Okay, I'm not a big proponent of sin but I have to admit it can sure spice up life a bit. I guess, it just depends on how you look at it.  On the bright side, a little sin keeps the churches in business. So there's that.

WalletHub is at it again and just released it's annual list of most sinful to least sinful states.

WalletHub's method used to arrive at their findings consists of different stats to represent the seven deadly sins. Like, the sin of jealousy is represented by things like fraud and theft. Greed is figured on things like charitable contributions and casino gambling.

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It's no surprise as to which state is the most sinful since they are home to Sin City. That's correct, Nevada in the #1 and they'd be tough to compete with considering that the entire state has pretty much been built on sin itself.

I've actually live in 3 of the most sinful states, Florida, Texas and California. Thinking back on it, I had a "helluva" good time, too.  The rest of the 10 most sinful states are Georgia, Louisiana (guessing New Orleans is to blame), Tennessee, South Carolina, Illinois and Mississippi.

With the exception of Minnesota, the states on the least sinful list don't exactly scream excitement.  When was the last time you booked a vacation in North Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Utah or Nebraska?

That's right, we mostly tend to gravitate towards "fun" states.  So Minnesota, we have some work to do.  I'd rather be lumped in with the "naughty" states.

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