Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Minnesota Vikings
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The Minnesota Vikings have had a painful team history to say the least. Not quite Detroit Lions bad, but pretty bad nonetheless.

I was born in 1982 and came of age as a Vikings fan right when the  Dennis Green era started. My first experience with Vikings heartbreak came in their 1995 playoff loss to the Chicago Bears.

I spent HOURS in line for tickets at the Ticketmaster outlet in Dayton's store (remember those?). We waited in line so long that my dad left the line to take my siblings to a movie and when they came back I had hardly moved.

We got the tickets and went to the game, where the Vikings were promptly stomped 35-18. So it began.

This weekend the Vikings will host the New York Giants for a playoff game at US Bank Stadium. Despite a very successful 13-4 regular season many fans are expecting the other shoe to drop now that the postseason is upon us. Will that be the case? Only time will tell.

Let's relive some of the devastating moments of the pass to numb us for what may be to come.

Without further ado, here's my list of the most painful Vikings losses of my lifetime.

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