The Minnesota State Legislature will now decide if the Vikings will get a new stadium this year.  I have been in favor of the Vikings Stadium in Arden Hills for lots of reasons.  The first and most important is the space available allows for the Vikings to have parking, tailgating and the addition of hotels and restaurants and shopping areas on the site.  The Metrodome site in downtown Minneapolis is limited because there is no space for team controlled parking.  The agreement the Vikings have with Ramsey County for a retractable roof stadium looks like they plan on doing this the right way.  The facility could be used for indoor and outdoor activities that won't be limited to Viking games.  The challenge in front of the state legislature is paying the $300 Million state portion.  Can they do it with a sales tax increase on sports memorabilia, a scatch off ticket and player tax increase?  That doesn't seem like that would be enough.  It's time for an expansion of gambling to help pay for healthcare, education, transportation and a Viking Stadium.  The people want it and the legislature needs to listen.