This looks pretty cool! Opening up this week in Minnesota is a 21+ miniature golf-themed bar that has 3 9-hole putting courses for you to play, plus a food and drink menu for hanging out before or after your miniature round!

Puttery, which is a chain of bars/restaurants that have mini-golf courses inside, has multiple locations across the US, and they are getting ready to open up their latest location right here in Minnesota.

The latest location to open will be on Hennepin Ave in Downtown Minneapolis and I already found some pictures of the hangout online.

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The three themed courses inside the new Minneapolis location are: Art Museum, Conservatory, and Library.

Image Credit: Screenshot by Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Screenshot by Paul Shea/TSM

The idea behind the bar/course according to the Puttery website is that "Each location features different, intricately-designed putting courses intended to immerse you in new worlds – with their own unique cocktail offerings, of course."

I wasn't able to see what a round of mini-golf would cost at the soon-to-be-opened Minneapolis location, the main Puttery website cites that the cost per round differs from location to location, but if I had to guess based on it being a 21+ location, with some 'upscale' drinks it's going to be north of what you'd pay at other mini-golf courses.



There was a really brief TikTok video that showed off a portion of the new location, it's hard to get a feel for how big or small the space is going to be, but I am thinking that I am going to have to get a group of friends together to check this out!

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