only by people that support the team and buy merchandise licensed by the Vikings.

I'm not sure how that could be such a "devastating" blow to the state's budget crisis? If we aren't using state dollars to fund 1/3 of the stadium, what are the legislators so concerned about? Let the people who support the team help pay for the stadium, and if you aren't a supporter, you pay nothing.

The new stadium would be a benefit everyone, as it would be a facility that could be used year-round for multiple events. Now all we can do as fans is sit and cross our fingers.