Did you know you can enter all of your 1390 Dream Getaway codes on our mobile app? Listen, collect, enter, win -- all while never leaving comfort of your phone. (You do have the 1390 mobile app right?)

We're dishing out 1390 Dream Getaway entry codes on the air every weekday at 7:20 AM, 10:20 AM, 1:20 PM, and 5:20 PM. Each one is worth another entry towards the trip of a lifetime. (Except on Three-For-All Thursdays when they're worth three entries each!)


What? You don't have the 1390 mobile app yet? Good news: It's free in the App Store and Google Play. Just search for 1390 Granite City Sports.

And when you download the app, opt in for 'Contest Alerts' to get Dream Getaway bonus codes sent to your phone on Thursdays.

Seriously, do this. We want to send you on vacation.

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