ST. CLOUD -- Our latest update on the new high schools being built takes a look at the facility that will allow Tech Tiger football to be able to play their home games... on their actual home turf.

Since Clark Field was shut down to varsity football in 2012, the Tigers have played home games at both St. John's University and St. Cloud State University. Clark Field is still used for JV and practice, along with other, smaller games.

Kyle Walter is the Program Manager for the new Tech High School. He says artificial turf is becoming an extremely popular thing for high school athletics. Since it's basically maintenance free.

"Performance sometimes is a choice. Maintenance wise you have no mowing, no striping. It's game ready for football, soccer, lacrosse, all the stripes are a part of the field already."

The field is actually only held down by some staples around the perimeter and a large amount of sand and rubber in the turf itself.

The new home of Tiger football will hold about 2,000 fans.

The district's goal with the new high school is to create as much collaboration and community as possible among students as they progress through their higher education.

When finished, the new Tech will hold about 1,600 students. The city of St. Cloud is also planning to turn the nearby Neena Creek area, which the field overlooks, into a park.

Photos of the New Tech Football Field

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