After a recent dental appointment in Little Falls, I had some time to kill and decided to take a look around some of the local shops the town has. Normally when I shop in Little Falls it is craft fair weekend and I do more shopping on the streets than I do in the buildings. I thought this July afternoon would be a great opportunity to switch things up.

As I walked down the street I saw a window that said Shoppes of Little Falls and popped in, not really knowing what to expect. I ended up finding my new favorite place.

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The Shoppes of Little Falls is a store that is home to more than 60 local vendors selling everything from necklaces made of spiderwebs, to hand-sewn aprons, to fishing lures, to handmade soap. There is a little something for everyone in this one store.

As I walked through the store admiring the handiwork of all the local vendors, I remembered that I had been in the shop before. I recognized the shelf of books by local authors as something I had browsed during the 2019 Little Falls Arts and Craft Fair. This 8,000 square foot space is a must-visit, whether you are going to be in town for craft fair weekend or just passing through. You'll be able to find something for yourself and everyone you are shopping for. Plus you're supporting local vendors which I know they greatly apprecaite.

Take a Look Around the Shoppes of Little Falls

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