When it comes to family-friendly baseball movies, it is hard to beat 1993's The Sandlot. Set in 1962, the movie tells the story of Scotty Smalls moving to a new town where he eventually makes friends with a group of baseball-loving kids who play ball in a sandlot in their neighborhood.

When I was a kid my mom worked at Mall of America and once in a while she would get 'sneak preview' passes to movies at the mall's theater. The Sandlot just so happened to be one of those movies and I will never forget seeing it for the first time with my dad. I was instantly in love.

For one thing, the kids in the movie were (playing characters who were) exactly my age. I had just moved to a new city and was having trouble making friends... until baseball season started because it became easy to make friends when you are on the same team. I found that extremely relatable.

Plus, the movie is forever quotable. Who doesn't remember the s'mores/YOU'RE KILLING ME SMALLS scene?


The Sandlot is celebrating its 30th anniversary this summer and the occasion is bringing Shane Obedzinski, who played Tommy "Repeat" Timmons in the movie, to Joe Faber Field this Saturday, June 10th!

Obedzinski will be on hand to meet with fans, sign autographs and take photos during the team's game against Thunder Bay. First pitch is set for 6:05 PM.

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