This morning, Pete & I were talking about holiday coffees. That made me think of the brand new Caribou Coffee that's now located on the corner of Lincoln and Division (Highway 23) at the stoplight kiddy corner to Target.

I placed our order online so it would be ready when I got there and went inside to pick up our order. When I went inside, I couldn't believe how beautiful and spacious the new location is.

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Kelly Cordes

You walk in the front door and see this. Antler chandeliers over a cozy seating area with a fireplace. It was so beautiful.

Kelly Cordes

If you look further down, you can see how spacious and open the location is. Beautiful light fixtures throughout.  Large tables that have legroom, with comfortable large chairs.

Kelly Cordes

The ordering area is really high tech, which is probably the reason the staff is able to turn around those orders at the speed of light. I met the Manager today and his super friendly and hard-working staff, who do a great job keeping this new 'Bou' running smooth, and keeping this new location shiny, clean and spotless. I was so impressed. It's not every day you walk into a place like this and feel totally zen.


Caribou Coffee- Facebook

On top of the great new location, all your holiday favorites are back. Today I just had to have a Ho Ho Mint Mocha, but they also have their holiday Fa La Latte's, Spiced Mocha's, Hot Apple Blasts, and Spiced Pineapple Boust Juice, to help you get through your day.

Kelly Cordes

Did I mention that THIS location opens at 5 am, so early morning workers and risers can get their coffee fix when they need it the most? Thank you Caribou for opening your doors early. You are the first location here, at least on this side of town that opens early enough for me to stop by.

Kelly Cordes

If you get a chance, download the Caribou App, and place your order ahead of time. My order was ready for me when I arrived. If you are looking for a great way to start the day, this place delivers.

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