I can smell these shoes through the screen. Jelly shoes are making a comeback in 2023.

Jelly shoes are far from a new invention, you probably remember them from the 80s and 90s, but their history goes back even further than that:

Although pvc-injected shoes were created after WWII, they were cheap and unappreciated. The shoes became a fashion trend in the early 1980s after the shoes of the company Jelly Shoes appeared in major French and European magazines, Paris fashion shows, and shoe fairs. Like many other fashion trends from the 1980s, jellies have been revived a number of times since the late 1990s.

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Fashion is a never-ending loop of old becoming new, and jelly shoes are the latest item to get a revival. The company Del Sol has been showing up on my social media feeds trying to get me to buy a pair of color-changing plastic ballet flats. These shoes turn from a clear color to dark blue/purple in the sunlight.

Start your day under the sun on the right foot with these color-changing jelly shoes. Watch as they magically change from clear to glistening purple with sunlight and then return to their original color without sunlight. Del Sol’s proprietary Spectrachrome™ color-changing technology puts a sun-kissed twist on a popular retro-style shoe that pulls the heart string of anyone who had a favorite pair of jellies as a kid. Sturdy, yet comfortable.


As much as I love a novelty shoe that does something unexpected, I lived through the jelly shoe craze as a child. Even though they are well ventilated they still don't breathe well. I look at these and can feel blisters forming on my heels. I've also reached an age where I prioritize arch support—a hard thing to find in a plastic shoe.

If you are looking for a taste of nostalgia in your summer shoe lineup DelSol.com is selling these bad boys for $10-$15 a pair depending on the sale they have going on. A cheap blast from the past.

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