On one hand, no pun intended, maybe he thought he had nothing to lose by flipping off the court but on the other hand, I think if I was in his position I might be on my best behavior hoping for maybe a little leniency in my sentence. I guess if he was a deep thinker, he wouldn't be in the situation he's in.

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According to FOX 9, Quantelize Welch from Minneapolis was convicted of second degree murder in the death of a 26 year old man, Caleb Hutchins.  Hutchins was test driving a dirt bike that he was interested in buying. During the test drive he turned into an alley. Witnesses say they saw a white SUV pull into the alley behind Hutchins. Welch, for some unknown reason, ran down Hutchins with the SUV, killing him and sped off.

Witnesses identified Welch as the driver of the stolen SUV that struck Hutchins.

Before Welch's virtual sentencing hearing, jail guards informed the judge in the case that Welch was being uncooperative and asked if they might use gas to get him to comply and take part in the hearing.

It turns out that gas wasn't necessary and Welch finally showed up at the virtual hearing. Welch sat on the floor out of sight of the court camera during the sentencing hearing and after receiving a 40 year prison sentence, stormed out flipping off the court and victims family on the way out.

Here's a video the victims family shot after the sentencing.

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