I really like reading these stories that renew my faith in the youth of today. We hear a fair share of negative stories regarding kids today but this story gives me hope.

According to a story of kare11.com, 15 year old Sydney Raley was working the drive-thru window at an Eden Prairie McDonalds on December 19th when she noticed a drive-thru customer choking on a McNugget.

Raley, having Red Cross training in CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, wasted no time and without hesitation told someone to call 9-1-1 and  leaped though the drive-thru window and with the help of a bystander gave the choking victim the Heimlich maneuver dislodging the McNugget blocking the drive-thru customer's airway.

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After KARE 11 broke the story December 20th, there has been an outpour of responses from around the World.  "Not even two weeks ago, no one noticed me," said Raley. "It feels surreal. It feels like, Peter Parker I guess you could say is a good reference."

Raley has been receiving calls' messages and fan mail from around the globe praising her for her quick thinking and taking action, probably saving someone's life.

"The last week or so, it’s definitely been out of the norm," she said. "I’ve had to accept calls from interviewers from USA Today and the NY Post when I was in school, so I had to step out of classroom. I had kids coming up to me in the hall and saying, 'Hey, I saw you on the news!'"

Besides $100 she received from the Eden Prairie Police Department, she also received a $250 check from the Eden prairie McDonald's franchise owner, as well as a letter from the corporate office in Denver.

"Honestly it still feels like it’s a dream," said Raley, of the recognition. "I never thought that I’d be getting a letter from the corporate office in Denver, I never thought that I’d be getting a goody bag, and a check from the company. I thought I was just going to work here for a part time job and just get some cash, but this whole thing has spiraled into something that is truly amazing and I can’t thank people enough for it."

Raley isn't done trying to help others. "I want to try and push for restaurants and general work facilities to get everyone Red Cross certified, so that in an emergency, people will know what to do, and this kind of story will be commonplace," she said.

Congratulations Sydney for your well deserved Worldwide acclamation!

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