Minnesotans are no strangers to snowstorms. Some of us dread them but others look forward to them. No matter where you fall on that line, we all measure snow the same way.

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We don't do it with a yardstick...although the yard is a big help when we do our scientific measurements.

I realized after talking to several people about yesterday's snowfall totals, we all measure out the snow essentially the same way.

We compare the height of the snow to things that are in the yard. For example, yesterday I was talking to my husband and let him know that the snow was about halfway up the trampoline. He knew exactly what that meant.

We don't speak in inches and feet. I mean, you can, but a visual has much more of an impact and just sounds so much more intense.

I talked to my grandma on the phone and she let me know that the snow was halfway up the mailbox at the time. And, I knew exactly what that measurement looked like.

Minnesota's snowfall totals varied yesterday depending on where you were. But, Sartell saw 4.5 inches of snow on Tuesday...or, ya know, a third of the way up the trampoline worth.

How much snow did you get in your area? But, make sure to tell us like a true Minnesotan!


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