Every year about August and September, our dog Astro, experiences some sort of allergy and starts scratching like crazy, sometimes gnawing patches of fur off his legs until they're raw. I feel bad for him and not sure what to do about it. We've tried slipping him some Benadryl wrapped in cheese but he's on to that trick and just eats the cheese and spits the Benadryl out on the floor.

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What is really annoying about it is Astro likes to sleep under the bed at night. I have no idea why. Usually it's not a big deal if he sleeps there at night except when he has this itch. He scratches at night and the bed is bouncing all night like it's in the Honeymoon Suite.

I've heard from other people that they have had the same problem with their dogs. Our other dog, Zoey, doesn't seem to have any problem with this itch thing, so far.

I feel sorry for the big lug, scratching constantly and gnawing the fur off parts of his legs. Is it some kind of gnat in the grass at the lake or some pollen based stuff in the air or what?


After taking Astro to the vet, it seems this is pretty common in dogs this time of year. This summer seems to be especially bad due to the dry conditions. Astro was given a shot to help with the itch. We also put salmon oil in his food and that also seems to help.

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