We will include from the Central Lakes Conference: Sartell Sabres, Sauk Rapids Storm, St. Cloud Tech Crush and Rocori Spartans. From the Granite Ridge Conference: Albany Huskies, Foley Falcons and Little Falls Flyers, Becker Bulldogs from the Mississippi 8 Conference and Annandale/Maple Lake Lightning from the Wright County Conference. From the Central Minnesota Conference the Belgrade-Brooten Elrosa Jaguars, Eden Valley Watkins Eagles, Kimball Area Cubs, Holdingford Huskers, Paynesville Bulldogs and Royalton/Upsala Royals.

We will bring you the individual results of the duals and Individual tournaments of all sixteen teams. Also the list of upcoming of events, current state ratings and conference standings. You can get more of your wrestling news and results at my BLOG SITE: MEDIA CENTRAL MINNESOTA MAT RATS By Roger Mischke listed under resources in the Guillotine for more on Section and Conference previews and Bi-weekly columns thru out the season.

The Bulldogs defeated three Mississippi 8 Conference foes with big wins over Chisago Lakes 71-6, North Branch 83-0 and conference rival and their neighbors Monticello 66-12. In the triangular at Monticello they had thirteen go 2-0. Bennett Kujawa (106), Blayne Kuschel (113), Tyler Hall (120), Nolan Jurek (1226), Kaden Nicolas (132), Landen Kujawa (138), Drew May (145), Ethan Duncombe (152), Adam Jurek (160), Owen Angell (170), Dylan Weber (182), Tyson Ricker (195) and Lance Lysdal (220/285). The Bulldogs earned second place at the St. Cloud “Kiffmeyer” Duals with big wins over Sauk Rapids-River 81-0, AAA Cambridge-Isanti 57-14. They were defeated by the No. 3AA ranked New Prague for the championship 42-20. Kaden Nicolas (126), Landen Kujawa (132) and Tyson Ricker (220) all went 3-0, Drew May (138), Ethan Duncombe (152), Adam Jurek (160) and Owen Angell (170/182) all went 2-1 and Dylan Weber (182) and Aiden Golley (195) both went 2-0. Special Note: Kaden Nicolas 126 Pounds 10th grade won his 100th Career Match.

106 Lawson Eller (NP) Maj. Dec. Bennett Kujawa (BEC) 12-0
113 Kyle McCarhty (NP) Dec. Tyler Hall (BEC) 3-2
120 Isaac Pumper (NP) Dec. Nolan Jurek (BEC) 6-4 OT
126 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Tech. Fall Cody Thompson (NP) 3:30
132 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Maj. Dec. Brandon Michel (NP) 17-4
138 Cole Hermann (NP) Dec. Drew May (BEC) 4-2
145 Koy Buesgens (NP) Fall Nolan Muellner (BEC) 1:01
152 Colton Bornholdt (NP) Tech. Fall Ethan Duncombe (BEC) No Time
160 Evan Farley (NP) Dec. Adam Jurek (BEC) 3-2
170 Brady Westall (NP) Dec. Dylan Weber (BEC) 6-1
182 Owen Angell (BEC) Fall Owen Johnson (NP) 1:13
195 Joey Novak (NP) Won by Forfeit
220 Tyson Ricker (BEC) Fall Peyton Ellgren (NP) 5:26
285 Luke Jacobson (NP) Won by Forfeit

106 Boston Kuschel (BEC) Fall Wyatt Wald (FOL) 2:31
112 Tyler Hall (BEC) Fall Grady Jennissen (CBI) 3:08
120 Leo Edblad (CBI) Maj. Dec. Nolan Jurek (BEC) 13-3
126 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Fall Blaine Wald (CBI) :43
132 Ryan Boecker (BEC) Fall Austin Wood (CBI) 1:43
138 Landon Kujawa (BEC) Fall Quinton Harvey (CBI) 1:35
145 Drew May (BEC) Fall Maverick Hendrickson (CBI) 5:30
152 Ethan Duncombe (BEC) Maj. Dec. Keith Hout (CBI) 20-7
160 Adam Jurek (BEC) Tech. Fall Jacob Henderson (CBI) No Time. Given
170 Treytin Byers (CBI) Maj. Dec. Owen Angel (BEC) 17-6
182 Dylan Weber (BEC) Dec. Shawn Henderson (CBI) 7-0
195 Aiden Golley (BEC) Dec. Griffin Kostecka (CBI) 7-2
220 Tyson Ricker (BEC) Fall Dillon Sommerfield (CBI) 4:21
285 Brady Andersen (CBI)Won by Forfeit

Becker 75 Sauk Rapids-Rice 0
106 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Won by Forfeit
113 Blayne Kuschel (BEC) fall John Pesta (SRR)
120 Jackson Fischer (BEC) Fall Alex Walden (SRR) 2:39
126 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Won by Forfeit
132 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Won by Forfeit
138 Drew May (BEC) Fall Jack Barz (SRR) :56
145 Jake Rosenow (BEC) Fall Dylahn Nagel (SRR) :42
152 Ethan Duncombe (BEC) Dec. Kieran Hixson (SRR) 7-1
160 Adam Jurek (BEC) Won by Forfeit
170 Owen Angell (BEC) Won by Forfeit
182 Dylan Weber (BEC) Won by Forfeit
195 Aiden Golley (BEC) Won by Forfeit
220 Tyson Ricker (BEC) Fall Carter Koltes (SRR) 5:04
285 Landon McChesney (BEC) Won by Forfeit

106 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Maj. Dec. Caleb Kalenbach (AN/ML) 15-4
113 Blayne Kuschel (BEC) Fall Nichols Friedrichs (MONT) :58
120 Tyler Hall (BEC) Fall Keegan Ellstrom (MONT) 1:18
126 Nolan Jurek (BEC) Fall Rate Brown (MONT) 1:27
132 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Fall Evan Gehrke (MONT) 3:34
138 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Tech. Fall Mason Brown (MONT) No Time Given
145 Drew May (BEC) Fall Bryce Schoen (MONT) :51
152 Ethan Duncombe (BEC) Fall Joe Gleason (MONT) 2:45
160 Adam Jurek (BEC) Fall Griffen Fieldseth (MONT) 4:40
170 Owen Angel (BEC) Fall Wyatt Witschen (MONT) :30
182 Dylan Weber (BEC) De. Mason Bauer (MONT) 7-2
195 Tyson Ricker (BEC) Fall Mason Smith (MONT) 4:19
220 Christopher Perez (MONT) Default Lance Lysdal (BEC)
285 Ben Bauer (MONT) Won by Forfeit

106 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Fall Jack Baker (NB) 3:22
113 Blayne Kuschel (BEC) Won by Forfeit
120 Tyler Hall (BEC) Fall Ethan Kester (NB) :41
126 Nolan Jurek (BEC) Won by Forfeit
132 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Tech. Fall Michael Thao (NB) No Time Given
138 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Won by Forfeit
145 Drew May (BEC) Won by Forfeit
152 Ethan Duncombe (BEC) Fall Tanner Cummings (NB) 1:46
160 Adam Jurek (BEC) Won by Forfeit
170 Angel Owen (BEC) Won by Forfeit
182 Aiden Golley (BEC) Fall Leonardo Santos (NB) 3:17
195 Dylan Weber (BEC) Won by Forfeit
220 Tyson Ricker (BEC) Won by Forfeit
285 Lance Lysdal (BEC) Fall Karson Gariepy (NB) 1:15

106 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Won by Forfeit
113 Andrew Fischer (BEC) Maj. Dec. Tayden Morley (GL) 15-4
120 Jackson Fischer (BEC) Won by Forfeit
126 Nolan Jurek (BEC) Tech. Fall Riley Palmer (CL) No Time Given
132 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Fall Franklin Stark (CL) 2:113
138 Landon Kujawa (BEC) Fall Braxton Bender-Ehlke (CL) 1:11
145 Drew May (BEC) Won by Forfeit
152 Ethan Duncombe (BEC) Fall Brycen Morley (CL) 5:31
160 Adam Jurek (BEC) Tech. Fall Michael Amos (CL) No Time Given
170 Owen Angell (BEC) Fall Stephen Weiss (CL) :41
182 Aiden Golley (BEC) Won by Forfeit
195 Dylan Weber (BEC) Dec. Connor Frederixon (CL) 6-0
220 Tyson Ricker (BEC) Won by Forfeit
285 Chuck Gilman (CL) Fall Lance Lysdal (BEC) 5:14

The Lighting defeated Section 6AA foe Rockford 78-6. The Lightning had a good team performance with thirteen earning medals for 185.5 points to earn second place at the Alexandria “Big Ole” Tournament. Noah Gindele (132/4-1) won their lone championship, Cassen Brumm (106/17-2), Xavier Jones (120/15-4), Carson Cooper (160/9-6) and Nathan Klatt (220/14-5) all earned second place. Ayden Fitzgerald (126/12-5), Jack Nilson (138/7-6), Cole LaFave (152/11-5) and Shay McClory (182/13-6) all earned third place. Porter Pribyl (106/12-3) and Carter Courtright (195/6-7) both earned fourth place, Wesley Zuelke (113/4-5) earned fifth place and Riley Hill-Forbes (126) took sixth place.

The Falcons split duals at their home triangular, they defeated AA Aitkin 40-31 and they dropped a very close on to BHV/PP 35-34. Tyler Wilhemi (126), Noah Brunn (138), Cole Rudnitski (152), William Gutormson (160) and Alex Jennissen (170) all went 2-0. The Falcons went 2-1 at their home quadrangular. They defeated Section 6AA foe Zimmerman 81-0 and Granite Ridge Conference neighbors Milaca-Faith-Christian 38-26. They were defeated by No. 9AA Pequot Lake/Pine River-BACKUS 39-27. Cyler Ruhoff (120), Wyatt Wall (132), William Gutormson (160), Alex Jennissen (170) al went 3-0. Jake DesMariais (106), Cole Rundiski (152) and Aiden Micholski (195) all went 2-1 and Wyatt Lueck (138) went 2-0. The Falcons earned fifth place at the St. Cloud “Kiffmeyer” Duals with win so ver St. Cloud Crush 48-33 and Kimball Area 64-15. They were defeated by AAA Lean and Mean Willmar 51-18. Jacob DeMarais (106, Cole Rudnitski (152) and Alex Jennissen (160/170) all went 3-0 and Hunter Wilhelmi (113), Cyler Ruhoff (120), Noah Burn (138) and Gavin Owen (220) all went 2-1.

106 Jacob DeMarais (FOL) Fall Ryder Schwieters (KIM) :20
113 Hunter Wilhelmi (FOL) Fall Connor Carlson (KIM) 3:19
120 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Tech Fall William Serbus (KIM) 24-8
126 Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) Dec. Wyatt Wall (FOL) 6-0
132 Tyler Wilhelmi (FOL) Fall Isaac Kuseske (KIM) :22
138 Noah Brunn (FOL) Fall Frank Schiefelbein (KIM) 5:00
145 William Gutormson (FOL) Fall Blake Brutger (KIM) 5:43
152 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Fall James Schiefelbein (KIM) 1:08
160 Weston Harris (FOL) Won by Forfeit
170 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Tech Fall Caden Guggisberg (KIM) 22-7
182 Hank Meyer (KIM) Fall Aiden Micholski (FOL) 1:11
195 Garret Rosenow (KIM) Fall Mason Rice (FOL) 2:00
220 Gavin Owen (FOL) Won by Forfeit
285 Joe Prom (FOL) Won by Forfeit

106 Jacob DeMarais (FOL) Fall Kendall Booker (SCT) 3:20
113 Hunter Wilhelmi (FOL) Fall Grady Doering (SCT) :21
120 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Fall Connor Frederiksen (SCT) 1:48
126 Noah Neuman (SCT) Fall Wyatt Wall (FOL) 3:41
132 Wyatt Lueck (FOL) Mustafa Abshir (SCT) 1:38
138 Noah Brunn (FOL) Fall Jaden Dombrovski (SCT) 6:48
145 Tanner Hugg (SCT) William Gutormson (FOL) 6-1
152 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Fall Aiden Marin (SCT) :32
160 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Fall Daniel Hughes (SCT) :30
170 Sam Long (SCT) Fall Weston Haris (FOL) :29
182 Adam Micholski (FOL) Fall Logan Lunceford (SCT) 2:53
195 Sutton Kenning (SCT) Fall Mason Rice (FOL) 1:32
220 Derrick Cox-Payton (SCT) Fall Gavin Owen (FOL) 1:18
285 Tucker Hugg (SCT) Fall Joe Prom (FOL) 3:10

106 Jacob DeMarais (FOL) Maj. Dec. Wyatt Cruze (WIL) 12-0
113 Lawson Anez (WIL) Fall Hunter Wilhelmi (FOL) 3:26
120 Cavin Carlson (WIL) Dec. Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) 5-0
126 Ivan Mares (WIL) Maj. Dec. Wyatt Wall (FOL) 14-5
132 Sulley Anez (WIL) Tech Fall Wyatt Lueck (FOL) 16-0
138 Conlan Carlson (WIL) Fall Noah Brunn (FOL) 1:40
145 Cameron Champagne (WIL) Fall William Gutormson (FOL) 3:47
152 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Maj. Dec. Isaac Zelaya-Velasquez (WIL) 12-1
160 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Maj. Dec. Mattix Swanson (WIL) 19-7
170 Braeden Erickson (WIL) Fall Weston Harris (FOL) 1:29
182 Steven Cruze (WIL) Fall Mason Rice (FOL) 1:22
195 Romero Trevino (WIL) Dec. Aiden Micholski (FOL) 6-5
220 Gavin Owen (FOL) Fall Zander Miska (WIL) 3:34
285 Daunte Castellano (WIL) Fall Joe Prom (FOL) 1:32

106 Wyatt Britz (FOL) Won by Forfeit
113 Jacob DeMarais (FOL) Won by Forfeit
120 Hunter Wilhelmi (FOL) Dec. Jacob McGuire (AITK) 3-0
126 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Maj. Dec. John Pelarski (AITK) 17-6
132 Wyatt Wall (FOL) Fall Jackson Cline (AITK) 5:53
138 Nathan Trotter (AITK) Dec. Noah Brunn (FOL) 7-2
145 Kenny Erickson (AITK) Maj. Dec. Cayden Hansmeier (FOL) 13-3
152 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Dec. Walker Jones (AITK) 9-5
160 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Fall Hayden Workman (AITK) 1:40
170 Jack Grell (AITK) Fall Weston Harris (FOL) 1:15
182 Jacob Williams (AITK) Fall Tyson Sullivan (FOL) :39
195 Kane Beirne (AITK) Won by Forfeit
220 Gavin Owen (FOL) Won by Forfeit
285 Craig Ashton (AITK) Fall Joe Prom (FOLE) 1:11

106 Hunter Truax (BHV/PP) Maj. Dec. Wyatt Britz (FOL) 11-3
113 Orran Hart (BHV/PP) Maj. Dec. Jacob DeMarais (FOL) 13-0
120 Justin Olson (BHV/PP) Dec. Hunter Wilhelmi (FOL) 9-3
126 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Tech. Fall Evan Jares (BHV/PP) No Time Given
132 Bennet Arceneau (BHV/PP) Dec. Wyatt Wall (FOL) 7-2
138 Noah Brunn (FOL) Fall Tanner Schulze (BHV/PP) 3:03
145 David Revering (BHV/PP) Fall Cayden Hansmeier (FOL) 2:48
152 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Tech. Fall Blake Sumstad (BHV/PP) No Time Given
160 William Gutormson (FOL) Won by Forfeit
170 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Fall Cayden Kimber (BHV/PP) 3:12
182 Justin Koehn (BHV/PP) Fall Tyson Sullivan (FOL) :40
195 Zach Mmak (BHV/PP) Won by Forfeit
220 Braden Shamp (BHV/PP) Dec. Gavin Owen (FOL) 5-3
285 Joe Prom (FOL) Fall Zach Bosman (BHV/PP) 2:55

106 Trevor Homberg (PLPR-B) Dec. Jacob DeMarias (FOL) 10-4
113 Parker Zutter (PLPR-B) Fall Wyatt Britz (FOL) 1:20
120 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Won by Forfeit
126 Easton Miller (PLPR-B) Fall Zane Moulzolf (FOL) 2:31
132 Wyatt Wall (FOL) Dec. Sean Kilpatrick (PLPR-B) 7-4
138 Wyatt Lueck (FOL) Dec. Caleb Swenson (PLPR-B) 5-0
145 Brady Ruhl (PLPR-B) Dec. Noah Brunn (FOL) 1-0
152 Chance Abraham (PLPR-B) Dec. Cole Rudnitski (FOL) 9-3
160 William Gutormson (FOL) Dec. Grant Thompson (PLPR-B) 7-5
170 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Fall Paxton Goddard (PLPR-B) 1:41
182 Trey Tuchtenhagen (PLPR-B) Fall Weston Harris (FOL) 2:51
195 Aiden Micholski (FOL) Fall Katrin Hulke (PLPR-B) 2:51
220 Corbin Knapp (PLPR-B) Fall Gavin Owen (FOL) 1:49
285 Riley Peters (PLPR-B) Fall Joe Prom (FOL) :32

106 Jacob DeMarais (FOL) Fall Robert Gerisch (MFC) No Time Given
113 Lincoln Starr (MFC) Dec. Wyatt Britz (FOL) 6-2
120 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Won by Forfeit
126 Hunter Wilhelmi (FOL) Dec. Austin Linder (MFC) 4-2
132 Wyatt Wall (FOL) Maj. Dec. Nicholas Reese (MFC) 12-4
138 Noah Brunn (FOL) Fall Rollie Steinbrecher (MFC) :47
145 Jack Schoenborn (MFC) Maj.Dec. Cayden Hansmeier (FOL) 16-7
152 William Gutormson (FOL) Fall Tommy Smith (MFC) 1:16
160 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Dec. Caleb Sahlstrom (MFC) 5-2
170 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Maj. Dec. Clay Anderson (MFC) 13-4
182 Jack Nord (MFC) Fall Weston Harris (FOL) 3:04
195 Jack Hanson (MFC) Maj. Dec. Aiden Micholski (FOL) 17-9
220 Colbee Zens (MFC) Fall Gavin Owen (FOL) 4:59
285 Logan Ash (MFC) Dec. Joe Prom (FOL) 5-1
106 Jacob DeMarais (FOL) Fall Zander Spitzmueller (ZIM) 1:22
113 Wyatt Britz (FOL) Won by Forfeit
120 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Fall Beau Dipprey (ZIM) 2:30
126 Zane Moulzolf (FOL) Dec. Christopher Belair (ZIM) 11-10
132 Wyatt Wall (FOL) Won by Forfeit
138 Wyatt Lueck (FOL) Won by Forfeit
145 Noah Brunn (FOL) Fall Sam Miller (ZIM) 1:55
152 William Gutormson (FOL) Won by Forfeit
160 Cole Rudnitski (FOL) Won by Forfeit
170 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Won by Forfeit
182 Weston Harris (FOL) Won by Forfeit
195 Aiden Micholski (FOL) Won by Forfeit
220 Gavin Owen (FOL) Fall Brooks Howard (ZIM) 1:19
285 Joe Prom (FOL) Won by Forfeit

The Spartans a good week with three big dual meet wins; they defeated Section 6AA foe Zimmerman 57-18. At their home triangular on Parents Night they had two big wins over Little Falls 37-29 and their neighbor Albany 63-9. Zac Humbert (106), Mason Moscho (113), Kameron Moscho (120), Jack Major (126), Anthony Rodriquez (160), Mason Orth (182) and Grady Minnerath (220) all went 2-0.

106 Zac Humbert (ROC) Dec. Zander Spitzmueller (ZIM) 6-4
113 Mason Moscho (ROC) Won by Forfeit
120 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Dec. Beau Dipprey (ZIM) 12-7
126 Christopher Belair (ZIM) Fall Ryder Kremers (ROC) :16
132 Jack Major (ROC) Fall Josiah Johnson (ZIM) :15
138 Sawyer Minnerath (ROC) Fall Cole Campbell (ZIM) 2:08
145 Sam Miller (ZIM) Won by Forfeit
152 Evan Moscho (ROC) Won By Forfeit
160 Anthony Rodriguez (ROC) Won by Forfeit
170 Nathan Soldner (ROC) Won by Forfeit
182 Christian Rodriguez (ROC) Won by Forfeit
195 Mason Orth (ROC) Dec. Brooks Howard (ZIM) 11-6
220 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Won by Forfeit
285 Stone Schmidt (ZIM) Fall Darryn Richardson (ROC) :08

106 Zach Humbert (ROC) Dec. Brady McLennan (PRIN) 12-10
113 Levi Thompson (PRIN) Maj. Dec. Kameron Moscho (ROC) 10-0
120 Mason Moscho (ROC) Dec. Chris McLennan (PRIN) 3-2
126 Ryder Kremers (ROC) Dec. Brendan Marstein (PRIN) 9-4
132 Jack Major (ROC) Dec. James Kohl (PRIN) 6-3
138 Tyler Wells (ROC) Won by Forfeit
145 Isaac Thompson (PRIN) Falls Sawyer Minnerath (ROC) 1:11
152 Ethan Ballweber (PRIN) Dec. Evan Moscho (ROC) 10-4
160 Noah Vanderbeek (PRIN) Fall Anthony Brown (ROC) 3:06
170 Dalton Vanderbeek (PRIN) Fall Nathan Soldner (ROC) 4:31
182 Mason Orth (ROC) Dec. Will Schultz III (PRIN) 6-4
195 Bryce Haubenschild (PRIN) Maj. Dec. Christian Rodriquez (ROC) 15-1
220 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Won by Forfeit
285 Kevin Boeke (PRIN) Dec. Darren Richardson (ROC) 6-2

106 Zac Humbert (ROC) Dec. Blake Iverson (ALB) 4-1
113 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Fall Nathan Kollmann (ALB) 3:59
120 Mason Moscho (ROC) Maj. Dec. Bert Schulte (ALB) 15-3
126 Ryder Kremers (ROC) Won by Forfeit
132 Jack Major (ROC) Dec. Carson Holthaus (ALB) 3-0
138 Sawyer Minnerath (ROC) Fall Dylan Hoffarth (ALB) 3:22
145 Owen Carlson (ALB) Won by Forfeit
152 Mason Plumski (ALB) Dec. Evan Moscho (ROC) 7-6
160 Anthony Rodriguez (ROC) Fall Maverick Kotschevar (ALB) 3:19
170 Nathan Soldner (ROC) Tech. fall Cooper Brinkman (ALB) No Time Given
182 Mason Orth (ROC) Won by Forfeit
195 Christian Rodriguez (ROC) Won by Forfeit
220 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Won by Forfeit
285 Darren Richardson (ROC) Won by Forfeit

The Huskies dropped a pair of duals at the Rocori “Spartans” Triangular; to their neighbors Rocori 63-9 and Granite Ridge Conference rivals Little Falls 59-12. Owen Carlson (145) and Mason Plumski (152) both went 2-0. The Huskies earned seven medals at the Minnewaska “Lakers” tournament; Mason Plumski (152/13-8) earned third place, Owen Carlson (145/17-5), Carson Holthaus (132/14-7) and Nathan Kollmann (113) all earned fourth place. Blake Iverson (106), Jimmy Carlisle (126/9-10) both earned fifth place and Ace Donabauer (160) took sixth place.

The Storm dropped a pair of Central Lakes Conference duals at the Sartell “Sabres” triangular. They were defeated by Sartell 66-15 and the St. Cloud Crush 57-14. Vance Barz (126/132) and Kieran Hixson (152) both went 2-0. The Storm were defeated by No. 3AA ranked Backer 81-0, St. Cloud Crush 48-21 and by Kimball Area 66-6 at the St. Cloud “Kiffmeyer” duals. Jack Barz (138) and Kieran Hixson (152) both went 2-0.

The Huskers defeated a pair of foes at the Kimball Area “Cubs” Triangular, they defeated Central Minnesota Conference rivals Kimball 55-13. They defeated a Section 4A foe Sibley East 64-3. Lane Patrick (106/113), Wyatt Novitzki (120), Evan Petron (126), Masyn Patrick (132), William Pilarski (145/152), Drew Lange (160/170), Jaxon Bartkowicz (182/195) and Blake Scegura (220) all went 2-0. The Huskers defended their title at the Freshman state qualifier with a pair of wins over a pair of Class AA teams Foley 52-16 in the semifinals and Pierz 38-18 to earn the championship. Wyatt Pilarski, Lane Patrick, Simon Boeckman, Kolton Harren and Jaxon Bartkowicz all went 2-0 at the freshman duals. The Huskers went 4-3 at the Bemidji “Rick Lee” Memorial duals. This field of teams have seven state ranked ranked teams included. Special Note: The Huskers were without one of their state ranked wrestlers. The Huskers defeated AAA Brainerd 36-30, United North Central 55-18, AA Thief River Falls 42-27 and Tracy-Milroy (38-30). They were defeated by Frazee 36-27, Section 7A rival LPGE/BR 35-34, and AAA Bemidji 32-18. Wyatt Pilarski (113), Masyn Patrick (132) and Will Pilarski (145) all went 6-1. Wyatt Novitzki (120) and Jaxon Bartkowicz (182) both went 5-2 and Drew Lange (160) and Kolton Harren (170) both went 4-3. Special Note: Wyatt Novitzki (120 Pounds) 10th Won hits 75th Career Match.

106 Casey Knettel (HOLD) Dec. Tanner Johnson (SE) 8-6
113 Lane Patrick (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
120 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Dec. Benito Diaz (SE) 9-4
126 Evan Petron (HOLD) Dec. Christian Sotelo (SE) 6-0
132 Masyn Patrick (HOLD) Dec. Josh Sotelo (SE) 3-0
138 Kashton Black (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
145 Grant Welle (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
152 William Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Owen Utendorfer (SE) 5:30
160 Drew Lange (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Jathen Mendoza (SE) 9-1
170 Kolten Harren (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
182 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
195 Blake Scegura (HOLD) Fall Chris Onofire (SE) 4:44
220 Cyril Feia (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
285 Gabriel Godinez (SE) Dec. Wyatt Miller (HOLD) 4-3

106 Casey Knettel (HOLD) Fall Ryder Schweiters (KIM) 1:04
113 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Connor Carlson (KIM) 2:41
120 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Won by Forfeit
126 Evan Petron (HOLD) Dec. William Serbus (KIM) 6-2
132 Masyn Patrick (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) 10-0
138 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) Fall Mason Danelke (KIM) 3:05
145 William Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Frank Schiefelbein (KIM) 1:55
152 Blake Brutger (KIM) Dec. Grant Welle (HOLD) 14-5
160 Drew Lange (HOLD) Dec. Logan Kuseske (KIM) 7-1
170 Gaden Guggisberg (KIM) Dec. Kolton Harren (HOLD) 5-2
182 Jaxon Barkowicz (HOLD) Dec. Hank Meyer (KIM) 4-2
195 Haden Rosenow (KIM) Won by Forfeit
220 Blake Scegura (HOLD) Fall Garrett Rosenow (KIM) 1:07
285 Wyatt Miller (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

The Royals defeated a pair of foes at the Staples-Motley “Cardinal” triangular, they defeated AA Little Falls 35-33 and Section 7A rivals Staples-Motley 54-16. Tucker Simmons (120), Alex Diederich (132), Sawyer Simmons (152), Nick Leibold (160), Bryce Holm (220) and Brandon Mugg (285) all went 2-0. The Royals defeated Section 7A foe Deer River 50-17. The Royals had a good team performance by earning fourteen medals for 153.5 points to to take second place behind Class A Lean and Mean Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale/PP. They were with out two of their state ranked wrestlers for this event. Lane Olson (126/17-5), Bryce Holm (220/16-3) and Brandon Mugg (285/28-5) all earned championships. Tucker Simmons (113/14-8), Johnathon Bzdok (132/8-4), Brady Yourczek (138/11-8), Will Gorecki (145/13-3) Nick Leibold (160/13-7), Jake Leners (170/8-10) and Drew Yourczek (182) all earned second place. Kaden Holm (195/13-9) and Rex Revior (182) both earned third place, Marcus Hayes (106) earned fourth place. Adonijah Ripple (106) and Spencer Novitzki (126) both earned fifth place.

106 Marcus Hayes (R/U) Dec. Ryan Vogt (LF) 8-2
113 Adonijah Ripple (R/U) Dec. Ethan Zellers (LF) 12-10
120 Tucker Simmons (R//U) Fall Cassidy Okerman (LF) :55
126 Mason Rausch (LF) Dec. Lane Olson (R/U 7-6
132 Alex Diederich (R/U) Dec. Joey Wilczek (LF) 7-3
138 Noah Cameron (LF) Fall Johnathon Bzdok (R/U) 1:27
145 Abe Anez (LF) Fall Logan Nundahl (R/U) (3:30
152 Sawyer Simmons (R/U) Maj. Dec. Wyatt Baum (LF) 9-0
160 Nicholas Leibold (R/U) Maj. Dec. Hunter Ramsdell (LF) 16-5
170 Ryan Kloeckl (LF) Fall Jake Leners (R/U) 2:39
182 Ivan Petrich (LF) Fall Rex Revior (R/U) 1:55
195 Hank LeClair (LF) Fall Kaden Holm (R/U) 2:57
220 Bryce Holm (R/U) Fall Alexander Schmitz (LF) 2:06
285 Brandon Mugg (R/U) Fall Aiden Nordley (LF) 2:39

106 Gage Bjerga (STM) Maj. Dec. Marcus Hayes (R/U) 11-0
113 Eli Greenwaldt (STM) Fall Ajonijah Ripple (R/U) 1:29
120 Tucker Simmons (R/U) Won by Forfeit
126 Lane Olson (R/U) Won by Forfeit
132 Johnathon Bzdok (R/U) Dec. Riley Reese (STM) 4-2
138 Ale Diederich (R/U) Tech. Fall Jason Trantina (STM) No Time Given
145 Colbe Tappe (STM) Fall Logan Nundahl (R/U) 4:22
152 Will Gorecki (R/U) Dec. Owen Winter (STM) 9-4
160 Sawyer Simmons (R/U) Maj. Dec. Blake Neelan (STM) 9-1
170 Nicolas Leibold (R/U) Dec. Dustin Converse (STM) 6-1
182 Jake Leners (R/U) Fall Jacob Becker (STM) 3:40
195 Kaden Holm (R/U) Fall Kevin Miller (STM) 1:19
220 Bryce Holm (R/U) Fall Adrian Gomez (STM) :56
285 Brandon Mugg (R/U0 Fall Steven Petrich (STM) 1:52

106 Charles Ikola (DR) Fall Adon Ripple (RU) 2:01
113 Marcus Hayes (RU) Dec.Ian Bentham (DR) 7-5
120 Tucker Simmons (RU) Won by Forfeit
126 Lane Olson (RU) Fall Dylan Gielen (DR) 2:40
132 Spencer Novitzki (RU) Fall Preston Reed (DR) 4:51
138 John Bzdok (RU) Fall Wyatt Gullickson (DR) 3:47
145 Tygh Gullickson (DR) Dec. Brady Yourczek (RU) OT 3-2
152 Will Gorecki (RU) Won by Forfeit
160 Sawyer Simmons (RU) Fall Nathias Parks (DR) 2:44
170 Nick Leibold (RU) Fall Hunter Rhodes (DR)1:31
182 Gus Thompson (DR) Dec. Jake Leners (RU) 5-3
195 Jo Jo Thompson (DR) Tech Fall Kaden Holm (RU) 6:00
220 Bryce Holm (RU) Tech Fall Lee Perrington (DR) 3:21

The Jaguars had an outstanding team performance, they earned thirteen medals at the Paynesville Area “Bulldogs” tournament for 213 points. Ryan Jensen (132/14-2), Wyatt Engen (138/13-3), Maximus Hanson (170/19–0) and Ethan Spanier (220/17-1) all earned championship medals. Louie Tensen (126), and Carson Gilbert (182/12-6) both earned second pace medals. Aiden Mueller (113/7-11), Talen Kampsen (195/11-11) and Harley Weber (285/12-8) all earned fourth place. Noah Welte (106/12-10) and Hunter Lange (160) both took sixth place. Special Note: Wyatt Engen (138/13-3) earned his 100th career win.

The Bulldogs had a good night with three big dual meet wins at the Osakis “Silversteaks” quadrangular. They defeated Section 5A rivals BOLD 72-11, Section 6A rivals Osakis 48-27 and Quad County 63-15. Mason McNabb (126), Mason Hanson (138), Mitchel Blonigan (145) and Peyton Hemmesch (182) all went 3-0. Roman Roberg (106), Devon Schmidt (113), Aiden Piechel (120) and Grant Wendlandt (160) all went 2-1. Aaron Mages (170) and Seth Vearrier (195) both went 2-0. The Bulldogs had a great team performance with 152.5 points to earn second place in this eleven team field of teams at their Invitational. They earned thirteen medals, Peyton Hemmesch (182/16-3) and Seth Vearrier (195/19-4) both earned championship medals. Mason Hanson (132/8-2) and Spencer Eisenbraun (285/13-4) both earned third place and Roman Roberg (106/14-6), Mason McNab (120/18-5), Grant Wendlandt (160/10-10) and Aaron Mages (170/14-9) all earned fourth place. Preston Welling (126/11/13), Brandon Hess (138/11-11) and Jose Anaya (152/11-12) all earned fifth place. Devon Schmidt (113/10-10) and Grant Miller (285) both took sixth place.
106 Reggie George (OS) Maj. Dec. Roman Roberg (PAY) 11-1
113 Simon Jacobson (OS) Fall Devon Schmidt (PAY) No Time Given
120 Zackery Bruder (OS) Tech. Fall Aiden Piechel (PAY) No Time Givne
126 Mason McNab (PAY) Fall Levi Ries (OS)
132 Jacob Taplin (OS) Tech. Fall Preston Welling (PAY)
138 Mason Hansen (PAY) Fall Christian Nathe (OS)
145 Mitchell Blonigen (PAY) Fall Lukas Duchene (OS)
152 Kale Drevlow (OS) Maj. Dec. Jose Anaya (PAY) 10-0
160 Gaven Cimbura (OS) Dec. Grant Wendlandt (PAY) 5-3
170 Aaron Mages (PAY) Fall Kaleb Helberg (OS)
182 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Fall Raphael Paquay (OS)
195 Colin Wendlandt (PAY) Won by Forfeit
220 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Fall Conner Koep (OS)
285 Kevin Raya-Botello (PAY) Fall Zachary Winkle (OS)

106 Roman Roberg (PAY) Fall Ava Kiecker (BOLD) :32
113 Devon Schmidt (PAY) Won by Forfeit
120 Aiden Piechel (PAY) Fall Trevor Plass (BOLD) 3:51
126 Mason McNab (PAY) Fall Tyler Larson (BOLD) 1:01
132 Brady Kiecker (BOLD) Tech. Fall Preston Welling (PAAR) 4:15
138 Mason Hansen (PAY) Fall Trey Zamarron (BOLD) 1:00
145 Mitchell Blonigen (PAY) Fall Tanner Kautz (BOLD) :29
152 Austin Kiecker (BOLD) Fall Jose Anaya (PAAR) 1:14
160 Grant Wendlandt (PAY) Fall Max Benson (BOLD) 4:04
170 Aaron Mages (PAY) Fall Elijah Swenson (BOLD) (2:57
182 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Fall Tate Sheehan (BOLD) :09
195 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Won by Forfeit
220 Sam Brick (PAY) Won by Forfeit
285 Grant Miller (PAY) Won by Forfeit

106 Roman Roberg (PAY) Won by Forfeit
113 Devon Schmidt (PAY) Fall Dane Hildahl (QC) No Time Given
120 Aiden Piechel (PAY) Won by Forfeit
126 Mason McNab (PAY) Fall Blaine Carroll (QC)
132 Tarrick Rupp (QC) Dec. Preston Welling (PAY) 10-3
138 Mason Hansen (PAY) Fall Griffin Howard (QC)
145 Mitchell Blonigen (PAY) Fall Gage Corner (QC)
152 Jose Anaya (PAY) Fall Ivan Barrera (QC)
160 Grant Wendlandt (PAY) Fall Owen Chervany (QC)
170 Aaron Mages (PAY) Won by Forfeit
182 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Fall Hunter Ridler (QC)
195 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Dec. Jacob Savig (QC) 7-2
220 Jasen Jansen (QC) Fall Sam Brick (PAY)
285 Austin Sweep (QC) Fall Kevin Raya-Botello (PAY)

The Cubs went 1-2 at their home quadrangular with big win over Section 4A rival Sibley East 45-33. They were defeated by No. 4A Conference rival Holdingford 55-33 and to Section 4A Lean and Mean HLWW 45-20. Blake Brutger (152), Caden Guggisberg (170) and Haden Rosenow (195) all went 3-0 and Connor Carlson (113) went 2-1. The Cubs defeated Deer River 43-33 in their scheduled triangular, but cancelled the Royalton-Upsala dual because of their three injuries during the Deer River dual. The Cubs went 1-2 at the Kiffmeyer Duals to earn sixth place in a tough field of teams. They did defeat AA Sauk Rapids-Rice 66-6. They were defeated by AAA Cambridge-Isanti 50-12 and AA Lean and Mean Foley 64-15. Mark Schieflebein (126) and Hank Meyer (182) both went 3-0 and Connor Carlson (113) and Garrett Rosenow (195) both went 2-1.

106 Ryker Clobes (HLWW) Fall Ryder Schwieters (KIM) 2:42
113 Connor Carlson (KIM) Maj. Dec. Alex Ogle (HLWW) 17-3
120 Raydon Graham (HLWW) Won by Forfeit
126 Gabriel Michels (HLWW) Dec. William Serbus (KIM) 6-2
132 Mark Schieflebein (KIM) Fall Jayden Michels (HLWW) :17
138 Tony Baumann (HLWW) Fall Mason Danelke (KIM) 1:38
145 Blake Brutger (KIM) Dec. Caleb Michels (HLWW) 8-3
152 Steve Heber (HLWW) Fall James Schiefelbein (KIM) 4:46
160 Mitchell Mallak (HLWW) Dec. Logan Kuseske (KIM) 5-0
170 Caden Guggisberg (KIM) Dec. Isaac Cain (HLWW) 9-7
182 Collin Boese (HLWW) Dec. Hank Meyer (KIM) 9-3
195 Tyler Graczyk Fall (HLWW) Fall Garrett Rosenow(KIM)
220 Haden Rosenow (KIM) Maj. Dec. Colton Long (HLWW) 14-4
285 Jack Duske (HLWW) Won by Forfeit

106 Tanner Johnson (SE) Fall Ryder Schwieters (KIM) 1:23
113 Connor Carlson (KIM) Won by Forfeit
120 Benito Diaz (SE) Dec. William Serbus (SE) 9-2
126 Christian Sotelo (SE) Fall Mica Guerrero (KIM) :54
132 Jose Sotelo (SE) Fall Frank Schiefelbein (KIM) 5:50
138 Mason Danelke (KIM) Won by Forfeiy
145 Blake Brutger (KIM) Won by Forfeit
152 Owen Utendorfer (SE) Fall James Schiefelbein (KIM) 1:35
160 Logan Kuseske (KIM) Dec. Jathen Mendoza (SE) 3-1
170 Caden Guggisberg (KIM) Won by Forfeit
182 Hank Meyer (KIM) Won by Forfeit
195 Garrett Rosenew (KIM) Won by Forfeit
220 Hayden Rosenew (KIM) Won by Forfeit
285 Gabriel Godinez (SE) Fall Destyn Mehr (KIM) :11

106 Charles Ikola (DR) Fall Ryder Schwieters (KIM) 1:13
113 Connor Carlson (KIM) Fall Ian Bentham (DR) :48
120 William Serbus (KIM) Won by Forfeit
126 Dylan Gielen (DR) Fall Mica Guerrero (DR)
132 Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) Fall Preston Reed (DR) 1:34
138 Wyatt Gullickson (DR) Fall Mason Danelke (KIM) 1:27
145 Blake Brutger (KIM) Dec. Tygh Gullickson (DR) 3-2
152 Nathias Rhodes (DR) Fall James Schiefelbein (KIM) 3:19
160 Logan Kuseske (KIM) Maj. Dec.Hunter Rhodes (DR) 12-4
170 Gus Thompson (DR) Dec. Caden Guggisberg (KIM) 10-6
182 Hank Meyer (KIM) Won by Forfeit
195 Garret Rosenow (KIM) Won by Forfeit
220 Jo Jo Thompson (DR) Default Haden Rosenow (KIM)
285 Lee Perrington (DR) Default Anthony Mertens (KIM)

The Eagles were defeated by their Central Minnesota Conference rivals ACGCC 41-13 . They were defeated in two duals at the Pierz “Pioneer” Triangular by Pierz 54-19 and Alexandria 69-12.
The Eagles earned six medals at the Paynesville “Bulldogs” Tournament; Isaac Ortiz (160) and Sonnie DeHeer (195) both earned second place. Ryder Schmidt (126) and Brayden Kramer (132) both earned fourth place, Treyce Ludwig (170) earned fifth place and Gavin Caron (145) took sixth place.

106 Graydyn (ACGC) Dec. Brody Sieben (EVW) 5-2
113 John Weiss (EVW) Dec. Logan Holien (ACGC) 4-2
120 Braxton Kragenbring (ACGC) Fall Jordan Erpelding (EVW) 3:26
126 Ryder Schmidt (EVW) Fall Luke Garrick (ACGC) 1:19
132 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Fall Jayden Gulke (ACGC) 3:32
138 Edwyn Gonzales (ACGC) Won by Forfeit
145 Gavin Caron (EVW) Fall Joseph Sherwood (ACGC) 3:32
152 Brody Straumann (ACGC) Fall Garrett Alberts (EVW) :16
160 Jevon Williams (ACGC) Tech. Fall Treyce Ludwig (EVW) No Time Given
170 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Maj. Dec. Ethan Whitcomb (ACGC) 16-3
182 Carter Scheeler (EVW) fall Wyatt Garvick (ACGC) 1:54
195 Isaiah Renne (ACGC) Dec. Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) 9-6
220 Terrell Renne (ACCG) Fall Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) 3:42
285 Juan Cardenas (ACGC) Fall Nick Becker (EVW) 3:22

106 Kyle Stangl (PIE) Won by Forfeit
113 Carter Young (PIE) Fall John Weiss (EVW) No Time Given
120 Cash Fussy (PIE) Fall Jordan Erpelding (EVW) No Time Given
126 Liam Hennessy (PIE) Fall Ryder Schmidt (EVW) No Time Given
132 Derek Stangl (PIE) Won by Forfeit
138 Brayden Melby (PIE) Fall Brayden Kramer (EVW) No Time Given
145 Chase Becker (PIE) Dec. Gavin Caron (EVW) 11-9)
152 Jacob LeBlanc (PIE) Fall Garrett Albers (EVW) No Time Given
160 Jayden Zajac (PIE) Won by Forfeit
170 Carter Scheeler (EVW) Dec. Bradly Tanner (PIE) 10-6
182 Caleb Koch (PIE) Dec. Treyce Ludwig (EVW) 5-1
195 Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) Won by Forfeit
220 Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) Maj. Dec. Jack Byker (PIE) 8-0
285 Nick Becker (EVW) Fall Wyatt Dingmann (PIE) No Time Given

106 Nolan Fettig (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
113 Drayson Elfering (ALEX) Fall John Weiss (EVW) :44
120 Zach Richards (Fall Jordan Erpelding (EVW) :57
126 Mason Mcqrane (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
132 Ryder Schmidt (EVW) Fall Jacob Löwen (ALEX) 3:00
138 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Fall Isaac Saffert (ALEX) 2:44
145 Zach Brezing (ALEX) won by Forfeit
152 Blaze Nelson (ALEX) Fall Gavin Caron (EVW) :18
160 Landon Raths (ALEX) Fall Carter Scheeler (EVW) 1:43
170 Kelly Johnson (ALEX) Fall Treyce Ludwig (EVW) 4:55
182 Landon Steward (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
195 Cody Vatnsdal (ALEX) Dec. Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) 7-5
220 Jordan Nicholson (ALEX) Fall Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) 3:24
285 Jackson Saffert (ALEX) Fall Nick Becker (EVW) :56

The Flyers dropped a pair of very close duals to a pair of Section 7A teams: No. 3A ranked Royalton-Upsala 35-33 and Staples-Motley 36-34. Mason Rausch (126), Noah Cameron (138), Ryan Kloecki (170), Ivan Petrich (182) and Hank LeClair (195) all went 2-0.

106 Beau Carlson (STM) Maj. Dec. Ryan Vogt (LF) 11-2
113 Gage Bjerga (STM) Tech. Fall Ethan Zellers (LF) 3:37
120 Eli Greenwaldt (STM) Fall Cassidy Okerman (LF) 3:16
126 Mason Rausch (LF) Won by Forfeit
132 Joey Wilczek (LF) Dec. Riley Reese (STM) 5-1
138 Noah Cameron (LF) Tech. Fall Jason Trantina (STM) 4:35
145 Colbe Tappe (STM) Fall Abe Anez (LF) 2:25
152 Owen Winter (STM) Dec. Wyatt Baum (LF) 4-0
160 Blake Neelan (STM) Fall Hunter Ramsdell (LF) 1:07
170 Ryan Kloeckl (LF) Tech. Fall Dustin Converse (STM) 5:18
182 Ivan Petrich (LF) Fall Jacob Becker (STM) :32
195 Hank LeClair (LF) Fall Kevin Miller (STM) :43
220 Alexander Schmitz (LF) Dec. Adrian Gomez (STM) 6-4
285 Steven Petrich (STM) Fall Aiden Nordley (LF) 3:07

106 Beau Carlson (STM) Maj. Dec. Ryan Vogt (LF) 11-2
113 Gage Bjerga (STM) Tech. Fall Ethan Zellers (LF) 3:37
120 Eli Greenwaldt (STM) Fall Cassidy Okerman (LF) 3:16
126 Mason Rausch (LF) Won by Forfeit
132 Joey Wilczek (LF) Dec. Riley Reese (STM) 5-1
138 Noah Cameron (LF) Tech. Fall Jason Trantina (STM) 4:35
145 Colbee Tappe (STM) Dec. Wyatt Baum (LF) 4-0
152 Owen Winter (STM) Dec. Wyatt Baum (LF) (4-0
160 Blake Neelan (STM) Fall Hunter Ramsdell (LF) 1:07
170 Ryan Kloeckl (LF) Tech. Fall Dustin Converse (STM) 5:18
182 Ivan Petrich (LF) Fall Jacob Becker (STM) :32
195 Hank LeClair (LF) Fall Kevin Miller (STM) :43
220 Alexander Schmitz (LF) Dec.Adrian Gomez (STM) 6-4
285 Steven Petrich (STM) Fall Aiden Nordley (LF) 3:07

106 Ryan Vogt (LF) over Blake Iverson (ALB) 7-1
113 Nathan Kollmann (ALB) over Ethan Zellers (LF) 6-2
120 Cassidy Okerman (LF) over Bert Schulte (ALB) 1:14
126 Mason Rausch (LF) over (ALBA) (For.)
132 Joey Wilczek (LF) over Carson Holthaus (ALB) 1:21
138 Noah Cameron (LF) over Dylan Hoffarth (ALB) 1:55
145 Owen Carlson (ALB) over Conner Senart (LF) 1:26
152 Mason Plumski (ALB) over Wyatt Baum (LF) 7-6
160 Hunter Ramsdell (LF) over Maverick Kotschevar (ALB) 10-0
170 Ryan Kloeckl (LF) over Cooper Brinkman (ALB) 13-1
182 Ivan Petrich (LF) over Ace Donabauer (ALB) :48
195 Hank LeClair (LF) Won by Forfeit
220 Sam Primus (LF) Won by Forfeit
285 Aiden Nordley (LF) Won by Forfeit

The Crush defeated two Central Lakes Conference rivals at the Sartell “Sabres” triangular. They defeated Sartell 48-36 and Sauk Rapids-Rice 57-14. Kendall Booker (106), Jaden Dombrowski (138), Aidan Orth (160), Sam Long (170), Sutton Kenning (182), Tucker Hugg (220) and Logan Lunceford (182) all went 2-0. They defeated Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 66-9 in a home dual. The Crush went 1-2 at the Kiffmeyer duals with a win over Sauk Rapids-Rice 48-21. They were defeated by No. 2AA ranked New Prague 64-18 and AA Lean and Mean Foley 48-33. Noah Neuman (126) and Tuck Hugg (285) both went 3-0, Sam Long (170) and Sutton Kenning (195) and Derrick Cox-Payton (220) all went 2-1.

106 Kendall Booker (SCT) Fall Jack Hendrickson (SSS) 2:00
113 Alex Hendrickson (SSS) Fall Mohamed Abdullahi (SCT) :15
120 Jack Pesta (SSS) Fall Connor Frederiksen (SCT) :18)
126 Julian Morris (SSS) Fall Ethan Lunning (SCT) 1:50
132 Noah Neuman (SCT) Fall Zaccory Anderson (SSS) :54
138 Jaden Dombrovski (SCT) Fall Camden Lund (SSS) 1:46
145 Kaden Brooks (SSS) Fall Tanner Hugg (SCT) 2:00
152 Parker Peichel (SSS) Fall Aiden Marin (SCT) 1:05
160 Aidian Orth (SCT) Fall Aidan Halvorson (SSS) 1:05
170 Sam Long (SCT) Won by Forfeit
182 Logan Lunceford (SCT) Fall Theo Brown (SSS) No Time Given
195 Sutton Kenning (SCT) Fall Peyton Allen (SSS) 1:11
220 Tucker Hugg (SCT) Fall Donovan Lund (SSS) 1:32
285 Tucker Mugg (SSS) Fall Derrick Cox-Payton (SCT) 1:49

106 Kendall Booker (STC) Won by Forfeit
113 John (Carter) Pesta (SRR) Fall Mohamed Abdullahi (STC) 1:00
120 Connor Frederiksen (STC) Won by Forfeit
126 Double Forfeit
132 Vance Barz (SRR) Tech. Fall Noah Neuman (STC) No Time Given
138 Jaden Dombrovski (STC) Dec. Jack Barz (SRR) 9-6
145 Aiden Marin (STC) Fall Nathan Martin (SRR) 2:25
152 Kieran Hixson (SRR) Dec. Taylor Hugg (STC) 9-3
160 Aidian Orth (STC) Fall Josiah Sanchez (SRR) 4:03
170 Sam Long (STC) Won by Forfeit
182 Logan Lunceford (STC) Won by Forfeit
195 Sutton Kenning (STC) Won by Forfeit
220 Tucker Hugg (STC) Fall Carter Koltes (SRR) 4:04
285 Derrick Cox-Payton (STC) Won by Forfeit

The Sabres split their duals at their home triangular, they defeated Sauk Rapids-Rice 66-15 and they were defeated by St. Cloud Crush 48-36. Alex Henderson (120), Kaden Brooks (145) and Tucker Mugg (285) all went 2-0. The Sabres earned seven medals at the Paynesville “Bulldogs” Tournament. Kaden Brooks (145) earned second place and Donovan Lund (220) earned third place. Cyrus Post (182) earned fourth place, Aidan Halvorson (160), Payton Allen (195) and Tucker Mugg (285) all earned fifth place and Thoe Brown (170) took sixth place.


106 Jack Hendrickson (SSS) Won by Forfeit
113 Alex Hendrickson (SSS) Fall John Pesta (SRR) 3:01
120 Jack Pesta (SSS) Won by Forfeit
126 Vance Barz (SRR) Fall Julian Morris (SSS) 1:09
132 Zaccory Anderson (SSS) Won by Forfeit
138 Jack Barz (SRR) Fall Camden Lund (SSS) 1:03
145 Kaden Brooks (SSS) Won by Forfeit
152 Kieran Hixson (SRR) Dec. Parker Peichel (SSS) 15-10
160 Aiden Halvorson (SSS) Fall Josiah Santez (SRR) 3:19
170 Theo Brown (SSS) Won by Forfeit
182 Cyrus Post (SSS) Won by Forfeit
195 Peyton Allen (SSS) Won by Forfeit
220 Samuel Connor (SSS) Won by Forfeit
285 Tucker Mugg (SSS) Won by Forfeit

Tuesday January 17th
Start Time: 5:00
Teams: Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, Eden Valley-Watkins, Osakis

Start Time: 5:00
Teams: Paynesville, Border West, West Central Area, Minnewaska Area

State Time: 5:00
Teams: New London-Spicer, Minneota, ACGC, Paynesville

Start Time: 5:00
Trinity at River Ridge, Eden Valley-Watkins, LeSueur-Henderson

Start Time: 5:00
Teams Wadena-Deer Creek, Holdingford, BHV/PP

Start Time: 5:00
Teams: Kimball, SCM, Dawson-Boyd United

Start Time; 3:30
Teams: Albany, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, Benson, Eden Valley-Watkins, Glencoe-Silver Lake, New London-Spicer, Ortonville, Paynesville Area, Pipestone Area,SCM

Start Time: 9:30
Teams: Annandale/Maple Lake, Robbinsdale Armstrong, BOLD, Buffalo, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, Minneapolis Edison, Minneapolis Southwest, Minneapolis Washburn, Mound-Westonka, Rockford, Rocori, St. Agnes, Spectrum

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