This is one of those stories that will turn your stomach. it's difficult to fathom the evil it would take to sex traffic anyone, let alone your own daughter. I can only hope this poor girl gets the help she needs and her mother, if found guilty, is locked up for the rest of her life.

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According to NewsBreak, 36 year old Daisy Joy Buley of Ely, Minnesota was charged with multiple sex crimes. She is accused of sex trafficking her 11 year old daughter to several men on different occasions for drugs and/or cash. Buley will appear in court today (11/15) to face the charges.

Buley's daughter, who is now in her late teens, told authorities that her mother  "trafficked her to several different men in exchange for money and drugs". Daisy Joy Buley was then arrested August 24th and charged with multiple sex crimes.

According to the charges, Buley would take her daughter to men's home, usually in a small town and leave her there. The men would sexually assault her and when they were done call Buley to come and pick her up. The victim remembered this happening seven different times from when she was 11 to 13 years old.

Buley allegedly "threatened to kill her if she tried to fight back or tell anyone what was happening."  

Buley is facing charges of 1st-degree aggravated sex trafficking and 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct. Prosecutors are asking for harsher penalties due to special circumstances, being she is the victim's mother.

At any rate, Buley is looking at decades behind bars, if convicted of the charges.

I certainly hope that the men the victim was trafficked to are also in front of a judge soon.

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