We will include from the Central Lakes Conference: Sartell Sabres, Sauk Rapids Storm, St. Cloud Tech Crush and Rocori Spartans. From the Granite Ridge Conference: Albany Huskies, Foley Falcons and Little Falls Flyers, Becker Bulldogs from the Mississippi 8 Conference and Annandale/Maple Lake Lightning from the Wright County Conference. From the Central Minnesota Conference the Belgrade-Brooten Elrosa Jaguars, Eden Valley Watkins Eagles, Kimball Area Cubs, Holdingford Huskers, Paynesville Bulldogs and Royalton/Upsala Royals.

We will bring you the individual results of the duals and Individual tournaments of all sixteen teams. Also the list of upcoming of events, current state ratings and conference standings.

You can get more of your wrestling news and results at my BLOG SITE: MEDIA CENTRAL MINNESOTA MAT RATS By Roger Mischke listed under resources in the Guillotine for more on Section and Conference previews and Bi-weekly columns thru out the season.

The Bulldogs earned earned eight medals at the Rogers Holiday Matness tournament with 137 points. The Bulldogs earned fifth place in a field of thirty six teams, including big number of AAA and AA state ranked wrestlers. Tyson Ricker (182/12-0) earned their lone championship, Kaden Nicolas (132/13-3) and Landon Kujawa (138/10-3) both earned fourth place. Drew May (145/12-4 and Adam Jurek (160/12-3) both earned fifth place and Owen Angell (170/11-4) earned sixth place. Bennett Kujawa (106/8-6) earned seventh place and Ethan Duncombe (152/6-5) took eighth place.

The Lightning won three duals at their home quadrangular, they defeated ACGC 57-18 (11-3), Irondale 64-9 (12-2) and Pine City/Hinckley-Finlayson 67-12 (12-2). Cassen Brumm (106), Porter Pribyl (113), Ayden Fitzgerald (126/132), Xavier Jones (126/132), Mitchell Koss (145/152), Carson Cooper (182) and Shay McClory (182/195) all went 3-0. Davis Vrolson (138) went 2-1 and Nathan Klatt (285/220), Riley Hall (170) and Adam Klatt (285) a went 2-0.
106 Cassen Brumm (AN/ML) Fall Alie Prince (ACGC) :36
113 Porter Pribyl (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
120 Braxton Kragenbring (ACGC) Fall Wesley Zuelke (AN/ML) 2:22
126 Ayden Fitzgerald (AN/ML) Tech. Fall Luke Garrick (ACGC) No Time Given
132 Xavier Jones (AN/ML) Jayden Gulke (ACGC) 2:27
138 Edwyn Gonzalez (ACGC) Fall Davis Vrolson (AN/ML) 1:45
145 Jack Nilson (AN/ML) Maj. Dec. Joseph Sherwood (ACGC) 9-1
152 Mitchell Koss (AN/ML) Fall Brody Staumann (ACGC) 1:25
160 Javon Williams (ACGC) Fall Cole LaFave (AN/ML) 1:35
170 Carson Cooper (AN/ML) Dec. Ethan Whitcomb (ACGC) 3-0
182 Riley Hall (AN/ML) Fall Wyatt Garrick (ACGC) :48
195 Shay McClory (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
220 Nathan Klass (AN/ML) Fall Terrell Renne (ACGC) 5:28
285 Adam Klatt (AN/ML) Dec. Juan Cardenas (ACGC) 6-2

106 Cassen Brumm (AN/ML) Fall Vinny Nerdahl (IRON) :01
113 Porter Pribyl (AN/ML) Dec. Jacobs Ryder (IRON) 6-5
120 Tavin Long (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
126 Ayden Fitzgerald (AN/ML) Dec. Argo Brinkman (IRON) 11-5
132 Xavier Jones (AN/ML) Fall Jack Metz (IRON) 2:53
138 David Vrolson (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
145 Mitchell Koss (AN/ML) Dec. Clayton Stolberg (IRON) 5-2
152 Cole LaFave (AN/ML) Maj. Dec. Carson Bockenhauer (IRON) 11-3
160 Aaron Saralampi (IRON) Fall Nathan Zander (AN/ML) 5:25
170 Romer Pugh (IRON) Dec. Nick Olson (AN/ML) 7-5 OT
182 Carson Cooper (AN/ML) Dec.Calvin Brinkman (IRON) 6-4 OT
195 Shay McClory (AN/ML) Fall Jared Gallegos (IRON) 4:42
220 Carter Courtright (AN/ML) Fall Eli Dolan (IRON) 3:59
285 Nathan Klatt (AN/ML) Fall Tenzin Lhawang (IRON) 3:34

106 Cassen Brumm (AN/ML) Maj. Dec. Roman McKinney (PC/HF) 9–0
113 Porter Pribyl (AN/ML) Fall Anthony Thomas (PC/HF) 5:35
120 Tavin Long (AN/ML) Fall James Noreen (PC/HF) 1:11
126 Xavier Jones (AN/ML) Fall Braxton Peetz (PC/HF) 1:40
132 Ayden Fitzgerald (AN/ML) Dec. Frank Betters (PC/HF) 5-0
138 Davis Vrolson (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
145 John Mead (PC/HF) Fall Cole LaFave (AN/ML) 5:28
152 Mitchell Koss (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
160 Nick Olson (AN/ML) Fall Damien Torgerson (PC/HF) 3:20
170 Riley Hall (AN/ML) Fall Jace Preston (PC/HF) 1:39
182 Shay McClory (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
195 Logan Klecki (PC/HF) Fall Carter Courtright (AN/ML) 1:17
220 Nathan Klatt (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit
285 Adam Klatt (AN/ML) Won by Forfeit

The Spartans had a good team performance as they went 3-2 at the Eau Claire Holiday Duals. They defeated their Wisconsin foes vary handily; Durand 66-18, Eau Claire Memorial 78-0 and Park 50-23. They were defeated by AAA Lean and Mean Cambridge-Isanti 52-21 and by A Lean and Mean Kenyon-Wanmaingo 54-22, to earn fourth place. Evan Moscho (152), Mason Orth (182) and Grady Minnerath (220) all went 5-0 and Jack Major (132) and Christian Rodriguez (195) both went 4-1. Mason Moscho (113) went 4-0 and Zach Humbert (106) went 3-1. Kameron Moscho (120), Sawyer Minnerath (138) and Nathan Soldner (170) all went 3-2.

170 Nathan Soldner (ROC) Won by Forfeit
182 Mason Orth (ROC) Fall Magnus Lukic (DUR) 2:43
195 Christian Rodriguez (ROC) Won by Forfeit
220 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Won by Forfeit
285 Ethan Brunner (DUR) Fall Darryn Richardson (ROC) 2:11
106 Zac Humbert (ROC) Won by Forfeit
113 Mason Moscho (ROC) Won by Forfeit
120 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Fall Michael Strasser (DUR) :28
126 Landen Lindstrom (DUR) Fall Renner Haven (ROC) 3:14
132 Jack Major (ROC) Fall Joey Baker (DUR) 1:53
138 Sawyer Minnerath (ROC) Fall Brady Mansmith (DUR) :54
145 Devin Wahlborg (DUR) Won by Forfeit
152 Evan Moscho (ROC) Won by Forfeit
160 Anthony Rodriguez (ROC) Won by Forfeit

182 Christian Rodriguez (ROC) Fall Rowan Donnelly (ECM) 3:53
195 Mason Orth (ROC) Fall Eli Mitra (ECM) 2:36
220 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Fall Maxwell Luis-Kohn (ECM) 1:01
285 Darryn Richardson (ROC) Fall Noah Bee (ECM) :14
106 Zac Humbert (ROC) Fall Jackson Moritz (ECM) 2:44
113 Mason Moscho (ROC) Won by Forfeit
120 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Won by Forfeit
126 Renner Haven (ROC) Fall Adrik Dix (ECM) 1:14
132 Double Forfeit
138 Jack Major (ROC) Fall Luke Beeksma (ECM) 1:13
145 Sawyer Minnerath (ROC) Fall Xander Hebert (ECM) 5:31
152 Evan Moscho (ROC) Fall William Donnelly (ECM) 1:00
160 Anthony Rodriguez (ROC) Fall Conor Govek (ECM) 4:47
170 Nathan Soldner (ROC) Fall Connor Anderson (ECM) 3:04

195 Mason Orth (ROC) Dec. Alex Carr (PARK) 5-3 OT
220 Taryn Blasy (PARK) Fall Sky Hansen (ROC) 1:03
285 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Fall Doug Sabin (PARK) 2:50
106 Zac Humbert (ROC) Fall Bryce Dragich (PARK) 1:28
113 Mason Moscho (ROC) Fall Jack Bachtle (PARK) 5:51
120 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Dec. Lane Frandrup (PARK) 6-3
126 Zach Car (PARK) Tech. Fall Renner Haven (ROC) No Time Given
132 Jack Major (ROC) Fall Joey Chilton (PARK) 3:42
138 Sawyer Minnerath (ROC) Fall Jacob Genalin (PARK) 5:13
145 Gunnar Mullen (PARK) Won by Forfeit
152 Evan Moscho (ROC) Tech. Fall Will Deautsch (PARK) No Time Given
160 Dylan Richardson (PARK) Fall Anthony Rodriguez (ROC) 5:47
170 Nathan Soldner (ROC) Dec. Sam Lankow (PARK) 11-6
182 Christian Rodriguez (ROC) Fall Fiyin Taiwo (PARK) 3:46

106 Wyatt Wald (CBI) Tech. Fall Zac Humbert (ROC) No Time Given
113 Mason Moscho (ROC) Dec. Grady Jennissen (CBI) 9-5
120 Leo Edblad (CBI) Fall Kameron Moscho (ROC) 1:23
126 Blaine Wald (CBI) Fall Renner Haven (ROC) 1:01
132 Carter Wothe (CBI) Dec. Jack Major (ROC) 10-4
138 James Peterson (CBI) Tech. Fall Sawyer Minnerath (ROC) No Time Given
145 Quinton Harcey (CBI) Won by Forfeit
152 Evan Moscho (ROC) Fall Maverick Henderson (CBI) 3:06
160 Jacob Henderson (CBI) Fall Anthony Rodriguez (ROC) 1:18
170 Treytin Byers (CBI) Fall Nathan Soldner (ROC) :32
182 Mason Orth (ROC) Fall Jarred Goodman (CBI) 1:55
195 Shawn Henderson (CBI) Dec. Christian Rodriguez (ROC) 10-4
220 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Fall Dillon Sommerfeld (CBI) 1:35
285 Brady Andersen (CBI) Fall Darryn Richardson (ROC) 1:19

285 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Fall Charles Koncur (KW) 2:43
106 Bryan Jacobson (KW) Fall Davey Maldonado (ROC) 4:51
113 Masyn Hanson (KW) Fall Kameron Moscho (ROC) 5:13
120 Reed Sommer (KW) Fall Renner Haven (ROC :43
126 Tate Miller (KW) Won by Forfeit
132 Jack Major (ROC) Fall Landon Trump (KW) 1:12
138 Gavin Johnson (KW) Fall Sawyer Minnerath (ROC) :09
145 Trent Foss (KW) Won by Forfeit
152 Evan Moscho (ROC) Dec. Dillon Bartel (KW) 10-4
160 Kiefer Olson (KW Fall Anthony Rodriguez (ROC) 3:54
170 Jaedin Johnson (KW) Fall Nathan Soldner (ROC) 1:05
182 Mason Orth (ROC) Maj. Dec. Owen Craig (KW) 10-1
195 Christian Rodriguez (ROC) Dec. Aidan Lindell (KW) 5-4
220 Will Van Epps (KW) Fall Sky Hansen (ROC) :54

The Falcons earned four medals for 84.5 points to take ninth place at the thirty-six field of teams at the Rogers Holiday Matness tournament. Cyler Rahuff (120/11-2) earned fourth place, Cole Rudnitski (152/9-2) and Alex Jennissen (160/14-5) both earned fourth place and Joe Prom (285/8-4) took seventh place.

The Huskies earned six medals at the Benson “Braves” tournament for 111 points to take seventh place. Jimmy Carlisle (126/7-5) and Owen Carlson (145/11-1) both earned second place medals. Carson Holthaus (132/10-2) and Mason Plumski (152/9-4) both earned third place medals. Connor Plumski (170/8-6) earned fourth place and Blake Iverson (106) earned fifth place.

The Huskers only had about half their varsity compete in the Rogers Holiday Matness to save on match counts down the road. They earned two medals by Drew Lange (160/21-2) earned third place and Wyatt Novitzki (120/18-3) earned fourth place.

The Cubs earned three medals at the thirty six field of teams in the Rogers Holiday Matness tournament. Hank Meyer (182/9-40 and Haden Rosenow (220/6-2) both earned second place medals and Logan Kuseske (160/8

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