St. Cloud State University recently announced its Homecoming Week events, which lead to a number of social media comments referring to the 2019 cutting of the football program.

I was (and am still) upset with how the whole thing was handled. A lot of kids saw their lives turned upside down, coaches lost their jobs and thousands of people who paid to watch the Huskies play every Saturday had to find something else to do.

Ok, I made that last one up, as attendance was sparse for a vast majority of SCSU football games over at least the last decade or so. If even half of the people who claim to be so hurt over the team leaving actually bought a ticket once in a while, we might be in a different place.

I never understood it. Since I arrived in St. Cloud in 2009, the Huskies had been an always competitive- and sometimes even great- NSIC team. They had great leadership in Scott Underwood and his staff, and Husky Stadium is about as beautiful as it gets on a fall day in Minnesota. Yet, every Saturday, the stands were barely half full.

Again, in my opinion this doesn't excuse the way the team was axed by the university.

At the same time it is a little bit sad to see all the people claiming to be upset that the team isn't here this fall when in all likelihood they weren't going to be part of the solution had they been able to continue the program.

So I will say it again: If you miss SCSU football this fall (and I know I do), you should have been there! You were missing out!

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