A lot of us will, from time to time, check out YELP reviews on restaurants, hotels, etc. I have no idea that people actually left reviews on YELP about their jail stay, but they do.

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I couldn't find any reviews on the Stearns County Jail, which means all is good there or someone would have complained, right?

Here are some of the best ones I could find;


Hennepin County Jail

Shem I.    3 Stars

Boise, ID

The staff are professional and will treat you fair if you act like an adult.  They give you more than ample time to make one nationwide free call as you're being booked in.  Booking takes a while, but be patient, you don't have anywhere to go anytime soon.  The lockdown schedule sucks as you get locked down intermittently all day.  The canteen is a lil overpriced from what I hear compared to some jails.  Out of state calls are cheaper than in state for some reason.  If you're going to be here a while, try getting in the inmate worker program.  It helps the time go by working the kitchen and laundry, and you get better food.  Other than that, the facility is pretty clean and could use better food, less beans.  They could use a place to exercise as well, real exercise.

Clara C.  1 Star

Minneapolis, MN

This is a horrific place. Everyone here is completely incompetent, nobody knew what the hell was going on and couldn't answer a single question. All the females had karen ass haircuts and were aggressive and rude. They were insulting, demeaning, acted like teenagers who didn't wanna be working their jobs. THIS IS JAIL THESE ARE HUMAN LIVES. The jail was disgusting, the water was suspect. Quit your job if you hate it so much.


Anoka County Jail

Bailey Jo S.   1 Star

San Francisco, CA

I was kidnapped for blowing a .07 (which is below the legal limit) and arrested for DWI (which be dropped as I didn't break the law). I have never been in trouble for anything in my life and this place was so much worst then I could have ever imagined. The CO's literally treat you like you aren't even human. I asked one for a plastic spork (they only give you one and I accidently threw mine away) and he told me no 3 times.  and so I had to eat with my hands like a wild animal for 2 days. The people that work here are the worst kind of humans I've seen in my 26 years of life.. with the exception of one extra ordinary CO by the name of COOK. He was so kind and caring and the brief interactions I had with him gave me moments of my humanity back. He did his job well and also treated me with respect. He made me feel like everything was going to be okay and made me feel better for those few minutes. He checked on me to make sure I was doing okay (which I was not) and I just want to say thank you so much COOK. You are an amazing human and I wish you all the best. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Bailey Jo Steinke



Worst hotel I've ever stayed at. The mattresses were terrible, no fridges or microwaves in the suites. The restaurant downstairs was terrible. Also, I ordered room service when I got there, still didn't come by the time I left... 80 days late! They have terrible customer service, most of the staff treats you like a criminal. I would NOT recommend this for a vacation spot if you plan on visiting Anoka


Dakota County Jail

James B.   1 Star

Hastings, MN

This place is just short of a house of torture. Anyone that's been through here knows what I'm talking about if you're gonna get in trouble, don't do it in Dakota County!!!


  • Luke K.   5 Stars
  • Saint Paul, MN

I didn't try the food but the single serving cereal boxes made for a good pillow. Five stars for not strip searching me.


I consider myself pretty lucky to never have been locked up in jail (knock on wood). Not that I probably should have been a few times. just lucky, I guess.

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