(Monday January 25th Thru Saturday 29th Results)

We will include from the Central Lakes Conference: Sartell Sabres, Sauk Rapids Storm, St. Cloud Tech Tigers and Rocori Spartans. From the Granite Ridge Conference: Albany Huskies, Foley Falcons and the Becker Bulldogs from the Mississippi 8 Conference. From the Central Minnesota Conference the Eden Valley Watkins Eagles, Kimball Area Cubs, Holdingford Huskers, Paynesville Bulldogs and Royalton/Upsala Royals.

Will bring you the individual results of the duals and Individual tournaments of all twelve teams. Also the list of upcoming of events, current state ratings and conference standings. You can get more of your wrestling news and results at my BLOG SITE: MEDIA CENTRAL MINNESOTA MAT RATS By Roger Mischke listed under resources in the Guillotine  for more on Section and Conference previews and Bi-weekly columns thru out the season.


No. 3AA

Kaden Nicolas    113    No. 3

Landen Kujawa   120   No. 8

Mason Doucette  152   No. 10

Tyson Ricker         170   No. 5

Dylan Weber         182   No. 10

Dylan Kolby             220.  No. 3

The Bulldogs had a huge win over Mississippi 8 and Section 6AA rivals, No. 5AA Big Lake 37-26 (8-6). This should give the Bulldogs the number one seed in the Section 6AA dual meet tournament. The Bulldogs had two freshman state place winners: Owen Angel (145/26-5) won the state championship and Boston Kuschel (94/28-3) earned fifth place. They earned the championship at the South St. Paul “Pete Veldman” Invitational with 255 points, they earned fourteen place winners. This included five championships by: Kaden NIcholas (113/26-3), Landen Kujawa (120/23-4), Mason Douccette (152/25-7), Tyson Ricker (170/25-4) and Bryce Kuschel (285/25-4). Ryan Boecker (132/8-9), Adam Jurek (160/20-8), Ryan Nelson (170) and Dylan Kolby (220/14-2) all earned second place medals. Bennet Kujawa (106/16-8) and Dylan Weber (182/15-7) both earned fourth place, Drew May (126/20-12) earned fifth place, Jake Rosenow (138/4-3) earned sixth place and Nolan Jurek (113/9-21) took seventh place.

BECKER    37              BIG LAKE 26
106 Ivan Lapointe (BL) Dec. Bennett Kujawa (BEC) 13-8

113 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Dec. Cash Sixberry (BL) 6-5

120 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Maj. Dec. Cash Stortz (BL) 17-5

126 Christian Noble (BL) Fall Nolan Muellner (BC) :32

132 Nolan Reiter (BL) Tech. Fall Drew May (BC)

138 Zack Smith (BL) Dec. Ethan Duncombe (BC) 9-6

145 Dillon Browen (BL) Fall Ethan Anderson (BC) 4:10

152 Mason Doucette (BEC) Won by Default Dante Visci (BL)

160 Adam Jurek (BEC) Dec. Tyler Dehmer (BL) 6-4

170 Johnathon Murphy (BL) Dec, Tyson Ricker (BEC) 9-6

182 Dylan Weber (BEC) Fall Gauge Hoffman (BL) 3:39

195 Joe Goth (BEC) Dec. Brett Bordwell (BL) 8-5

220 Dylan Kolby (BEC) Fall Rieley Mullen (BL) 2:55

285 Bryce Kuschel (BEC) Fall Kane Lapointe (BL) 2:42



Cyler Ruhoff   106  No. 9

Levi Jacobson 126  No. 8

Elijah Novak               285  No. 1

The Falcons defeated two rivals at the DC/Litchfield “Coop” Triangular. They defeated New London-Spicer 36-29 (8-6) and Rockford 84-0. They were defeated by No. 10AA rated Section 6AA rivals DC/LIT Coop 36-33 (8-6). Wyatt Wall (113), Alex Jennissen (145) and Elijah Novak (285) all went 3-0. Kyler Benson (132), Cole Rudnitski (152), Aiden Micholski (182) and Andy Boettcher (220) all went 2-1.


FOLEY           36        NEW LONDON-SPICER     29

106 Isaiah Nelson (NLS) Won by Forfeit

113 Wyatt Wall (FOL) Dec. Holton Hanson (NLS) 6-2

120 Caleb Nelson (NLS) Dec. Tyler Wilhelmi (FOL) 6-4

126 Luke Ruter (NLS) Maj. Dec. Cayden Hansmeier (FOL) 12-3

132 Luke Knudsen (NLS) Dec. Kyler Benson (FOL) 11-5

138 Everett Halvorson (NLS) Dec. Issac Milejczak (FOL) 6-4

145 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Dec. Adam Sandau (NLS) 8-2

152 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Fall Brody Lien (NLS) 3:37

160 Reid Holmquist (NLS) Won by Forfeit

170 Brody Duke (NLS) Maj. Dec. Chance Jones (FOL) 12-3

182 Josiah Peterson (FOL) Fall Grant Hubbard (NLS) 3:48

195 Aiden Micholski (FOL) Fall Payton Meis (NLS) 5:29

220 Andy Boettcher (FOL) Won by Forfeit

285 Elijah Novak (FOL) Fall Marshel Johnson (NLS) :45


106 Hunter Wilhelmi (FOL) Fall Anton Cox (DCL) 1:27

113 Wyatt Wall (FOL) Fall Gavin Terning (DCL) (1:03

120 Victor Franco (DCL) Fall Tyler Wilhelmi (FOL) 2:53

126 Gabe Nelson (DCL) Dec. Cayden Hansmeier (FOL) 4-3

132 Kyler Benson (FOL) Won by Forfeit

138 Devin Steinhaus (DCL) Fall Issac Milejczak (FOL) 1:33

145 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Fall Chase Housman (DCL) 4:46

152 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Fall Max Clemen (DCL) 1:14

160 Shelby Fischer Lund (DCL) Dec. Keagen Frisbee (FOL) 11-7

170 Sam Marx (DCL) Dec. Zack Jennissen (FOL) 11-5

182 Tate Link (DCL) Fall Aiden Micholski (FOL) 2:46

195 Hayden Hoernemann (DCL) Fall Josiah Peterson (FOL) 5:38

220 Spencer Henke (DCL) Dec. Andy Boettcher (FOL) 6-0

285 Elijah Novak (FOL) Dec. Brendan Rokala (DCL) 3-0


FOLEY           84                   ROCKFORD              0
106 Hunter Wilhelmi (FOL) Fall Roman Morgan (ROCK) 1:00

113 Wyatt Wall (FOL) Won by Forfeit

120 Tyler Wilhelmi (FOL) Won by Forfeit

126 Cayden Hansmeier (FOL) Won by Forfeit

132 Kyler Benson (FOL) Won by Forfeit

138 Issac Milejczak (FOL) Won by Forfeit

145 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Won by Forfeit

152 Weston Harris (FOL) Fall Ethan Scarbrough (ROCK) 1:10

160 Joseph Thorsten (FOL) Won by Forfeit

170 Chance Jones (FOL) Won by Forfeit

182 Wyatt Harris (FOL) Fall Sam Stuckmayer (ROCK) 3:08

195 Aiden Micholski (FOL) Won by Forfeit

220 Andy Boettcher (FOL) Fall Patrick Andry (ROCK) 4:49

285 Elijah Novak (FOL) Won by Forfeit



Austin Moscho            152   No. 3

The Spartans had a big win over their Central Lakes Conference rivals the Alexandria Cardinals 47-21 (10-4). The Spartans earned fifth place at the field of sixteen teams at the Orono “Spartans” Invitational  with 94.5 points. Austin Moscho (152/28-3) earned their lone championship and Matthew Goebel (195/20-7) earned second place. Grady Minnerath (220/21-9) earned third place, Evan Moscho (145/20-8) earned fourth place and Mason Orth (182/19-6 earned fifth place.

ROCORI        47        ALEXANDRIA AREA         21
106 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Dec. Nolan Fettig (ALEX) 9-7

113 Mason Mcgrane (ALEX) Won by Forfeit

120 Brenden Bryce (ALE) Won by Forfeit

126 Jack Major (ROC) Maj. Dec. Zachary Richards (ALEX) 12-0

132 Blayne Walsh (ROC) Dec. Grayson Timm (ALEX) 6-3

138 Blaze Nelson (ALEX) Won by Forfeit

145 Evan Moscho (ROC) Fall Isaac Saffert (ALEX) 1:43

152 Austin Moscho (ROC) Maj. Dec. Kelly Johnson (ALEX) 12-2

160 Landon Seward (ALEX) Dec. Nathan Soldner (ROC) 4-3

170 Ryan Rose (ROC) Dec. Mason Teaser (ALEX) 7-5

182 Anthony Brown (ROC) Fall Jackson Saffert (ALEX) :46

195 Mason Orth (ROC) Fall Gavryn Fernholz (ALEX) 3:20

220 Matthew Goebel (ROC) Fall Luke Maanum (ALEX) 2:46

285 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Fall David Rauscher (ALEX) :28



Jacob Adrian        285  No.  7


The Huskies were defeated in a pair of duals at home; by No. 4AA and  Class AA Lean and Mean team, Section 6AA rival Big Lake 59-15 (11-3) and Granite Conference rival 45-29 (6-8). The Huskies had to forfeit four matches, so they actually beat Mora in the matches that were contested. Hunter Tate (182), DeClan Crumley (195) and Jacob Adrian (285) all went 2-0.


BIG LAKE                 59                    ALBANY                   15

106 Ivan Lapointe (BL) Fall Ean Hansen (ALB) 2:44

113 Cash Sixberry (BL) Won by Forfeit

120 Cash Stortz (BL) Maj. Dec. Mason Geise (ALB) 15-6

126 Christian Noble (BL) Won by Forfeit

132 Nolan Reiter (BL) Fall Carson Holthaus (ALB) 2:57

138 Zack Smith (BL) Maj. Dec. Mason Plumski (ALB) 15-7

145 Dillon Browen (BL) Dec. Spencer Kollmann (ALB) 6-2

152 Carson Gellerman (BL) Fall Cole Moulzolf (ALB)  4:32

160 Tyler Dehmer (BL) Fall Petyon Krumrei (ALB) 5:01

170 Johnathon Murphy (BL) Won by Forfeit

182 Hunter Tate (ALB) Fall Brett Bordwell (BL) 3:26

195 Declan Crumley (ALB) Dec, Peter Duncombe (BL) 8-1

220 Rieley Mullen (BL) Won by Forfeit

285 Jacob Adrian (ALB) Fall Kane Lapointe (BL) 4:25


MORA            45        ALBANY       29

106 Ean Hansen (ALB) Fall Stratton Nelson (MOR)            2:30

113 Anthony Nelson (MOR) Won by Forfeit

120 Mason Nelson (MOR) Dec.  Mason Geise (ALB) 11-5

126 Carter Gmahl (MOR) Won by Forfeit

132 Nathan Nelson (MOR) Fll Carson Holthaus (ALB) :51

138 Mason Plumski (ALB) Dec. Brock Folkema (MOR) 9-8

145 Avery Nelson (MOR) Fall Spencer Kollman (ALB) 2:02

152 Cole Gmahl (MOR)Fall Cole Moulzolf (ALB) 3:53

160 Peyton Krumrei (ALB) Fall Cael Sjodin (MOR) 1:03

170 Josh Yates (MOR) Won by Forfeit

182 Hunter Tate (ALB) Maj. Dec. Brock Peterson (MOR) 18-6

195 Declan Crumley (ALB) Maj. Dec. Jared Yates (MOR) 13-3

220 Dyllon Adams (MOR) Won by Forfeit

285 Jacob Adrian (ALB) Fall Ben Everson (MOR) 3:04

Brainerd 46 Albany 30
106 Nathan Kollmann (ALB) Won by Forfeit

113 Easton Dircks (BRAI) Fall Ean Hansen (ALB) :52

120 Isaiah Germann (BRAI) Fall Reed Moulzolf (ALB) :42

126 Cade Ostrowski (BRAI) Fall Dylan Hoffarth (ALB) 2:40

132 Devin Hansen (ALB) Fall Elijah Germann (BRAI) 1:31

138 Isaiah Jillson (BRAI) Fall Joseph Schmitt (ALB) 4:38

145 Spencer Kollmann (ALB) Fall Hunter Bergin (BRAI) 1:44

152 Gabe Wagner (BRAI) Fall Cole Moulzolf (ALB) 1:24

160 Petyon Krumrei (ALB) Won by Forfeit

170 Adam Cox (BRAI) Won by Forfeit

182 Shane Carlson (BRAI) Maj. Dec. Hunter Tate (ALB) 19-11

195 Declan Crumley (ALB) Fall Ethan Kosloski (BRAI) 2:44

220 Double Forfeit

285 Dalton Barrett (BRAI) Fall Jacob Adrian (ALB) 1:26



Vance Barz     113   No. 4

Cole Ackerman 182 No. 9


The Storm split their duals at the Monticello “Magic’ Triangular, they defeated North Branch 57-18 (11-3). They were defeated by Section 6AA foe Monticello 50-30 (9-5).


SAUK RAPIDS-RICE          57       NORTH BRANCH    18
106 Jack Baker (NB) Fall John (Carter) Pesta (SRR) 1:23

113 Vance Barz (SRR) Fall Ethan Kester (NB) :30

120 Logan Culbertson (SRR) Won by Forfeit

126 Jack Barz (SRR) Won by Forfeit

132 Brayden Ness (SRR) Won by Forfeit

138 Ethan Anderson (SRR) Fall Joseph Krenz (NB) 2:39

145 Owen Scheeler (SRR) Dec. Michael Thao (NB) (SV-1 8-6

152 Josiah Sanchez (SRR) Fall Jay Kramer (NB) 1:20

160 Brandt Bombard (NB) Fall Kieran Hixson (SRR) :35

170 Ashton LaBelle (NB) Fall Cohen Mathies (SRR) 1:40

182 Ethan Klug (SRR) Won by Forfeit

195 Graham Doherty (SRR) Won by Forfeit

220 Double Forfeit

285 Cameron Smith (SRR) Fall Moses Ochoa (NB) :57


MONTICELLO          50       SAUK RAPIDS-RICE          30
106 John (Carter) Pesta (SRR) Fall Caleb Kalenbach (MONT) 1:27

113 Vance Barz (SRR) Fall Anthony Perez (MONT) :27

120 Quinn McCalla (MONT) Fall Logan Culbertson (SRR) 1:49

126 Jack Barz (SRR) Fall Rafe Brown (MONT) :47

132 Nelson Anderson (MONT) Maj. Dec. Brayden Ness (SRR) 14-3

138 Ethan Anderson (SRR) Fall Mason Brown (MONT) :42

145 Wyatt Witschen (MONT) Maj. Dec. Owen Scheeler (SRR) 15-3

152 Griffen Fieldseth (MONT) Fall Josiah Sanchez (SRR) 1:27

160 Kieran Hixson (SRR) Fall Bo Beucler (MONT) 3:42

170 Alex Fearing (MONT) Fall Cohen Mathies (SRR) 1:14

182 Mason Bauer (MONT) Fall Ethan Klug (SRR) :54

195 Dylan Janssen (MONT) Won by Forfeit

220 Jeydn Midas (MONT) Won by Forfeit

285 Ben Bauer (MONT) Fall Cameron Smith (SRR) :37



No. 3A

Gavin Winter        132  No. 6

Lucas Jurek 138  No. 10

Logan Kuseske. 160 No. 9

Ashton Hanan    170 No. 1

Carter Holtz 182 No. 1

Haden Rosenow 195 No. 6

Ace Meyer              285 No. 9


The Cubs defeated Class A Lean and Mean and Central Minnesota Conference rival Holdingford 40-28 (8-6). The Cubs split duals at the Watertown-Mayer “Royals” Triangular.They defeated their Section 4A and Class A Lean and Mean Howard Lake/Waverly/Winsted 57-6. They were defeated by No. 6AA ranked and one of Section 2AA favorites Watertown-Mayer 45-13. Gavin Winter, Carter Holtz and Haden Rosenow all went 2-0. The Cubs were defeated by the No. 4A ranked and Central Minnesota Conference rivals Royalton-Upsala 34-29, in very good dual, that went down to heavyweight. The Cubs were missing two of the ranked wrestlers for the Royalton-Upsala dual.


KIMBALL AREA                   40      HOLDINGFORD  28

106 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Fall Connor Carlson (KIM) 3:22

113 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) 4:56

120 Evan Petron (HOLD) Fall Mason Danelke (KIM) 4:39

126 Mason Patrick (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Jack Bollman (KIM) 17-6

132 William Pilarski (HOLD) Dec. Blake Rutger (KIM) 4-0

138 Lucas Jurek (KIM) Fall Parker Westbrock (HOLD) :56

145 Gavin Winter (KIM) Dec. Drew Lange (HOLD) 5-4

152 Luke Bieniek (HOLD) Dec. Brett Schiefelbein (KIM) 7-4

160 Hank Meyer (KIM) Maj. Dec. Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) 9-1

170 Ashton “Shuggs” Hanan (KIM) Fall Evan Litchy (HOL) 1:07

182 Caden Guggisberg (KIM) Fall Cyril Feia (HOLD) 4:50

195 Carter Holtz (KIM) Fall Jaden Barkowicz (HOLD) 1:30

220 Hayden Rosenow (KIM) Dec. Sam Harren (HOLD) 11-7

285 Ace Meyer (KIM) Fall Alex Sanchez-Mohs (HOLD) :20



106 Connor Carlson (KIM) Fall Tegan Miller (HLWW) 1:49

113 Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) Dec. Raydon Graham (HLWW) 4-1

120 Mason Danelke (KIM) Won by Forfeit

126 Jack Bollman (KIM) Won by Forfeit

132 Blake Brutger (KIM) Dec. Tony Baumann (HLWW) 5-2

138 Gavin Winter (KIM) Won by Forfeit

145 Lucas Jurek (KIM) Dec. Mitchell Mallak (HLWW) 4-2

152 Caleb Boese (HLWW) Dec. Brett Schiefelbein (KIM) 5-4

160 Logan Kuseske (KIM) Dec. Steve Heber (HLWW) 5-1

170 Isaac Busse (HLWW) Dec. Hank Meyer (KIM) 4-2

182 Ashton Hanan (KIM) Dec. Collin Boese (HLWW) 10-4

195 Carter Holtz (KIM) Fall Tyler Graczyk (HLWW) 3:04

220 Haden Rosenow (KIM) Won by Forfeit

285 Ace Meyer (KIM) Fall Jakob Duske (HLWW) 4:13


WATERTOWN-MAYER      45        KIMBALL AREA     13

106 Titan Friederichs (WTM) Won by Forfeit

113 Parker Jackson (WTM) Dec. Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) 4-3

120 Aaron Bury (WTM) Fall Mason Danelke (KIM) 5:33

126 Jonah Hamberger (WTM) Dec. Jack Bollman (KIM) 6-4

132 Jack Entinger (WTM) Dec. Blake Brutger (KIM) 6-4

138 Gavin Winter (KIM) Tech. Fall Steven Duske (WTM) 5:00

145 Steven Duske (WTM) Dec. Lucas Jurek (KIM) 7-3

152 Patrick Duske (WTM) Dec. Brett Schiefelbein (KIM) 10-5

160 Bryce Burkett (WTM) Tech. Fall Logan Kuseske (KIM) 5:02

170 Jonah Blakstad (WTM) Fall Caden Guggisberg (KIM) 1:13

182 Tanner Burmeister (WTM) Maj. Dec. Hank Meyer (KIM) 13-4

195 Carter Holtz (KIM) Tech. Fall Jackson Drahos (WTM) 4:55

220 Haden Rosenow (KIM) Dec. Ashton Congdon (WTM) 3-2

285 Hunter Stein (WTM) Dec. Ace Meyer (KIM) 4-3



No. 4A

Tucker Simmons  106    No. 7

Alex Diederich                126   No. 4

Will Gorecki                   132    No. 8

Jacob Leibold                  152  No. 3

Bryce Holm          220  No. 8

Jeremy Mugg                  285  No. 5


The Royals defeated two rivals at the Mille Lacs “Raiders” Triangular. They defeated Section 7A foe Mille Lacs 61-10 (12-2) and Section 7AA and Class AA Lean and Mean Aitkin 55-17 (11-3). Tucker Simmons (106), Bryce Binek (120), Alex Diederich (126), Will Gorecki (132/138), Jacob Leibold (160), Gabe Gorecki (182), Kaden Holm (195) and Bryce Holm (220) all went 2-0. The Royals defeated the No. 3A ranked and Central Minnesota Conference rivals the Kimball Cubs 34-29 (7-7). This was a very exciting dual that went down to the heavyweight match, the Royals were also missing one of their ranked starters. The Royals freshman team earned sixth place with 67.5 points in the state tournament. Lane Olson (113/22-6) and Brandon Mugg (285/15-1) both won championships and Tucker Simmons (106/20-8) earned third place.


ROYALTON-UPSALA             34    KIMBALL AREA              29

106 Tucker Simmons (RU) Fall Connor Carlson (KIM) 3:24

113 Lane Olson (RU) Fall Jon Serbus (KIM) 3:34

120 Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) Dec. Bryce Binek (RU) 5-3 OT

126 Alex Diederich (RU) Maj. Dec. Jack Bollman (KIM) 18-5

132 Will Gorecki (RU) Dec. Blake Brutger (KIM) 5-1

138 Lucas Jurek (KIM) Maj. Dec. Brady Yourczek (RU) 11-2

145 Brett Schiefelbein (KIM) Fall Brock Costanzo (RU) 4:35

152 Logan Kuseske (KIM) Maj. Dec. Nick Leibold (RU) 10-1

160 Jacob Leibold (RU) Fall Caden Guggisberg (KIM) 3:07

170 Hank Meyer (KIM) Dec. Hunter Novitzki (RU) 7-5 OT

182 Carter Holtz (KIM) Dec. Gabe Gorecki (RU) 6-0

195 Hayden Rosenow (KIM) Fall Kaden Holm (RU) 3:26

220 Bryce Holm (RU) Won by Forfeit

285 Jeremy Mugg (RU) Dec. Ace Meyer (KIM) 3-2


ROYALTON-UPSALA        55                    AITKIN          17

106 Tucker Simmons (RU) Fall Jacob Benson-Vick (AIT) 1:45

113 Lane Olson (RU) Maj. Dec. John Pelarski (AIT)  10-2

120 Bryce Binek (RU) Won by Forfeit

126 Alex Diederich (RU) Fall James Erickson (AIT) 1:36

132 Will Gorecki (RU) Dec. Kenny Erickson (AIT) 8-5

138 Nathan Trotter (AIT) Dec. Brady Yourczek (RU) 4-1

145 Marshall Larson (AIT) Maj. Dec. Brock Costanzo (RU) 15-4

152 Carson Kullhem (AIT) Maj. Dec. Nicholas Leibold (RU) 14-6

160 Jacob Leibold (RU) Fall Hayden Workman (AIT) 1:34

170 Hunter Novitzki (RU) Fall Daniel Decent (AIT) 3:16

182 Gabe Gorecki (RU) Fall Jack Grell (AIT) :41

195 Kaden Holm (RU) Fall Zachary Leitinger (AIT) 2:52

220 Bryce Holm (RU) Fall Nathan Stifter (AIT) 3:33

285 Craig Ashton (RU) Fall Jeremy Mugg (RU) :44


ROYALTON-UPSALA        61        MILLE LACS                        10

106 Tucker Simmons (RU) Dec. Creeden Spengler (ML) 9-6

113 Zach Remer (ML) Maj. Dec. Lane Olson (RU) 9-0

120 Bryce Binek (RU) Dec. Carter Adickes (ML) 7-3

126 Alex Diederich (RU) Tech. Fall Chase Calander (ML)

132 Brady Yourczek (RU) Tech. Fall Sam Hebisen (ML)

138 Will Gorecki (RU) Tech. Fall Tucker Strecker (ML)

145 Brock Costanzo (RU) Maj. Dec. Landyn Remer (ML) 10-0

152 Nicholas Leibold (RU) Won By Forfeit

160 Jacob Leibold (RU) Fall Chris Ecker (ML) 1:30

170 Daniel Miller (ML) Fall Hunter Novitzki (RU) 5:57

182 Gabe Gorecki (RU) Fall Finn Scheidweiler (ML) :13

195 Kaden Holm (RU) Fall Jakob Wind (ML) 3:58

220 Bryce Holm (RU) Fall Joe Bistodeau (ML) 2:24

285 Brandon Mugg (RU) Fall Diego Salinas (ML) :21


Class A Lean and Mean

Wyatt Novitzki     106    No. 3

Wyatt Pilarski       113    No. 9

Masyn Patrick       120   No. 9

William Pilarski.132       No. 10

Drew Lange          138    No. 9

Sam Harren 195    No. 7


The Huskers were defeated by No. 3A ranked and Central Minnesota Conference rival Kimball Area 40-28 (6-8). The Huskers were bested a pair of close matches or they would have a upset over one of the best Class A teams in the state. The Huskers defeated a pair of foes at the Spectrum “Sting” Triangular, they defeated Spectrum 66-15 (11-3) and SCM 63-10 (12-2). Noah Perowitz (113), Evan Petron (120, Simon Boeckman (126), Parker Westbrock  (138), Drew Lange (145), Mason Litchy (152), Kolten Harren (160), Sam Harren (195) and Jaden Bartkowicz all went 2-0. The Huskers Freshman Team earned second place with 91.5 points just a few points behind the No. 1AAA ranked St. Michael-Albertville at the state tournament. Masyn Patrick (120/32-3) earned their lone championship and Jaxon Bartkowicz (152/23-90 earned second place. Luke Bieniek (160/21-7) earned third place, Wyatt Novitzki (106/23-6) earned fourth place, William Pilarski (138/25-4) earned fifth place and Wyatt Pilarski (113/24-10) took eighth place.


HOLDINGFORD      63        SAUK CENTRE-MELROSE           10
106 Dominic Kerzman (SCM) Maj. Dec. Casey Knettel (HOLD) 13-3

113 Noah Perowitz (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

120 Evan Petron (HOLD) Dec. Noah Christen (SCM) 13-8

126 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

132 Grant Welle (HOLD) Fall Sam Berscheit (SCM) 5:01

138 Parker Westbrock (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

145 Drew Lange (HOLD) Dec. Jose de los Santos (SCM) 6-2

152 Mason Lichy (HOLD) Dec. Ben Friedrichs (SCM) 5-0

160 Kolton Harren (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

170 Evan Lichy (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

182 Cyril Feia (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

195 Jaden Bartkowicz (HOLD) Fall Isaac Frericks (SCM) 1:36

220 Sam Harren (HOLD) Fall Kevin Raya Botello (SCM) 1:15

285 Will Sjogren (SCM) Fall Alex Sachez-Mohs (HOLD) :31


HOLDINGFORD      66        SPECTRUM             15
106 Casey Knettel (HOLD) Fall Cooper Reemts (SPEC) :22

113 Noah Perowitz (HOLD) Fall Jayse Norling (SPEC) 2:45

120 Evan Petron (HOLD) Fall Tyler Murset (SPEC) 2:40

126 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) Fall Micale Miltich (SPEC) 3:21

132 Addan Schmidt (SPEC) Fall Grant Welle (HOLD) 3:38

138 Parker Westbrock (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

145 Drew Lange (HOLD) Fall Jesse Farrell (SPEC) 3:34

152 Mason Lichy (HOLD) Fall Zach Scholer (SPEC) 3:26

160 Kolton Harren (HOLD) Fall Nate Jorgenson (SPEC) :49

170 Tim Erickson (SPEC) Dec. Evan Lichy (HOLD) 13-8

182 Grayson Hepfl (SPEC) Fall Toby Phillipp (HOLD) 2:16

195 Sam Harren (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

220 Jaden Bartkowicz (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

285 Alex Sachez-Mohs (HOLD) Won by Forfeit



Austin Schlangen                    285      No. 1

The Eagles went 1-2 at the ACGC “Falcons” Quadrangular; they did defeat BOLD 53-17. They were defeated by Section 4A rival Sibley East 41-36 and by Central Minnesota Conference and No. 7A ranked ACGC 67-3. Ryder Schmidt (106), Teagyn Ludwig (126), Isaac Ortiz (160), Sam Nistler (170) and Mitch Lipinski (220) all went 2-1.

EDEN VALLEY-WATKINS                       53       BOLD             17
106 Ryder Schmidt (EVW) Fall Tanner Kautz (BOLD) 2:42

113 Jordan Erpelding (EVW) Won by Forfeit

120 Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) Fall Brady Kiecker (BOLD) :39

126 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Tech. Fall Trey Zamarron (BOLD)

132 Gavin Hammerschmidt (BOLD) Dec. Thomas Thompson (EVW) 8-1

138 Austin Kiecker (BOLD) Tech. Fall Treyce Ludwig (EVW)

145 Gavin Caron (EVW) Fall Max Young (BOLD) 2:31

152 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Fall Elijah Swenson (BOLD) 3:34

160 Hayden Edwards (BOLD) Fall Garrett Albers (EVW) :40

170 Sam Nistler (EVW) Fall Tate Sheehan (BOLD) :30

182 Connor Plumley (BOLD) Dec. Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) 9-2

195 Double Forfeit

220 Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) Won by Forfeit

285 Austin Schlangen (EVW) Fall Xavier Basaldua (BOLD) :38


SIBLEY EAST           40        EDEN VALLEY-WATKINS                       36
106 Julio Alejandro (SE) Fall Ryder Schmidt (EVW) 3:40

113 Benito Diaz (SE) Fall Jordan Erpelding (EVW) :28

120 Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) Fall Roberto Palma-Martha (SE) 1:13

126 Josh Sotelo (SE) Won by Forfeit

132 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Fall Christian Sotelo (SE) 2:45

138 Bryce Klancke (SE) Dec. Treyce Ludwig (EVW) 10-6

145 Drayden Morton (SE) Tech. Fall Gavin Caron (EVW)

152 Jathen Mendoza (SE) Fall Cyrus Kammermeier (EVW) 4:00

160 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Fall Michael farias (SE) 1:33

170 Sam Nistler (EVW) Fall Owen Utendorfer (SE) :30

182 Rylan Schueller (EVW) Fall Giovani Govea (SE) 2:22

195 Aaron Elseth (SE) Dec. Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) 7-2

220 Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) Fall Gianny Lopez (SE) :46

285 Omar Martinez (SE) Fall Austin Schlangen (EVW) 2:50


106 Ryder Schmidt (EVW) Dec. Braxton Kragenbring (ACGC) 6-0

113 Trey Schmidt (ACGC) Dec. Jordan Erpelding (EVW) 6-4

120 Jayden Gulke (ACGC) Fall Alex Bollin (EVW) 3:57

126 Edwyn Gonzalez (ACGC) Dec. Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) 9-2

132 Brady Straumann (ACGC) Fall Brayden Kramer (EVW) 2:15

138 Cole Holien (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Treyce Ludwig (EVW) 9-1

145 Jevon Williams (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Gavin Caron (EVW) 14-2

152 Brady Holien (ACGC) Fall Garrett Albers (EVW)  :33

160 Mason Studemann (ACGC) Dec. Isaac Ortiz (EVW) 6-4

170 Jake Mortensen (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Sam Nistler (EVW) 9-0

182 Isaiah Renne (ACGC) Fall Rylan Schueller (EVW) 3:13

195 Jaxon Behm (ACGC) Fall Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) 3:14

220 Takoda Mucciacciaro (ACGC) Dec. Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) 8-5

285 Terrell Renne (ACGC) Dec. Austin Schlangen (EVW) 3-2



The Bulldogs split a pair of duals at the Quad County Triangular; they defeated Tri-County 57-16. They were defeated in a close one by AA Worthington 39-36. Mason McNab (113), Brandon Hess (132), Jose Anaya (138), Hayden Andrews (145/152), Aaron Mages (160), Peyton Hemmesch (182/195) and Spencer Eisenbraun (220) all went 2-0. The Bulldogs split their duals at their home triangular, they defeated Border West 41-28 (8-6) and they were defeated by Section 5A and Class Lean and Mean Minnewaska Area 49-24 (10-4). Peyton Hemmesch, Spencer Eisenbraun and Grant Miller all went 2-0. The Bulldogs earned third place at the Wabasso Invitational  with 140 points and ten medal winners. Spencer Eisenbruan (220/17-3) earned their lone championship. Mason McNab (113/13-6), Brandon Hess (132/12-12), and Seth Vearrier (170) all earned third place. Jose Anaya (138/9-5) Trenton LeClaire (152), Aaron Mages (160/14-9) and Grant Miller (285) all earned fourth place. Mason Hanson (126) earned fifth place, Preston Welling (120/8-17) took sixth place. The Bulldogs had one state place winner at the freshman state tournament. Payton Hemmesch (189/9-1) earned second place.



106 Alex Galvez  (WORT) Fall Carson Suchy (PAY) 2:39

113 Mason McNab (PAY) Dec. Emanuel Sararia (WORT) 3-0

120 Ethan Meyer (WORT) Fall Preston Welling (PAY) 3:51

126 Oscar Galvez (WORT) Fall Mason Hansen (PAY) 1:39

132 Brandon Hess (PAY) Fall Vincent Vanderkooi (WORT) 3:39

138 Jose Anaya (PAY) Won by Forfeit

145 Hayden Andrews (PAY) Won by Forfeit

152 Chase  Byrne (WORT) Dec. Trenton LeClaire (PAY) 8-2

160 Aaron Mages (PAY) Fall Mason Schutz (WORT) 2:49

170 Kevin Galvez-Chavez (WORT) Fall Seth Vearrier (PAY) 5:35

182 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Fall Muyhee (WORT) 1:55

195 Soe Noy Htoo (WORT) Won by Forfeit

220 Spencer Eisenbraun (PAY) Dec. Tanner Hennings (WORT) 8-6

285 Cole Hennings (WORT) Fall Grant Miller (PAY) :53


PAYNESVILLE AREA        57        QUAD COUNTY       16

106 Griffin Howard (QC) Dec. Carson Suchy (PAY) 6-1

113 Mason McNab (PAY) Fall Blaine Carroll (QC)

120 Preston Welling (PAY) Fall Tarrick Rupp (QC)

126 Mason Hansen (PAY) Fall James Hardin (QC)

132 Brandon Hess (PAY) Fall Gage Corner  (QC)

138 Jose Anaya (PAY) Fall Bryan Rhode (QC)

145 Javier Jackson (QC) Maj. Dec. Mitchell Blonigen (PAY) 17-4

152 Hayden Andrews (PAY) Won by Forfeit

160 Nolan Hildahl (QC) Dec. Trenton LeClaire (PAY) 10-4

170 Aaron Mages (PAY) Dec. Hunter Ridler (QC) 9-5

182 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Fall Jasen Jansen (QC)

195 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Won by Forfeit

220 Spencer Eisenbraun (PAY) Won by Forfeit

285 Austin Sweep (QC) Fall  Grant Miller (PAY)



PAYNESVILLE AREA        41        BORDER WEST        28

106 Gunner Hennessy (BW) Dec. Carson Suchy (PAY) 6-1

113 Cole Sykora (BW) Dec. Mason McNab (PAY) 7-1

120 Peyton Forcier (BW) Dec. Preston Welling (PAY) 7-0

126 Dylan  Przymus (BW) Fall Mason Hansen (PAY) 5:53

132 Jude  Olson (BW) Maj. Dec. Brandon Hess (PAY) 12-2

138 Jose Anaya (PAY) Tech. Fall Ben Peterson (BW) 2:45

145 Patrick Forcier (BW) Fall Hayden Andrews (PAY) 3:22

152 Brody Nachbor (BW) Dec. Grant Wendlandt (PAY) 8-6

160 Trenton LeClaire (PAY) Won by Forfeit

170 Aaron Mages (PAY) Won by Forfeit

182 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Won by Forfeit

195 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Won by Forfeit

220 Spencer Eisenbraun (PAY) Won by Forfeit

285 Grant Miller (PAY) Won by Forfeit


MINNEWASKA AREA       49        PAYNESVILLE AREA        24

106 Miles Wildman (MIN) Fall Carson Suchy (PAY) 3:35

113 Torii Johnson (MIN) Dec. Mason McNab (PAY) 3-1

120 Chase Smith (MIN) Dec. Preston Welling (PAY) 3:43

126 Nick  Ankeny (MIN) Won by Forfeit

132 Brandon Hess (PAY) Default Jayce Kovarik (MIN)

138 Easton McCrory  (MIN) Maj. Dec. Jose Anaya (PAY) 19-9

145 Jacob Blair  (MIN) Fall Hayden Andrews (PAY) :37

152 Myles Reichmann (MIN) Fall Trenton LeClaire (PAY) 3:04

160 Nathan Dell (MIN) Dec. Aaron Mages (PAY) 10-8

170 Dalton Friedrichs (MIN) Dec. Seth Vearrier (PAY) 9-7

182 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Fall Chase Boelke (MIN) 2:38

195 Nathan Rankin (MIN) Won by Forfeit

220 Spencer Eisenbraun (PAY) Won by Forfeit

285 Grant Miller (PAY) Won by Forfeit



  1. 11AAA

Jaxon Kenning 138 No. 4

Andy Johnson  170 No. 10

Cody Brott         182 No. 9

Tucker Hugg     220 No. 9


The Crush defeated Central Lakes Conference rival Alexandria 45-28 (9-5). They defeated two Section 8AAA foes at the Moorhead “Spuds” Triangular. They defeated the Spuds 57-21 (10-4) and Buffalo 42-30 (8-6). They were defeated by Section 8AAA rival No. 7AAA ranked Bemidji 45-24 (5-9). Noah Neuman (113), Jaxon Kenning (138), Cody Brott (182) and Sutton Kenning all went 3-0. Jack Hamak (106), Tanner Hugg (126), Aidan Orth (145) and Tucker Hugg (220) all went 2-1. The Crush were without one of their ranked wrestlers for the Moorhead  quad.



106 Jack Hamak (SCC) Dec. Nolan  Fettig (ALEX) 3-1

113 Logan Timm (ALEX) Won by Forfeit

120 Mason  Mcgrane (ALEX) Fall Noah Neuman (SCC) 5:26

126 Tanner Hugg (SCC) Fall Brenden Bryce (ALEX) 3:42

132 Koda Nelson (SCC) Dec. Grayson Timm (ALEX) 7-2

138 Jaxon Kenning (SCC) Fall Isaac Saffert (ALEX) 1:13

145 Blaze Nelson (ALEX) Maj. Dec. Aidian Orth (SCC) 18-6

152 Kelly  Johnson (ALEX) Fall Martin  Bird (SCC) 1:07

160 Sam Long (SCC) Dec. Landon Seward (ALEX) 8-7

170 Mason Teaser (ALEX) Fall Logan Lunceford (SCC) 3:07

182 Cody Brott (SCC) Fall Jackson Saffert (ALE) :26

195 Sutton Kenning (SCC) Fall Gavryn Fernholz (ALEX) 1:42

220 Tucker Hugg (SCC) Fall Luke Maanum (ALEX) 1:39

285 Patrick Njoya (SCC) Fall David Rauscher (ALEX) 1:39


BEMIDJI        45                    ST. CLOUD CRUSH 24

106 Nick Strand (BEM) Fall Jack Hamak (SCC) :42

113 Noah Neuman (SCC) Dec. Gabriel Morin (BEM) 3-1

120 Brody Castonguay (BEM) Won by Forfeit

12 Gavin Osborn (BEM) Dec. Tanner Hugg (SCC) 3-2

132 Hunter Heim (BEM) Dec. Koda Nelson (SCC) 8-6

138 Jaxon Kenning (SCC) Fall Bo Hofstad (BEM) 1:34

145 Aidian Orth (SCC) Fall Jack Solum (BEM) 3:09

152 Dane Jorgensen (BEM) Fall Sam Long (SCC) 1:54

160 Thade Osborn (BEM) Fall Martin  Bird (SCC) :55

170 Seth Newby (BEM) Fall Logan Lunceford (SCC) 1:58

182 Cody Brott (SCC) Dec. Coy Olsen (BEM) 6-3

195 Sutton Kenning (SCC) Dec. Jared Frenzel (BEM) 4:36

220 Nate Schwinghammer (BEM) Dec. Tucker Hugg (SCC) 6-4

285 Thomas  Paquette (BEM) Fall Patrick Njoya (SCC) 1:24


106 Jack Hamak (SCC) Dec. Gabe Roehl (BUF) 11-4

113 Noah Neuman (SCC) Won by Forfeit

120 Tyson Dvorak (BUF) Fall Ethan Brott (SCC)

126 Tanner Hugg (SCC) Dec Aiden Herbst (BUF) 10-6

132 Matthew Carlson (BUF) Dec. Koda Nelson (SCC) 12-10

138 Jaxon Kenning (SCC) Fall Cody Grant (BUF)

145 Aidian Orth (SCC) Won by Forfeit

152 Jacobee Scherber (BUF) Dec. Sam Long (SCC) 5-0

160 Owen Herbst (BUF) Fall Martin Bird (SCC)

170 Jacob Cremers (BUF) Fall Logan Lunceford (SCC) 4:56

182 Cody Brott (SCC) Won by Forfeit

195 Sutton Kenning (SCC) Fall Brennan Halderson (BUF) 4:55

220 Macray Klohs (BUF) Fall Patrick Njoya (SCC) 3:45

285 Tucker Hugg (SCC) Fall Riggs Tuchtenhagen (BUF) 4:35


106 Jack Hamak (SCC) Dec. Croix Mongeau (MHD) 6-1

113 Noah Neuman (SCC) Fall Theron Citrowske (MHD) 3:36

120 Ethan Brott (SCC) Won by Forfeit

126 Tanner Hugg (SCC) Fall Dalton Humeniuk (MHD) 4:21

132 Koda Nelson (SCC) Fall Will Borud (MHD) 1:46

138 Jaxon Kenning (SCC) Fall Jeremy Murray (MHD) 1:02

145 Evan Fankhanel (MHD) Dec. Aidian Orth (SCC) 7-4

152 Lee Ellingsberg (MHD) Fall Martin Bird (SCC) 1:50

160 Sam Long (SCC) Fall Jack Olstad (MHD) 4:15

170 Zack Fankhanel (MHD) Fall Logan Lunceford (SCC) 3:35

182 Cody Brott (SCC) Fall Draeden Prosby (MHD) :44

195 Sutton Kenning (SCC) Won by Forfeit

220 Tucker Hugg (SCC) Fall Moayad Abdi (MHD) 2:20

285 Zion Dyer (MHD) Fall Patrick Njoya (SCC) 2:57




Spencer Johnson 126 No. 4

Dylan Enriquez         132 No. 6

Ashton Lipinski        152 No. 2

Will Budge      195 No. 7


The Sabres were defeated by a Section 7AA foe Milaca 44-30. The Sabres were without two of their top wrestlers in this event as well as last weekend. That would have surely turned around two duals from last Saturday too.  The Sabres split their duals at their home triangular; they defeated AAA Lean and Mean and Central Lakes Conference rivals Brainerd 48-28 (9-5) their Section 8AAA rivals. They were defeated by Section 8AAA and Central Lakes Conference Willmar 46-21 (9-5). The Cardinals are No. 8AAA ranked, going 2-0 for the Sabres were: Dutch Nordby (132), Dylan Enriquez (138), Kaden Brooks (145), Calen O’Connell (160) and Will Budge (195). The Sabres had one of their state ranked wrestlers back, but they were still with out one of them. The Sabres went 1-2 at the Sargent Michael Carlson Memorial Duals with a big win over Cretin Durham Hall 77-6. They were defeated by the No. 2AAA ranked Stillwater 61-9 and by AAA Lean and Mean Wayzata 50-21. Spencer Johnson (126) went 3-0, Alex Hendrickson (106), Dylan Enriquez (138), Kaden Brooks (145), Calen O’Connell (160) and Will Budge (195) all went 2-1.



106 Lincoln Starr (MFC) Fall Alexander Hendrickson (SSS) 1:53

113 Julian Morris (SSS) Fall Cole Hawker (MFC) 4:41

120 Austin Linder (MFC) Dec. Zaccory Anderson (SSS) 5-2

126 Spencer Johnson (SSS) Fall Nicholas Reese (MFC) 2:44

132 Dutch Nordby (SSS) Fall Chase Van Donsel (MFC) 5:50

138 Dylan Enriquez (SSS) Fall Jack Schoenborn (MFC) 1:44

145 Kaden Brooks (SSS) Fall Seth Noack (MFC) 3:57

152 Caleb Sahlstrom (MFC) Maj. Dec. Ryan Joyce (SSS) 13-1

160 Clay Anderson (MFC) Fall Larkin Lang (SSS) 5:07

170 Jack Nord (MFC) Dec. Calen O`Connell (SSS) 10-4

182 Jack Hanson (MFC) Maj. Dec. Donovan Lund (SSS) 16-2

195 Hunter Bockoven (MFC) Fall Ben Karasch (SSS)  5:15

220 Colbee Zens (MFC) Won by Forfeit

285 Logan Ash (MFC) Fall Tucker Mugg (SSS) :17


SARTELL-ST. STEPHEN      48     BRAINERD                   28

106 Alex Hendickson (SSS) Won by Forfeit

113 Easton Dircks (BR) Fall Julian Morris (SSS) 1:20

120 Isaiah Germann (BR) Maj. Dec. Zac Anderson (SSS) 14-0

126 Spencer Johnson (SSS)            Fall Cade Ostrowski (BR) 3:21

132 Dutch Norby (SSS) Dec. Elijah Germann (BR) 12-5

138 Dylan Enriquez (SSS) Dec. Isaiah Jillson (BR) 10-7

145 Kaden Brooks (SSS) Fall Hunter Berlin (BR) :32

152 Gabe Wagner (BR)       Fall Ryan Joyce (SSS) 4:43

160 Larkin Lang (SSS) Won by Forfeit

170 Calen O’Connell (SSS) Fall Adam Cox Jr. (BR) 2:48

182 Shane Carlson (BR) Fall Cyrus Post (SSS) :22

195 Donovan Lund (SSS) Fall Ethan Kosloski (BR) :38

220 Will Budge (BR) Won by Forfeit

285 Dalton Barrett (BR) Fall Tucker Mugg (SSS) :35



106 Cavin Carlson (WIL) Fall Alex Hendrickson (SSS) 3:13

112 Ivan Mares (WIL) Fall Julian Morris (SSS) :45

120 Sulley Anez (WIL) Tech. Fall Zac Anderson (SSS) 3:41

126 Conlan Carlson (WIL) Dec. Spencer Johnson (SSS) 9-4

132 Dutch Norby (SSS) Fall Eric Garcia (WIL) 5:06

138 Dylan Enriquez (SSS) Fall Cameron Champagne (WIL) 1:33

145 Kaden Brooks (SSS) Dec. Jorge Zelaya Velasquez (WIL) 2-1

152 Braeden Erickson (WIL) Tech. Fall Ryan Joyce (SSS) 3:24

160 Calen O’Connell (SSS) Dec. Joe Kallevig (WIL) 11-7

170 Jonas Anez (WIL) Fall Larkin Lang (SSS) 2:44

182 Jacob Leiva (WIL) Fall Donovan Lund (SSS) 3:43

195 Will Budge (SSS) Dec. Romero Trevino (WIL) 5-1

220 Mason Swanson (WIL) Won by Forfeit

285 Lonnie Sanchez (WIL) Dec. Tucker Mugg (SSS) 5-3


SARTELL-ST. STEPHEN     77        CRETIN DERHAM HALL               6

106 Alexander Hendrickson (SSS) Fall Sam Morford (CDH) 1:40

113 Julian Morris (SSS) Won by Forfeit

120 Zaccory Anderson (SSS) Won by Forfeit

126 Spencer Johnson (SSS) Fall Liam McLay (CDH) :49

132 Dutch Nordby (SSS) Fall Mickey Piazza (CDH) :56

138 Dylan Enriquez (SSS) Tech. Fall Justice Linton (CDH)

145 Kaden Brooks (SSS) Fall Jack Welsch (CDH) 2:40

152 Ryan Joyce (SSS) Fall Nick Wood (CDH) 1:30

160 Calen O`Connell (SSS) Fall Ben Tallman (CDH) :24

170 Larkin Lang (SSS) Won by Forfeit

182 Will Budge (SSS) Fall Justin Benz (CDH) 1:08

195 Donovan Lund (SSS) Fall Jaziel Enriquez (CDH) :53

220 Joseph Piazza (CDH) Won by Forfeit

285 Tucker Mugg (SSS) Fall Michael Bougie (CDH) 1:48


WAYZATA                50        SARTELL-ST. STEPHEN                 21

106 Alexander Hendrickson (SSS) Maj. Dec. Maddie Alexander (WAY) 15-5

113 Luke Koenen (WAY) Fall Julian Morris (SSS) 1:15

120 Cohen Hoffman (WAY) Dec. Zaccory Anderson (SSS) 5-0

126 Spencer Johnson (SSS) Tech. Fall Sean Feiten (WAY)

132 Elijah Wald (WAY) Fall Dutch Nordby (SSS) 1:10

138 Dylan Enriquez (SSS) Dec. Charles Petit (WAY) 3-0

145 Kyler Wong (WAY) Tech. Fall Kaden Brooks (SSS)

152 Caleb Wald (WAY) Fall Ryan Joyce (SSS) 1:41

160 Calen O`Connell (SSS) Fall David Fabel (WAY) 3:40

170 Isaiah Schmitz (WAY) Default Larkin Lang (SSS)

182 Adam Cherne (WAY) Fall Donovan Lund (SSS) 2:43

195 Will Budge (SSS) Dec. Chase Ullom (WAY) 3-0

220 Dominic Heim (WAY) Won by Forfeit

285 Ray Halldorson (WAY) Fall Tucker Mugg (SSS) 1:02


STILLWATER           61        SARTELL-ST. STEPHEN                9

106 Aiden Mincey (STW) Fall Alexander Hendrickson (SSS) 3:56

113 Mikey Jelinek (STW) Fall Julian Morris (SSS) 1:35

120 Sam Bethke (STW) Fall Zaccory Anderson (SSS) 1:59

126 Spencer Johnson (SSS) Dec. Jesse Welter (STW) 17-14

132 Cittadino Tuttle (STW) Dec. Dutch Nordby (SSS) 9-4

138 Owen Bouthilet (STW) Dec. Dylan Enriquez (SSS) 3-2

145 Kaden Brooks (SSS) Fall Otto Hanlon (STW) 3:51

152 Keaton Urbanski (STW) Maj. Dec. Ryan Joyce (SSS) 11-1

160 Mack Carlson (STW) Dec. Calen O`Connell (SSS) 4-3

170 Hunter Lyden (STW) Fall Larkin Lang (SSS)) 1:05

182 Ryder Rogotzke (STW) Fall Donovan Lund (SSS) 2:54

195 Zachariah Hunter (STW) Fall Will Budge (SSS) 1:51

220 Jawahn Cockfield (STW)  Won by Forfeit

285 Antony Tuttle (STW) Fall Tucker Mugg (SSS) 1:20





Teams: Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena, Deer River, CI, Holdingford

Start Time: 5:00









Teams: Glencoe-Silver Lake, New London-Spicer, Kimball Area



Teams: Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, WCA, Royalton-Upsala



Teams: Albany, LPGE/BR, Paynesville Area, Eden Valley-Watkins



Teams: Delano, AN/ML, Rocori

Start Time: 5:00



Teams: Eden Prairie, Buffalo, Sartell-St. Stephen

Start Time: 5:00






Teams: Milaca-Faith Christian, Ortonville, Paynesville Area, Holdingford




Teams: Crosby-Ironton, Pierz, Albany

Start Time: 5:00



Teams: Rocori, Becker, HLWW

Start Time: 5:00



Teams: Alexandria, Fergus Falls, Sartell-St. Stephen

Start Time: 5:00







Teams: Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, Kimball Area, Royalton-Upsala, Holdingford, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, Eden Valley-Watkins, Paynesville Area, Minnewaska Area, Morris Area, Dawson-Boyd United, Benson, BOLD, SCM.

Start Time: TBA



Teams: Delano, Edina, Mille Lacs, Satin Agnes, Holdingford



Teams: Benson, Blaine, Coon Rapids, Eagan, Elk River, Foley, Rosemount

Start Time 8:00



Teams: Lakeville South, Centennial, St. Cloud Crush

Start Time: 9:00

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