Saturday looks like a perfect day to hit the Wright County Swappers Meet, just 20 minutes from St Cloud. Forecast calls for sunny skies & upper 70's.

Minnesotans are surely always looking for a bargain and there are many bargain outlets to chose from and it's just several days away from the opening of Minnesota's biggest and, some say, best flea market.

Mother Nature has been a real B this Spring. Usually this flea market is up and ready to go the first weekend in April, but due to all the snow that just kept coming down it opened a bit late this year. That's all behind us now so enjoy the beautiful summer weather and Minnesota's biggest flea market

One of the biggest and maybe the best is the Wright County Swapper's Meet in South Haven, just 21 miles south of St Cloud.

For some reason, I've always been a big fan of flea markets. I think it's that it's all not just run of the mill stuff you find in most stores and a lot of the stuff, you just know, probably has some story behind it.

Be sure to check for updates.  Click here for hours and more info The Wright County Swappers Meet boasts that it's enormous and has vendors from all over, many that travel from flea market to flea market. Farm fresh produce, antiques, collectibles and a whole lot more, I'm sure.

It happens early every Saturday from this Saturday thru October and on special holiday weekends they extend it to Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  The holiday weekends are Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July weekend and Labor Day weekend.  WRIGHT COUNTY SWAPPERS MEET - 13594 100th ST NW SOUTH HAVEN, MN 55382  (320) 274-9005  (About 21 miles south of St Cloud)

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You could probably spend hours walking around this huge flea market and still not see everything it has to offer. Remember, it's kind of an early bird. I believe they open around 6 AM and shut down early in the afternoon.

If you are a collector of just about anything, this might be your go-to place to find pieces for your collection of whatever.

Flea markets are just kind of a fun way to spend a day. Whatever you are looking for, I'm guessing you'll probably find it here at this enormous flea market.

Check it out this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and see what you think. Get there early!

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