This coming weekend my dad and I are going to do our MN Permit to Carry class. This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and my schedule is finally allowing for it.

As an avid hunter, I am a firm believer in safe and responsible firearm ownership. Education and proper handling techniques are huge to me, and even though I don't see the need to carry a firearm on me at all times, I do think it is important to be properly trained in the handling of one. I also believe that firearm safety classes should be mandatory, even if people never intend to use one. Education makes everyone safer.

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As I am preparing for my class, I did some research on what goes into getting a Permit to Carry in Minnesota. Here is what the Minnesota Department of Public Safety shared on its website: 

​​​Under Minnesota law, individuals must obtain a permit to carry a handgun in public. There is no stipulation in the law regarding whether that weapon must be concealed. A permit to carry constitutes a permit to purchase. To obtain a permit to carry, fill out a Permit to Carry Application and submit it to the sheriff’s office in the county where you reside.

There is also a Minnesota Statute that requires permit-to-carry applicants to present evidence of having received training from a certified instructor in the safe use of a handgun within one year of an original application or renewal. In addition to the training and application, the person wishing to obtain a permit must be over the age of 21. There is also a long list of guidelines to comply with laid out in this state statute here. 

If you are looking for training in safe use of firearms or getting your permit to carry in Minnesota, the Dept. of Public Safety has a database to find a certified professional near you. 

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