SARTELL -- As a way to measure power and strength weightlifting has been part of the Olympics since the 19th Century. And, Olympic lifting is something you can do at most gyms in the St. Cloud metro.

Fitness Evolution trainer Josh Pearson got involved in Olympic lifting through crossfit just a few years ago and now teaches his clients the art form.

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"I learned how to dead lift and squat and I wanted to be so good I could teach it, and now it's become an obsession for me," says Pearson.

But weightlifting isn't just about picking up heavy weight and setting them down. Pearson says technique and form play a big factor.

"Every muscle has to work together at the same time. If you're going to hold heavy weight in the front of your body, your back has to stabilize it along with your front," says Pearson.

The Clean and Jerk and the Snatch are the two lifts men and women athletes will be competing in the Summer Olympics.

Hand and foot positioning, posture, and flexibility are all key components to pulling off each lift. Pearson says speed also plays a factor.

"Adding that speed, which is what you need to compete in the Olympics, adds a whole new element," says Pearson.

This years Olympics will have competitors in 8 men's divisions and 7 women's divisions.

The world record for the clean and jerk is 582 pounds for men and 425 pounds for women and 471 pounds for men and 341 for women in the snatch.


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