With our lives becoming busier and busier each day, who has time to watch TV anymore? Luckily, we can rely on our DVR, right? That’s pretty much how a majority of us are now watching TV. We have the luxury of recording it and watching it when we have free time. And we are committed to our shows and excited to watch them.

However, there’s always a jackass out there who comes up and asks, “Did you see Modern Family last night?”   “Uh no, I recorded it and watching it tonight.”   And then what happens? They proceed to tell you how funny this part was and what Phil said to Claire and what Cam and Mitchell were up to and their dialog.  Really? Inside you’re screaming, “Shut the hell up! Did you NOT hear me say I recorded it and watching it tonight, you frickin’ idiot!”

Of course by the time you watch it, it’s pretty much spoiled. The build-up for the funny part is not funny anymore, the dialog sucks because you expect it and all you do is think to yourself, “Thanks for nothing, asswipe.”

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