Souhan; NFL Needs to Protect Its Players [PODCAST]
The NFL is still planning on a normal training camp this season with the exception of a reduction of 2 preseason games. Many players took to twitter over the weekend expression concern over the lack of safety precautions the NFL has made to this point in regards to Covid-19.
Souhan; MLB is Missing an Opportunity [PODCAST]
Major League Baseball owners and the MLB players Association appear to be far apart on an agreement to return to play this summer. Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan thinks Major League Baseball is missing an opportunity to be part of the healing process for the nation due to Covid-19.
Souhan; NBA Working Together Well [PODCAST]
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is expected to send a proposal that will be put to a vote from the NBA Board of Governors. Reports indicate that Silver's proposal will be approved. Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan joined me on WJON today.
Souhan; NFL Should Have More Minority Head Coaches [PODCAST]
The NFL is for year's encouraged teams to hire minority coaches and making it mandatory to at least interview top candidates. The NFL has looked at giving teams draft pick benefits if they hire minority coaches but has tabled the issue for now. Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan joined …

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