14-year-old Isaac Ortman from Duluth is a Boy Scout who is taking his scouting journey seriously. Recently, Issac has surpassed the mark of sleeping outside for 1,000 consecutive nights. 

This started back when Issac was only 11 years old. At his family's cabin, Issac slept outside for five nights in a row and then dared his fellow scouts to beat that streak. Now he has a record that would be hard for anyone to come close to, especially in this state.

This winter, Issac has been sleeping in a quinzee, which is a Canadian version of an igloo. The dome is built with softer snow as opposed to ice and if built properly they stay pretty well insulated.

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Issac told Duluth News Now that he has braved the elements sleeping in negative temperatures, snowfalls, heatwaves, and even in rain, said he just enjoys being in nature. He also revealed that he doesn’t have a timeline of when he’ll finally go back inside to sleep, but his goal is to get to mid-April, which would be three straight years of sleeping outside.

I give a lot of credit to this young man. I don't even like walking from a building to my car in the winter, and here he is sleeping out in it every single night. I also give a lot of credit to his parents for trusting and supporting him on this journey, I know my own parents would be worried sick if I did something like this at that age, and for them to be encouraging of this activity is really cool.

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