Most of us are getting by, in spite of higher cost of living. But what about those that were just getting by before this inflation hit.

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We've all seen the news where hundreds of cars are lined up at food banks, just trying to get enough to get by during this inflationary period.

According to WalletHub, Minnesota comes in at number 2 out of all 50 states and I don't find that hard to believe at all. We like to take care of our own and just about anyone else that needs a helping hand.

WalletHub used 19 different indicators to arrive at their findings. Things like the rate at which people volunteer, the share of income people donated and how many homeless people were sheltered.

With this inflation going on, you'd think giving would be down a bit but actually, giving is up the first 4 months of this year by about 16%.

If you are wondering which state beat us, it was Utah. Overall, Minnesota came in 2nd. We ranked #3 in "Volunteer & Service" and #4 in "Charitable Giving".

The 10 most charitable states, in order were Utah, Minnesota, Maryland, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Dakota, Maine and Colorado.

The ten states that have some work to do in the giving department, the last 10 states in charitable department are Iowa, Hawaii, California, West Virginia, Nevada, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico and coming in dead last would be Arizona.

So, keep it up Minnesota.  We live in the greatest country in the world. No one should go without food and shelter.

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