Can we let this die out already? Seriously, stop using checkbooks in stores. We now live in a world where we want things now and we want them fast, so nothing is worst than being in a checkout line behind someone who pulls out the infamous checkbook. Well, actually one thing is worst. It happened to me yesterday.

The person who just stands there, waits for the clerk to tell them the total and THEN starts to dig for the checkbook. I stood there staring at the lady thinking, “What is going on here and which rock did you just crawl out from?” I would have asked her these questions but I could tell she was a real “deer in headlights” type of person and it would have seriously prolonged the situation.

To quote Seinfeld: A check is like a note from your mother that says, "I don't have any money, but if you'll contact these people, I'm sure they'll stick up for me… If you just trust me this one time, I don't have any money but I have these… I wrote on these; is this of any value at all?”