Since I was out of town all last week kicking back at the lake, I would occasionally check the RING doorbell video to see what was happening at home. I ran across this strange footage and can't really figure out what it could be.

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This showed up on the RING doorbell cam at about 3:25 AM yesterday (Sunday)  morning.

[video width="640" height="368" mp4=""][/video]

I'm pretty sure that is not fireworks because it seems to be a pretty fair distance away. I've also ruled out a falling star because it's actually ascending not falling.

You really can't tell how far it goes up because the video is cut off by the roof's edge of the house.

Our house is located just across the Red River from Moorhead, Minnesota and, from what I surmise, this object was flying somewhere over Moorhead,

I've checked with all the local news outlets and no one reported seeing this mystery object in the sky. Granted it was in the wee hours of the morning but someone else  must have witnessed this thing in the flying up into the night sky.

Being a true believer in UFO's, I'm going with that. Hopefully they came to collect mosquitoes.

Anyone else witnessed anything like this?

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