With all the negative information about the COVID-19 vaccinations out there, many parents are unsure of what to do. Not only with themselves but also their children. With the recent FDA approval, Minnesotans can start getting their children 5-11 years old starting tomorrow (11/4). Check HERE for locations

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According to WCCO Minnesota has a had a rise in COVID-19 cases the last couple of weeks. Cases are reportedly up more than 30% and a lot of that increase is an uptick in COVID-19 cases among children. Nationally, cases are down 20%. Three thousand cases in children were reported by Minnesota in kids under 12 years of age.

Please get your child vaccinated,” said Dr. Gigi Chawla, the chief of general pediatrics at Children’s Minnesota, “On average we have at least 12 kids hospitalized every day with COVID and at least half of those are in our ICU trying to recover from COVID illness,” she said.

The COVID vaccine for children 5 to 11 years old is available now. “The best thing you can do is get them vaccinated,” Chawla said. “Tried and true are the millions of people across the world who have been vaccinated and vaccinated safely.”

It's more important than ever that we listen to the doctors and scientists instead of sources full of disinformation. The vaccines are safe and they keep people from dying, that's a fact.

73% of adults in Minnesota are vaccinated while the under 18 group of Minnesotans are lagging behind. In the age group 12 to 15-year-olds only 54% have received at least one shot and kids 16 to 17 only 59% have received at least one shot.

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