We are hearing so many stories about animals being neglected.  This includes them being starved, sick, living conditions are horrible, and more.  Plus, all of the hoarding stories that we have been hearing about.

This one is another one of those stories. This time it's a story about over 100 cats found in a home that has now been deemed as uninhabitable.  Condemned, even, in Crystal, Minnesota.

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This is from a story that we actually heard about back in February.  These cats were in walls, running all over the house, in drawers, and even in places that the authorities wondered how they even got there.  The conditions were horrible, and the cats were all very sick. Most had respitory issues, the area was covered in what looked like mud, and turned out to be feces and vomit.  There was only one bowl of water that anyone could find, but the water faucet had been left on.  The thought there was that the cats could just drink from there when they needed to.

Crystal animal humane society
Crystal animal humane society

The cats were rescued and got the medical treatment that they needed.  Some did have to be euthanized.  And now, we find out that this time, there is someone being charged with 10 counts of animal torture.  In my opinion, it's about time.

Accordng to CBS news, the owner of the home, 47 year old Shawna Duffy of Crystal is facing the 10 counts of animal torture.  Each of these counts carries a maximum sentence of 2 years in prison.

Officers visited Duffy's home in January after her boyfriend admitted to illegally dumping bags of feces in Plymouth that he claimed were from her house. The officer was unable to make contact with Duffy but observed the sound of "numerous animals coming from inside the residence and was met by a very strong odor of cat feces/urine" that could be smelled from as far as 15 feet away, according to charging documents.

There hasn't been an update since Monday, but as of Monday Duffy was still not in custody.  So, stay tuned to see if the authorities are able to get in touch with her as she is going to have to await a possible trial and sentencing in this situation.

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