(Tuesday 21st Thru Saturday Dec. 29th Results)

We will include from the Central Lakes Conference: Sartell Sabres, Sauk Rapids Storm, St. Cloud Tech Tigers and Rocori Spartans. From the Granite Ridge Conference: Albany Huskies, Foley Falcons and the Becker Bulldogs from the Mississippi 8 Conference. From the Central Minnesota Conference the Eden Valley Watkins Eagles, Kimball Area Cubs, Holdingford Huskers, Paynesville Bulldogs and Royalton/Upsala Royals. Will bring you the individual results of the duals and Individual tournaments of all twelve teams. Also the list of upcoming of events, current state ratings and conference standings. You can get more of your wrestling news and results at my BLOG SITE: MEDIA CENTRAL MINNESOTA MAT RATS By Roger Mischke listed under resources in the Guillotine  for more on Section and Conference previews and Bi-weekly columns thru out the season.



No. 3AA

113 Kaden Nicolas No. 3

126 Landen Kujawa No. 9

152 Mason Doucette No. 10

182 Tyson Ricker No. 10

220 Dylan Kolby No. 4

285 Bryce Kuschel No. 8


The Becker Bulldogs had a very good team performance at the Rogers Holiday Mattness tournament with 187 points with eight place winners. They earned second place behind the No. 1AAA ranked St. Michael-Albertville Knights and ahead of No. 5AAA Anoka and No. 9AAA Apple Valley. Bryce Kuschel (285/12-3) and Dylan Kolby (220/10-1) both earned second place medals. Kaden Nicolas (106/12-3), Landen Kujawa (126/13-3), Mason Doucette (160/11-5), Tyler Ricker (182/15-3) and Dylan Weber (195/9-4 all earned third place medals and earning sixth place Adam Jurek (170/10-8).




No. 11AA

126 Levi Jacobson No. 4

285 Elijah Novak No. 1


The Falcons had a big night as they defeated two rivals at the home triangular. They were defeated by No. 11AA from Section 2AA Watertown-Mayer 41-31 (8-6). They defeated Granite Ridge and Section 6AA rivals Albany 43-25 and AAA Rogers 52-25 (9-5). Cyler Ruhoff (113), Josiah Peterson (182), Elijah Novak (285), Levi Jacobson (126) all went 3-0. Cole Rudnitski (152) ad Chance Jones (170) both went 2-0 and Evan Miller (145) went 2-1. The Falcons earned 30th place at the Rumble on Red with 46.5 points. Elijah Novak (285/19-0) was their lone place winner as he earned the championship. He won five matches on his way to championship in this field of 50 plus teams.



106 Hunter  Wilhelmi (FOL) Dec. Nathan Kollmann (ALB) 8-3

113 Cyler  Ruhoff (FOL) Fall Ean Hansen (ALB) 1:22

120 Jimmy Carlisle (ALB) Fall Vince Janson (FOL) 2:00

126 Levi Jacobson (FOL) Won by Forfeit

132 Devin Hansen (ALB) Dec. Cayden Hansmeier (FOL) 5-0

138 Joseph Schmitt (ALB) Maj. Dec. Wyatt Lueck (FOL) 9-0

145 Evan Miller (FOL) Maj. Dec. Mason Plumski (ALB) 13-5

152 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Fall Cole Moulzolf (ALB) 3:30

160 Petyon Krumrei (ALB) Dec. Joseph Thorsten (FOL) 6-4

170 Chance Jones (FOL) Fall Cooper Brinkman (ALB) 1:50

182 Josiah Peterson (FOL) Won by Forfeit

195 Declan Crumley (ALB) Dec. Aiden Micholski (FOL) 5-2

220 Jacob Adrian (ALB) Fall Brock Bialke (FOL) 1:14

285 Elijah Novak (FOL) Won by Forfeit


FOLEY 52      ROGERS        25

106 Hunter Wilhelmi (FOL) Fall Ben Haddad (ROG) :49

113 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Fall Mason Lund (ROG) 3:39

120 Navarro Kornwolf (ROG) Fall Vince Janson (FOL) 3:24

126 Levi Jacobson (FOL) Fall Brian Ramola (ROG) 1:10

132 Max Ricks (ROG) Fall Cayden Hansmeier (FOL) :49

138 Chris Dietl (ROG) Tech. Fall Wyat Lueck (FOL) 4:21

145 Ryan Lund (ROG) Maj. Dec. Evan Miller (FOL) 10-1

152 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Won by Forfeit

160 Joseph Thorsten (FOL) Fall Ty Cassidy (ROG) :33

170 Chance Jones (FOL) Maj. Dec. Adam Cowles (ROG) 10-0

182 Josiah Peterson (FOL) Fall Cole Hamilton (ROG) 1:22

195 Isaiah Brown (ROG) Maj. Dec. Aiden MicholskI (FOL) 9-0

220 Colton Rothfork (FOL) Won by Forfeit

285 Elijah Novak (FOL) Won by Forfeit



106 Titan Friederichs (WTM) Fall Hunter Wilhelmi (FOL) 1:30

112 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Maj. Dec. Parker Jackson (WTM) 10-1

120 Aaron Bury (WTM) Fall Vince Janson (FOL) 3:25

126 Levi Jacobson (FOL) Fall Eli Hamburger (WTM) :53

132 Jonah Hamburger (WTM) Tech. Fall Cayden Hansmeir (FOL) 5:18

138 Jack Entinger (WTM) Fall Wyatt Lueck (FOL) :40

145 Evan Miller (FOL) Fall Owen Christianson (WTM) 3:09

152 Alex Jennisson (FOL) Fall Levi Baumann (WTM) 1:07

160 Bryce Burkett (WTM) Fall Caden Ruhoff (FOL) 3:36

170 Tanner Burmeister (WTM) Dec. Zack Jennissen (FOL) 11-7

182 Josiah Peterson (FOL) Dec. Jonah Blakstad (WTM) 4-2

195 Jackson Drahos (WTM) Dec. Andy Boettcher (FOL 3-1

220 Ashton Congdon (WTM) Fall Colton Rothfork (FOL) 3:49

285 Elijah Novak (FOL) Fall Jason Fenske (WTM) 1:27



285 Jacob Adrian No. 9


The Huskies went 1-2 at the Foley quadrangular; they defeated AAA Rogers 45-33 (7-7). They were defeated by No. 11AA Watertown-Mayer 49-19 (4-10) and by No. 12AA Foley, Section 6AA and Granite Ridge Conference rivals 43-25 (6-8).

Joseph Schmitt (138) and Jacob Adrian (220/285) both went 3-0 and  Jimmy Carlisle (120) and Peyton Krumrei (160) both went 2-1. The Huskies earned eighth place at the PEQUOT LAKE-PINE RIVER-BACKUS “JACKHAMMER” INVITE with 109 points and five place winners. Jacob Adrian (285/7-3) earned second place, Owen Carlson (126/105) and Declan Crumley (195/9-4) both earned fifth place, Peyton Krumrei (160/10-4) earned sixth place and Devin Hansen (132/9-3) earned seventh place in this large field of teams.



106 Nathan Kollmann (ALB) Fall Ben Haddad (ROG) 5:32

113 Ean Hansen (ALB) Fall Mason Lund (ROG) 5:18

120 Jimmy Carlisle (ALB) Dec. Navarro Kornwolf (ROG) 6-5

126 Brian Ramola (ROG) Won by Forfeit

132 Max Ricks (ROG) Fall Devin Hansen (ALB) 3:18

138 Joseph Schmitt (ALB) Fall Breck Cassidy (ROG) 2:25

145 Chris Dietl (ROG) Dec. Mason Plumski (ALB) 7-2

152 Ryan Lund (ROG) Fall Cole Moulzolf (ALB) 5:17

160 Petyon Krumrei (ALB) Fall Ty Cassidy (ROG) 1:36

170 Adam Cowles (ROG) Fall Cooper Brinkman (ALB) 1:10

182 Hunter Tate (ALB) Fall Cole Hamilton (ROG) 1:55

195 Isaiah Brown (ROG) Fall Declan Crumley (ALB) 1:44

220 Jacob Adrian (ALB) Fall Hasan Adnan (ROG) :36

285 Jackson Mergen (ALB) Won by Forfeit



106 Titan Friederichs (WTM) Fall Nathan Kollmann (ALB) 2:24

113 Parker Jackson (WTM) Fall Ean Hansen (ALB) :55

120 Aaron Bury (WTM) Dec. Jimmy Carlisle (ALB) 8-6 OT

126 Eli Hamberger (WTM) Won by Forfeit

132 Jonah Hamberger (WTM) Dec. Devin Hansen (ALB) 7-3

138 Joseph Schmitt (ALB) Dec. Jack  Entinger (WTM) 4-0

145 Mason Plumski (ALB) Fall Owen  Christianson (WTM) 1:04

152 Cole Moulzolf (ALB) Fall Levi Baumann (WTM) :37

160 Bryce Burkett (WTM) Maj. Dec. Petyon Krumrei (ALBA) 12-4

170 Tanner Burmeister (WTM) Fall Cooper Brinkman (ALB) 1:57

182 Jonah Blakstad (WTM) Won by Forfeit

195 Jackson Drahos (WTM) Dec. Declan Crumley (ALB) 5-4

220 Ashton Congdon (WTM) Won by Forfeit

285 Jacob Adrian (ALB) Maj. Dec. Jason Fenske (WTM) 11-3



152 Austin Moscho No. 4


The Spartans defeated three foes at the Sauk Rapids-Rice quadrangular; they defeated Central Lakes Conference and AAA Lean and Mean Brainerd 39-27 (8-6). They defeated Central Lakes Conference rivals Sauk Rapids-Rice 60-12 (10-4) and Section 8AA foe Detroit Lakes 45-27 (9-5). Kameron Moscho (113), Jack Major (126), Mason Orth (182/195), Matthew Goebel (195/220) and Grady Minnerath (220/285) all went 3-0 and Austin Moscho (152/160) and Ryan Rose (170) both went 2-1. The Spartans earned fourth place going 3-2 at the Eau Claire North Holiday duals. They defeated Modovi 57-12 (12-2), Eau Claire North 60-12 (11-3) and Plainview-Elgin-Millville 52-24 (10-4). They were defeated by Ellsworth 46-22 (5-9) in the semifinals and by Cambridge-Isanti 45-33 (6-8) in the third place match. Luke Hemmesch (138/9-2), Evan Moscho (145/12-4), Mason Orth (182/12-3) and Grady Minnerath (220/14-5) all went 5-0. Kameron Moscho (106/13-2), Jack Major (126/14-6) and Austin Moscho (152/16-3) all went 4-1. Ryan Rose (170/13-10) went 3-2, Blayne Walsh (132) went 2-1 and Renner Haven (113) went 2-2. Special Note: Austin Moscho (152) 12th Ties School Record with 161 Career Wins and 100th Career Falls. Luke Hemmesch (138) 12th Won his 60th Career Match, Grady Minnerth (220) 10th Won his 50th Career Match and Ryan Rose (170) 12th Earned His 25th Career Fall.


ROCORI 39               BRAINERD 27

106 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Fall Jaxson Derosier (BRD) 3:08

113 Zac Humbert (ROC) Won by Forfeit

120 Cade Ostrowski (BRD) Won by Forfeit

126 Isaiah Germann (BRD) Won by Forfeit

132 Jack Major (ROC) Fall Nathan Lawrence (BRD) :49

138 Hunter Bergin (BRD) Dec. Blayne Walsh (ROC) 7-5

145 Isaiah Jillson (BRD) Dec. Evan Moscho (ROC) 7-2

152 Gabe Wagner (BRD) Dec. Austin Moscho (ROC) 5-2

160 Zander Bitker (ROC) Won by Forfeit

170 Ryan Rose (ROC) Dec. Damien Bentho (BRD) 1-0

182 Mason Orth (ROC) Dec. David Rollins (BRD) 5-2

195 Matthew Goebel (ROC) Dec. Shane Carlson (BRD) 11-8

220 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Fall Carson Faehnrich (BRD) 1:23

285 Dalton Barrett (BRD) Won by Forfeit


ROCORI        60       SAUK RAPIDS-RICE    19
106 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Fall John (Carter) Pesta (SRR) 2:37

113 Logan Culbertson (SRR) Dec. Renner Haven (ROC) 9-7

120 Vance Barz (SRR) Won by Forfeit

126 Jack Major (ROC) Fall Jack Barz (SRR) 2:43

132 Brayden Ness (SRR) Won by Forfeit

138 Owen Scheeler (SRR) Maj. Dec. Blayne Walsh (ROC) 9-0

145 Evan Moscho (ROC) Won by Forfeit

152 Nathan Soldner (ROC) Fall Josiah Sanchez (SRR) 1:03

160 Austin Moscho (ROC) Fall Kieran Hixson (SRR) 1:33

170 Ryan Rose (ROC) Fall Graham Doherty (SRR) 2:38

182 Anthony Brown (ROC) Won by Forfeit

195 Mason Orth (ROC) Won by Forfeit

220 Matthew Goebel (ROC) Won by Forfeit

285 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Won by Forfeit


ROCORI        45        DETROIT LAKES     27
106 Zac Humbert (ROC) Fall Talan Baker (DL) 2:23

113 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Won by Forfeit

120 Beau Somdahl (DL) Fall Renner Haven (ROC) 1:50

126 Jack Major (ROC) Fall Leroy Lacrosse (DL) 3:03

132 Cole Weber (DL) Won by Forfeit

138 Bradly Swiers (DL) Won by Forfeit

145 Tyson Ullyott (DL) Dec. Even Moscho (ROC) 10-5

152 Austin Moscho (ROC) Dec. Cade Okeson (DL) 6-4

160 Aaron Baisley (ROC) Fall Brock Swiers (DL) 4:46

170 Cade Jackson (DL) Fall Ryan Rose (ROC) 1:26

182 Mason Orth (ROC) Won by Forfeit

195 Matthew Gobel (ROC) Won by Forfeit

220 Grady Minnerath (ROC ) over Brock Billet (DL) :20

285 Double Forfeit





106  Kameron Moscho (ROC) Fall Brock Brown (CBI) 3:52

113  Leo Edblad (CBI) Won by Forfeit

120  Blaine Wald (CBI) Won by Forfeit

126  Carter Wothe (CBI) Dec. Jack Major (ROC) 8-3

132  Sam Rodriguez (CBI) Won by Forfeit

138  Luke Hemmesch (ROC) Fall James Peterson (CBI) :57

145  Evan Moscho (ROC) Fall James Harcey (CBI) :46

152  Austin Moscho (ROC) Fall Logan Carline Henderson (CBI) 1:43

160  Jacob Henderson (CBI) Fall Aaron Baisley (ROC)1:43

170  Treytin Byers (CBI) Fall Ryan Rose (ROC) 3:52

182  Mason Orth (ROC) Dec. Darren Spencer (CBI) 3-2

195  Shawn Henderson (CBI) Fall Gavin Reinhardt (ROC) 2:54

220  Grady Minnerath (ROC) Fall Scott Simpson (CBI) 2:09

285  Kaden Clemente (CBI)  Won by Forfeit


106  Kameron Moscho (ROC) Won by Forfeit

113  Renner Haven (ROC) Won by Forfeit

120  Maverick Lawstuen (MON)) Won by Forfeit

126  Jack Major (ROC) Won by Forfeit

132  Blayne Walsh (ROC) Won by Forfeit

138  Luke Hemmesch (ROC) Fall Mason Leirmo (MON) :20

145  Evan Moscho (ROC) Fall Coby Vollmer (MON) :58

152  Austin Moscho (ROC) Fall Cody Wagner (MON) 6-2

160  Alan George (MON) Fall Aaron Baisley (ROC) 4:59

170  Ryan Rose (ROC) Fall Alex Coffey (MON) :21

182  Mason Orth (ROC) Fall Mitchell Fedie (MON) 2:56

195  Double Forfeit

220  Grady Minnerath (ROC) Won by Forfeit

285  Double Forfeit


113  Renner Haven (ROC) Fall Wyatt Ecklor (ECN) :46

120  Double Forfeit

126  Jack Major (ROC) Fall Jonah Berg (ECN) 3:05

132  Elijah Vlcek (ECN) Dec. Blayne Walsh (ROC) 7-2

138  Luke Hemmesch (ROC) Fall Michael Halvorsen (ECN) 1:28

145  Evan Moscho (ROC) Fall Carson Duerkop (ECN) :50

152  Austin Moscho (ROC) Fall Mekhi Thomas (ECN) 1:38

160  Anthony Rodriguez (ROC) Won by Forfeit

170  Camran Baum (ECN) Dec. Aaron Baisley (ROC) 5-2

182  Ryan Rose (ROC) Fall Jin Yang (ECN) 4:26

195  Mason Orth (ROC) Fall Tate Downey (ECN) 1:53

220  Grady Minnerath (ROC) Fall Noah Penigar (ECN) :48

285  Riley Mercer (ECN) Won by Forfeit

106  Kameron Moscho (ROC) Won by Forfeit


120  Nolan Ford (PEM) Won by Forfeit

126  Jack Major (ROC) Won by Forfeit

132  Blayne Walsh (ROC) Dec. Nolan Pfeilsticker (PEM) 10-4

138  Luke Hemmesch (ROC) Fall Kyler Lamb (PEM) :31

145  Evan Moscho (ROC) Fall Logan Dittrich (PEM) 1:11

152  Austin Moscho (ROC) Fall Dominic Michel (PEM) 3:02

160  Aaron Baisley (ROC) Maj. Dec. Alex Bedsted (PEM) 10-0

170  Ryan Rose (ROC) Fall Alex Hinrichs (PEM) 3:02

182  Mason Orth (ROC) Fall Devyn Hutchison (PEM) :40

195  Martin Prieto (PEM) Won by Forfeit

220  Grady Minnerath (ROC) Fall Drew Rahman (PEM) :46

285  Tony Roberton (PEM) Won by Forfeit

106  Kameron Moscho (ROC) Dec. Aiden Graner (PEM) 9-7

113  Carson Rahman (PEM) Fall Renner Haven (ROC) 2:45


106  Landan Lampman (ELW) Fall Renner Haven (ROC) 5:20

113  Logan Mueller (ELW) Tech. Fall Kameron Moscho (ROC)

120  William Penn (ELW) Won by Forfeit

126  Michael Holst (ELW) Won by Forfeit

132  Jack Major (ROC) Dec. Corey Poellinger (ELW) 5-2

138  Luke Hemmesch (ROC) Fall Blake Nelson (ELW) 1:41

145  Evan Moscho (ROC) Maj. Dec. John Gillespie (ELW) 19-5

152  Kehan O`Neil (ELW) Dec. Anthony Rodriguez (ROC) 6-2

160  Ivan Veenendall (ELW) Dec. Austin Moscho (ROC) 10-5

170  Anthony Madsen (ELW) Fall Aaron Baisley (ROC) 1:02

182  Louis Jahnke (ELW) Tech. Fall Ryan Rose (ROC)

195  Mason Orth (ROC) Dec. Ryan Matzek (ELW) 5-3

220  Grady Minnerath (ROC) Won by Forfeit

285  Nolan Kummer (ELW) Won by Forfeit



113 Vance Barz No. 5


The Storm were defeated in three duals at their home quadrangular by two Central Lakes Conference rivals and Section 8AA foe: Rocori Section 6AA foe 50-19 (11-3), Brainerd 50-21 (10-4) and Detroit Lakes 42-36 (8-6). Vance Barz (120) and Logan Culbertson (113) both went 3-0 and Brayden Ness (132) and Owen Scheeler (138) both went 2-1.


BRAINERD               50        SAUK RAPIDS-RICE          21

106 Jaxson Derosier (BRA) Fall John (Carter) Pesta (SRR) :39

113 Logan Culbertson (SRR) Won by Forfeit

120 Vance Barz (SRR ) Dec. Cade Ostrowski (BRA) 5-3

126 Isaiah  Germann (BRA) Maj. Dec. Jack Barz (SRR) 13-0

132 Brayden Ness (SRR) Dec. Nathan  Lawrence (BRA) 5-1

138 Owen Scheeler (SRR) Dec. Hunter Bergin (BRA) 3-1

145 Isaiah  Jillson (BRA) Won by Forfeit

152 Gabe Wagner (BRA) Fall Josiah Sanchez (SRR) 1:07

160 Kieran Hixson (SRR) Won by Forfeit

170 Damien Bentho (BRA) Maj. Dec. Graham Doherty (SRR) 16-5

182 David Rollins (BRA) Won by Forfeit

195 Shane Carlson (BRA) Won by Forfeit

220 Carson Faehnrich (BRA) Won by Forfeit

285 Dalton Barrett (BRA) Won by Forfeit


DETROIT LAKES     42        SAUK RAPIDS-RICE          36
106 John (Carter) Pesta (SRR) Fall Talan Baker (DL) 1:18

113 Logan Culbertson (SRR) Won by Forfeit

120 Vance Barz (SRR) Fall Beau Somdahl (DL) 1:04

126 Jack Barz (SRR) Fall LeRoy LaCrosse (DL) 2:00

132 Cole Weber (DL) Fall Brayden Ness (SRR) 2:57

138 Bradly Swiers (DL) Fall Owen Scheeler (SRR) 3:13

145 Tyson Ullyott (DL) Won by Forfeit

152 Cade Okeson (DL) Won by Forfeit

160 Kieran Hixson (SRR) Fall Brock Swiers (DL) 3:55

170 Cade Jackson (DL) Fall Graham Doherty (SRR) 1:34

182 Marvelous Mai (DL) Won by Forfeit

195 Charlie Zok (DL) Won by Forfeit

220 Double Forfeit

285 Cameron Smith (SRR) Fall Brock Billet (DL) 3:04


LEAN and Mean AAA

138 Jaxon Kenning No. 5

170 Andy Johnson No. 10

182 Cody Brott No. 9

220 Tucker Hugg No. 9




126 Spencer Johnson No. 3

132 Dylan Enriquez No. 8

152 Ashton Lipinski No. 6


The Sabres earned two place winners at the Rumble on The Red Tournament for 29 points and 43rd place in this large tournament. Ashton Lipinski (152/15-5) earned fifth place and Spencer Johnson (126/14-3) earned seventh place.




No. 3A

113 Mark Schiefelbein No. 10

120 Jack Bollman No. 10

132 Gavin Winter No. 7

160 Logan Kuseske No. 10

170 Ashton Hanan No. 1

182 Haden Rosenow No. 10

195 Carter Holtz No. 2

285 Ace Meyer No. 10

The Cubs were defeated by the No. 2A ranked Central Minnesota Conference rival Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 32-25 (6-8 match split) A couple of big injuries was a big factor in the outcome of this dual. One was a pre-match injured, that affected the team score by two or three points and another one occurred as time was running out, likely a 6 or seven point swing. The Cubs defeated Central Minnesota Conference rival Paynesville Area 60-12 (11-3).  Mark Schiefelbein (113), Jack Bollman (126), Logan Kuseke (160 and Ashton “Shuggs” Hanan (170/182) all went 2-0 at the triangular. The Cubs earned two medals at the Rumble on The Red tournament, this includes over 50 teams. Carter Holtz (182/11-2) earned the third place medal and Mark Schiefelbein (113/11-2) earned a seventh place medal. The Cubs earned 20th place with 60 points.




106 Louie Tensen (BBE) Fall Connor Carlson (KIM) 3:08

113 Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) Fall Austin Ginther (BBE) 1:12

120 Brett DeRoo (BBE) Dec. William Serbus (KIM) 6-3

126 Jack Bollman (KIM) Dec. Wyatt Engen (BBE) 10-6

132 Ryan Jensen (BBE) Fall Blake Brutger (KIM) 2:10

138 Gavin Winter (KIM)  Dec. Tanner Viessman (BBE) 8-2

145 Walker Bents (BBE) Dec. Lucas Jurek (KIM) 6-2

152 Blaine Fischer (BBE) Tech. Fall Brett Schiefelbein (KIM) 6:00

160 Logan Kuseke (KIM) Maj. Dec. Evan Young (BBE) 9-0

170 Talen Kampsen (BBE) Dec. Hank Meyer (KIM) 7-4

182 Ashton “Shuggs”  Hanan (KIM) Fall Maximus Hanson (BBE) 3:18

195 Carson Gilbert (BBE) Dec. Haden Rosenow (KIM) 9-7

220 Ethan Spanier (BBE) Dec. Carter Holtz (KIM) 13-11 OT

285 Ace Meyer (KIM) Dec. Bryce Feuerhake (BBE) 3-2


KIMBALL AREA     60        PAYNESVILLE AREA        12

106 Connor Carlson (KIM) Won by Forfeit

113 Mark Schiefelbein (KIM)            Won by Forfeit

120 Mason Banelke (KIM) Fall  Carson Suchy (PAY) :36

126 Jack Bollman (KIM) Fall Preston Welling (PAY) :38

132 Brandon Hess (PAY) Dec. Blake Brutger (KIM) 7-4

138 James Schiefelbein (KIM) Won by Forfeit

145 Lucas Jurek (KIM) Won by Forfeit

152 Brett Schiefelbein (KIM) Fall Trenton LeClaire (PAY) :35

160 Logan Kuseke (KIM) Won by Forfeit

170 Ashton “Shuggs” Hanan (KIM)  Fall Aaron Mages (PAY) :24

182 Haden Rosenow (KIM) Fall Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) 3:58

195 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Won by Forfeit

220 Double Forfeit

285 Spencer Eisenbraun (PAY) Dec. Ace Meyer (KIM) 7-5 OT




No. 4A

126 Alex Diederich No. 4

138 Will Gorecki No. 4

152 Jacob Leibold No. 3

160 Sawyer Simmons No. 9

182 Gabe Gorecki No. 4


The Royals earned five place winners at the Rumble on The Red invitational with 96.5 points to earned sixth place in the 50 plus field of teams. Jacob Leibold (152/16-1) earned third place and Jeremy Mugg (285/15-4) earned fourth place. Sawyer Simmons (145/7-4) and Bryce Holm (220/14-6) both earned seventh place and Lane Olson (113/12-5) earned eighth place.



195 Sam Harren NO. 7


The Huskers didn’t have any events this week



220 Spencer Eisenbraun No. 9A


The Bulldogs were defeated by the No. 1A and No. 2A ranked teams, Kimball Area 60-12 and Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 62-8. Spencer Eisenbraun (220/285) was the lone Bulldog that went 2-0. The Bulldogs were defeated by KMS 48-24 and Minneota 59-17 at the KMS triangular. Peyton Hemmesch (182) went 2-0 and Spencer Eisenbraun (220) won his 50th career match.



106 Austin Ginther (BBE) Won by Forfeit

113 Louie Tensen (BBE) Dec. Carson Suchy (PAY) 11-9 OT

120 Brett DeRoo (BBE) Won by Forfeit

126 Wyatt Engen (BBE) Fall Preston Welling (PAY) :47

132 Ryan Jensen (BBE) Dec.         Brendon Hess (PAY) 10-4

138 Walker Bents (BBE) Won by Forfeit

145 Tanner Viessman (BBE) Won by Forfeit

152 Blaine Fischer (BBE) Tech. Fall Trenton LeClaire (PAY) 3:00

160 Evan Young (BBE) Won by Forfeit

170 Aaron Mages (PAY) Dec. Talen Kampsen (BBE) 5-0

182 Maximus Hanson (BBE) Dec. Petyon Hemmesch (PAY) 3-2

195 Carson Gilbert (BBE) Won by Forfeit

220 Spencer Eisenbraun (PAY) Tech. Fall Ethan Spanier (PAY) 3:21

285 Bryce Feuerhake (BBE) Won by Forfeit



285 Austin Schlangen No. 1


The Eagles went 1-2 at the Minnewaska Area Triangular; they defeated AA New London-Spicer 57-18 (10-4). they were defeated by Class A Lean and Mean Minnewaska Area 50-28 (5-9) and AA DB/LQPV 39-34 (7-7). Isaac Ortiz (152), Gavin Mathies (160), and Austin Schlangen (285) all went 3-0 and Teagyn Ludwig (126/132) Gavin Caron and Rylan Scheeler (182) all went 2-1. Special Note: Austin Schlangen 285 12th Won his 100th Career Match and Gavin Mathies 152 12th Won his 100h Career Match. The Eagles won both duals at the Norwood Young America triangular, they defeated NYA 61-6 (11-3) and they defeated Sibley East 39-25 (9-5), both Section 4A rivals. Teague Ludwig (126), Brayden Kramer (132), Gavin Caron (145), Gavin Mathies (152), Sam Nistler (170), Sonnie DeHeer (195), Cody Kipf (220) and Austin Schlangen (285) all went 2-0. The Eagles defeated a pair of foes at their home triangular. They defeated Section 4A rival St. Agnes 63-16 (11-3) and they defeated Minneapolis North 76-0. Ryder Schmidt (113), Jordan Erpelding (120), Teagyn Ludwig (126), Brayden Kramer (132), Treyce Ludwig (138), Gavin Caron (145), Isaac Ortiz (152), Gavin Mathies (160) Sam Nistler (170), Sonnie DeHeer (195) and Austin Schlangen (285) all went 2-0.


106 Ben Gunlogson (DB/LQPV) Won by Forfeit

113 Kameron Sather (DB/LQPV) Fall Ryder Schmidt (EVW) 1:39

120 Daniel Gunlogson (DB/LQPV) Fall Jordan Erpelding (EVW) :14

126 Zander Clausen (DB/LQPV) Fall Brayden Kramer (EVW) 2:44

132 Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) Dec, Ethan Morbitz (DB/LQPV) 4-2

138 Tyler Schickedanz (DB/LQPV) Fall Treyce Ludwig (EVW) 2:30

145 Gavin Caron (EVW) Dec. Isaac Moravetz (DBLQPV) 8-2

152 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Tech. Fall Mason McDougal (DB/LQPV)

160 Gavin Mathies (EVW) Fall Avery Wittnebel (DB/LQPV) 5:12

170 Sam Nistler (EVW) Fall Holt Larson (DB/LQPV) 1:35

182 Rylan Schueller (EVW) Fall Nolan Kwilinski (DB/LQPV) 4:43

195 Parker Bothun (DB/LQPV) Fall Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) 9-2

220 Zach DeBeer (DB/LQPV) Fall Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) 1:17

285 Austin Schlangen (EVW) Tech. Fall Keaton Haas (DB/LQPV)


MINNEWASKA AREA       50       EDEN VALLEY-WATKINS                        28
106 Miles Wildman (MIN)     Won by Forfeit

113 Torii Johnson (MIN) Fall Alex Bollin (EVW)

120 Chase Smith (MIN) Fall Jordan Erpelding (EVW)

126 Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) Maj. Dec. Nick Ankeny (MIN) 9-1

132 Mason Schiffler (MIN) Maj. Dec. Brayden Kramer (EVW) 15-6

138 Easton McCrory (MIN) Maj. Dec. Treyce Ludwig (EVW) 13-0

145 Jacob Blair (MIN) Fall Gavin Caron (EVW)

152 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Fall Myles Reichmann (MIN)

160 Gavin Mathies (EVW) Fall Cole Kittleson (MIN)

170 Sam Nistler (EVW) Fall Xander Johnson (MIN)

182 Dalton Friedrichs (MIN) Fall Rylan Schueller (EVW)

195 Chase Boelke (MIN) Fall Sonnie DeHeer (EVW)

220 Nathan Rankin (MIN) Fall Mitchell Lipinski (EVW)

285 Austin Schlangen (EVW) Won by Forfeit


106 Holton Hanson (NLS) Won by Forfeit

113 Isaiah Nelson (NLS) Fall Alex Bollin (EVW) 1:45

120 Caleb Nelson (NLS) Dec. Jordan Erpelding (EVW) 3-0

126 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Won by Forfeit

132 Luke Ruter (NLS) Dec. Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) 6-4

138 Treyce Ludwig (EVW) Won by Forfeit

145 Gavin Caron (EVW) Dec. Adam Sandau (NLS) 6-5

152 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Won by Forfeit

160 Gavin Mathies (EVW) Won by Forfeit

170 Sam Nistler (EVW) Won by Forfeit

182 Rylan Schueller (EVW) Fall Sam Gabrielson (NLS) 1:58

195 Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) Won by Forfeit

220 Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) Won by Forfeit

285 Austin Schlangen (EVW) Won by Forfeit



106 Phillip Graner (STAG) Won by Forfeit

113 Ryder Schmidt (EVW) Fall Joseph Pepin (STAG) 2:18

120 Jordan Erpelding (EVW) Won by Forfeit

126 Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) Fall Johnny Cummings (STAG) :23

132 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Won by Forfeit

138 Treyce Ludwig (EVW) Fall David Lopez (STAG) :47

145 Gavin Caron (EVW) Dec. Jacob Mclaughlin (STAG) 4-2

152 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Fall Ryan Mclaughlin (STAG) 4:21

160 Gavin Mathies (EVW) Fall Dan Ryan (STAG) :47

170 Sam Nistler (EVW) Fall Jonah Petric (STAG) 1:13

182 Isaac Schmidt (STAG) Fall Rylan Schueller (EVW) 3:40

195 Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) Won by Foreit

220 Paniel Rimero (STAG) Maj. Dec. Cody Kipf (EVW) 11-3

285 Austin Schlangen (EVW) Fall Dominic Smith (STAG) 3:38



106 Double Forfeit

113 Julio Alejandro (SE) Maj. Dec. Jordan Erpelding (EVW) 14-2

120 Benito Diaz (SE) Fall Alex Bollin (EVW) :40

126 Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) Fall Natalie Diaz (SE) 1:06

132 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Fall Christian Sotelo (SE) :49

138 Josh Sotelo (SE) Dec. Treyce Ludwig (EVW) 3-2

145 Gavin Caron (EVW) Dec. Bryce Klancke (SE) 4-2

152 Drayden Morton (SE) Fall Isaac Ortiz (EVW) 1:13

160 Gavin Mathies (EVW) Dec. Jathen Mendoza (SE) 6-0

170 Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) Fall Owen Utendorfer (SE) 1:19

182 Aaron Elseth (SE) Fall Rylan Schueller (EVW) 4:32

195 Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) Won by Forfeit

220 Cody Kipf (EVW) Won by Forfeit

285 Austin Schlangen (EVW) Dec. Omar Martinez (SE) 5-2




106 Nate Venske (NYA) Wo by Forfeit

113 Gabriel Michels (NYA) Maj. Dec. Jordan Erpelding (EVW) 11-0

120 Colin Degn (NYA) Fall Alex Bollin (EVW)

126 Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) Fall Caleb Bohlman (NYA)

132 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Dec. Tyler Nuebarth (NYA) 8-5

138 Treyce Ludwig (EVW) Fall Lucas Conser (NYA)

145 Gavin Caron (EVW) Maj. Dec. Riley Lentsch (NYA) 12-1

152 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Fall Carter Storms (NYA)

160 Gavin Mathies (EVW) Fall Connor Hansen (NYA)

170 Sam Nistler (EVW) Won by Forfeit

182 Rylan Schueller (EVW) Won by Forfeit

195 Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) Won by Forfeit

220 Cody Kipf (EVW) Won by Forfeit

285 Austin Schlangen (EVW) Won by Forfeit





Start Time: 5:00

Teams: Mora, Foley, Milaca



Start Time: 5:00





Start Time: 5:00

Teams: Sartell-St. Stephen, Sauk Rapids-Rice, St. Cloud Crush



Start Time: 5:00

Teams: Fergus Falls, Rocori, Willmar



Start Time: 5:30

Teams: Royalton-Upsala, ACGC



Start Time: 5:00

Teams: Albany, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, Holdingford



Start Time: 5:00

Teams: Dawson-Boyd/LQPV, Paynesville, Benson, TMB



Start Time: 7:00

Teams: Foley, ZImmerman,



Start Time: 6:00 @ Monticello




Start Time: 4:00

Teams: United North Central, Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus, Canby KMS, Kimball Area, Osakis.



Start Time: 2:30

Teams: Becker, Frazee, Ottertail Central, Quad County, Red Rock Central, Wabasso, BBE




Start Time: 9:00

Teams: Deer River, Fosston-Bagley, Little Falls, Minnetonka, LPGE/BR, Irondale, Royalton-Upsala, Kimball Area



Start Time: 10:00 (FIELD HOUSE)

TEAMS: Anoka, Canby, DC/LITCH, Detroit Lakes, Forest Lake, Holdingford, Milaca, Monticello, Princeton, Rogers, Sauk Rapid-Rice, St. Cloud Crush, Totino-Grace, Foley



Start Time: 10:00

Teams: Grand Rapids, Andover, Aitkin, Albany, Chisago Lakes, Mille Lacs, Nashwauk-Keewatin Rush City-Braham, Spectrum,

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